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daily nom #22

Posted by admin under daily noms

Apparently it’s the week of works in progress.

This brilliant idea was cow-spot brownies, a blondie base with brownie spots. A cool idea, but I wasn’t happy with the blondie recipe I was using (it tasted like nothing but butter and sugar, and very much so), and because the brownie recipe was completely different, they baked differently and I ended up with something weirdly warped and that coupled with the fact that blondies aren’t very white resulted in something not looking very much like cow spots at all. I haven’t abandoned the idea altogether, but it’s been on hiatus for a good five months now.

Cow-spot brownies: an idea worth revisiting.

  1. Hallie Said,

    I have a blondie recipe with variations for brownies, if I can find it I’ll send it your way. It should work since they’re from the same basic recipe… now the question is, where did I put it?

  2. jenn Said,

    i like how it looks unbaked! totally cow-like. I’ve done something similar… and it baked up pretty well. Cookie dough and brownies.

  3. stephchows Said,

    Well at least it looks like a really fun idea 🙂

  4. dawn Said,

    I might want to play around with this one and see if I can kick it up a notch or so…at least the photo was stellar.

  5. Jenn Said,

    Blondies are so tricky – I tried to make a version of strawberries & cream blondies like I did with my brownies… brownies were fab, blondies were awful. I’ll keep you posted if I find a good one though!

  6. Michelle Said,

    Fun idea. Are you going to try again? I’d love to see what you come up with. : )

  7. SLiPs of the tongue Said,

    Ooh, try the blondie recipe from the original Betty Crocker Cookie Book. Result — caramel-ly and chewy and moist delicious. A little small, though, so you might want to double it?

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