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daily nom #16

Posted by aleta under daily noms, for veggie-heads

Since last night’s post dealt with a single stalk of celery, as many recipes do, I thought I’d share my celery preservation technique, because even though you might not use that celery in the next two weeks, you’ll try to hold onto it just in case.

The best container I’ve found for keeping celery like this (and you know, it will last a solid two weeks this way too) is in either a pitcher or a vase. This is usually done to revive rubbery celery, but since I’m not likely to get to mine in the next few days anyway, I tend to go directly to the pitcher technique.

Make sure you have your celery toward the front of the fridge too. Some older model fridges (and some newer ones too) get extra-cold toward the back and will freeze your celery, and there ain’t no revivin that stuff back from that!

. . . that’s all I got.


  1. Uma Said,

    Helpful tip!! Thanks!! I always wonder what to do with the stuff cause it just gets grossing sitting in the bag!

  2. Pearl Said,

    ooh what a great tip! thanks!

  3. care Said,

    I try to do this when I have the space, but my smallest pitchers are still huge and quite tall. I’ve also used a long tupperware container filled with water — just change the water every few days.
    I’ve recently discovered this foil method that keeps my celery crisp, in the crisper drawer, for a few weeks (it is amazing):
    separate and stalks and wipe them clean; trim to your desired length. stack them on a dry paper towel and then wrap in foil, folding the ends tightly. It sounds so simple but works really well for me! And I save the inner stalks and leaves in a different foil pouch, for cooking, versus the outside stalks that I like to snack on.
    Your pictures are, as always, beautiful and well done!

  4. Beth Said,

    Great tip! I’ve always used the foil method, but this way is so purty!

  5. Apollo Said,

    My mother uses those ‘green bags’ they advertise on TV. Says they work pretty well. I don’t buy much in the way of fresh veggies (I’m single and I live alone) so any method to make ’em keep a little longer is appreciated!

  6. Steve Said,

    Celery is highly underrated.

  7. Becki Said,

    BRILLIANT! I’m all over this.

  8. Kelley Said,

    Yay! I love celery. ^_^
    Your storage technique sounds awesome and looks pretty, too!

  9. stripeydots Said,

    Thanks for sharing this storage tip! I’ll be buying celery more often now with no fear of wastage.

  10. tygrr Said,

    I can’t believe how beautiful you’ve made celery

  11. Mars Said,

    i know you are talking celery..but this is a wonderful snap!

  12. KittyMonster Said,

    This same technique works excellently for asparagus, as well 🙂

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