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the box: first week of june

Posted by aleta under what's in season

Metrowest CSA season has officially commenced! We are in the green:

Bounty: First week of June

I took photos of the entire share, but are splitting down the middle for each. Pictured, roughly left to right (thought difficult to pick out where one ends and the next begins):

  • a fistful of beet greens
  • 8 oz mixed salad greens
  • fistful of turnip greens
  • 10 Easter egg radishes (so named for their colourful variety)
  • 2 heads lettuce (not sure on the type)
  • 8 oz arugula
  • 8 oz bok choy
  • and in the very center there, baby turnips, which we already went over last Friday.

Choy to your bok.

Beside the enjoyment of delightfully fresh veggies, one of my intentions with this stuff is to get an idea of its worth. Our half share costs about $14.20 for each weekly pickup from June through October, assuming we continue to harvest through then.


So as it turns out, baby turnips are priceless (in the literal, you can’t buy them way), and you have to buy the beet to get the beet greens, and radishes don’t come with tops. But my estimate is around $18.19 for similar amounts of conventionally-grown (the farm is organic, you see) veggies at Stop & Shop. S&S didn’t have enough of an organic variety to make a reliable estimate. So my return this week was about -$5.11. This is still VERY early season, and I’m quite optimistic for the rest of it!

Beetz!Turnip greens (surprisingly yummy).

The end!

  1. Amanda Said,

    Whee! First comment, haven’t done that in a while. But! Easter Egg Radishes are the bomb – I love love love those things, toss with some orange slices and fennel and mint. Yum!

  2. dan Said,

    beet greens! they are always tattered wilted and torn at the stores here. those look so vibrant and awesome. They taste really good in pasta with some onions and Parmesan.

  3. stephchows Said,

    WOW great haul!! Will you use them all before they go bad??

  4. naomi Said,

    Every year I say I’m going to do the whole CSA thing then I don’t…maybe next year if I can find someone to split a half share with me. There’s no way me and the Peanut could eat all that before it went bad!

  5. lo Said,

    Our CSA (last year) definitely paid off — if not in the beginning of the summer, then definitely as the summer progressed and the growing season grew more productive.

    Whatcha doing with your stash??

  6. heather Said,

    This reminds of of the things I haven’t yet used – oops. it was just too many greens to use up so quickly!

  7. Jasmine Said,

    Bok choy! That’s cantonese for ‘bai cai 白菜’, which is Chinese and means ‘white vegetable’. It’s so juicy and crisp, I love it 😉 the baby bok choy that hasn’t grown as big as the one you have there is called ‘xiao bai cai 小白菜‘ or ‘small white vegetable’ and appears in a lot of home-cooked dishes here in asia as stirfries or in chow mein. Your bok choy looks lovely!

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