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daily nom #3

Posted by aleta under daily noms, recipe fail

I think this is batch 3 or 4 of the Lemon Meringue Cupcakes‘ extensive research, a point at which I was still baking the meringue on top of the cake, at that point unmastered and quite dense, and the lemon curd concept was still in the coming. These cupcakes were good; I ate the shit out of them. They were just not very *presentable*.

daily nom #3

  1. Kimberly Said,

    LMAO! “Ate the shit out of them”


  2. Gina Said,

    These look so yummy.

  3. nicolas Said,

    That photo is very interesting to me. Can I have a copy?

  4. Amanda Said,

    I’m going to steal your lemon cupcake and curds recipe (minus meringue) for a mini bundt cake recipe.

  5. naomi Said,

    I bought cake flour yesterday so I could make these cupcakes. I’ve always dreamt of making cupcakes like this but just don’t have the time or energy for all the trial and error….thanks for doing the legwork for me : ) I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  6. Joey Said,

    daily nom = dedication.

    love it

  7. stephchows Said,

    Dude as long as it tastes good… it’s all good 🙂 But good job figuring out how to have both 🙂

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