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About Aleta

Aleta Meadowlark would love nothing more than to have The Internet over for a dinner party with warm appetizers, chilled vodka tonics, perfectly seared pork chops, and roasted seasonal vegetables. Dinner would be followed by a fruit platter, then dessert paired with a freshly-roasted coffee. There would be sweet-smelling flowers in glass-art vases, matching oven mitts and quiet downtempo electronica to fill in the gaps in conversation.

Sadly, she lacks the seating and crash space necessary to accommodate everyone and settles instead on sharing her food experiences at It’s for the best: she’s liable to imbibe too many vodka tonics before dessert and will no doubt frighten the timid with her loud, coarse language and inappropriate array of topics. But her gentler, virtual invitation remains wide open.

Welcome to Omnomicon; I’m so glad to have you.


Love, Aleta.

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