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daily nom #31

Posted by aleta under daily noms

A discarded photo from the lemon meringue cupcakes, and is the best shot I’ve ever taken into an oven. Not that it’s come up much.


  1. Katrina Said,

    Those look so tasty! I love lemon meringue especially in cupcake form.

  2. stephchows Said,

    That is an in the oven shot??? Rock on!

  3. amber Said,

    beautiful! i have yet to master the into-the-oven shot. it’s simply…. too hot! 🙂

  4. Anna Said,

    Oh wow. I printed the recipe for the cupcakes. I’m so going to try those this weekend!

  5. maris Said,

    How good do these look! I love cupcakes, but I can never ice them as well as the pros do!

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