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daily nom #21

Posted by aleta under daily noms

Last Wednesday night (and then Thursday night too) I tried making a purportedly Lithuanian pastry that uses cottage cheese in addition to butter, but there’s something funky I can’t get quite right about the texture. Will report back once I’ve got it, though; despite its inability to cook all the way through, it’s a pastry, so it’s naturally delicious.


And hey: the new Recipe Round-Robin will be announced tomorrow!

  1. Prudy Said,

    reminds me of filled crescent rolls.

  2. Katrina Said,

    I like to make a quick pain chocolat with the crescent rolls when I’m feeling lazy. You just add some chocolate chips to the center before rolling and bake according to the package. Now I have something new to try, maybe make them PB&J though for extra fun…

  3. Apollo Said,

    I am really excited about seeing this recipe.

  4. s-dub Said,

    Hamentashen! Or, at least… it looks like it! One of my favorites cookie-type desserts!

    Also, PB&J roll-ups are amazing!

  5. Megan Said,

    Looks like the start of roszski.

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