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daily nom #6

Posted by aleta under daily noms

Our local farm opened on Friday. It’s like a farmer’s market, but with better hours.

Daily nom #6

  1. Kimberly Said,

    That looks so amazingly awesome…I love our farmer’s market, but I actually have to talk to PEOPLE to get stuff *gasp*

  2. Steve Said,

    That looks familiar to me, what part of NH is that?

  3. Pearl Said,

    oh that looks so incredible!

  4. Gina Said,

    WOW that place looks so great!

  5. tori Said,

    mmm it all looks so crisp and tasty!

  6. Alicia Said,

    Everything’s so colorful…where is this technicolor dreamland?

  7. Su-Lin Said,

    What a beautiful display!

  8. Sarah Said,

    I looooove this! I’m moving north in a year because I miss seeing farm stands everywhere! We’re in Boston now and the one in faneuil hall just isn’t the same.

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