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Not as cool as the posse Andre has, but I set up an Etsy shop for all the vintage stuff I love so much but have no space for. I like to think the descriptions really carry my personality for me. I feel ever-so-slightly lame for posting this before some amazing recipe, but I’m really enjoying still life photography of the non-food variety, and will be posting in the next week or two (really really I mean it this time!).

So consider Aleta’s Kitschen open.

While I don’t suspect this will earn me any  money, it does satisfy an insatiable lust for vintage I have no use for. If I had the dough, I’d just give it all away, but sadly, I don’t. Still, it pays for an otherwise expensive and storage-raping hobby.

These were my favourite descriptions, I had tons o’fun with these things.

Bold.Advanced STRAIN/CLOSE/POUR lid technology.

Tang Pitcher & Mugs “A Bold Wave of Sunshine”

This lightweight pitcher and mugs are appealingly vintage with what could very well pass as Hillside Middle School’s new logo in 1982.

Outfitted with slick STRAIN/CLOSE/POUR lid technology, this would be an ideal vessel and serving cups of Tang for, say, two children who are thirsty after swinging in the yard. The pitcher holds 3 quarts (96 oz) and each mug holds 12 oz. That means you can pour each cup all the way to the top FOUR TIMES before you have to make more Kool-Aid.

Pitcher is 9.5″ tall, 4.75″ in circumference and 8″ wide (lip to handle). Each cup 4″ high, 3″ in circumference. Packaged with complimentary packet of Tang.

Spring Blossoms in your oven

Pyrex Spring Blossom Casserole & Whisking Bowl

This set will no doubt impress your mother-in-law, who will burn up much of dinner talking about her wedding dish pattern, and every scrap of Pfaltzgraff she’s ever owned while you smile and enjoy dinner without having to force small talk.

Funky Spring Blossom Casserole and Whisking Bowl by Pyrex. Made for housewives in the USA between 1972 and 1979, who says you can’t use them now?

Oven-to-table, cheery, and just begging to try your grandmother’s noodle casserole recipe, the casserole holds 2.5 quarts, and the bowl 3 cups. Silver V marking on the casserole in the photos has been safely removed.

Packaged with a delicious casserole recipe card to try out. 😉

Samson's Stimulating

Sick Mustache Wall Plaque

The plaque pretty much says it all.

Not only is this vintage (1968), it’s all Victorian stylized so it’s like, Vintage Vintage. Double Vintage. Meta-Vintage.

This bad lawrence comes from Yorkraft which, according to a cursory overview of the Internet, appears to be one of the earliest sources of “Crap that Places Like Applebees Put on Their Wall in Lieu of Real Antiques.” Wikipedia had nothing, Google Maps had an unconfirmed listing in York PA, and while I found links to, they were dead. Then I remembered there were muffins cooling on the counter and so that’s all I know about Yorkraft.

Nice beard, though.

16″ high by 12″ wide on sturdy, completely flat 1/2″ MDF board. 1968 Yorkraft, York PA. 3 lbs 5 oz, this thing is wicked diesel. Packaged with all my love. <3

Okay, now go tell your friends!

Funky Things That Fly Wild, wild roses. Couldn't tear me away...

Feedback? Things you like? Am I missing the mark? Is vintage even cool any more? Would you actually pay for any of this junk? Though my food photos rely heavily on boring white plates, this is the stuff I pull out when we have company.

  1. Christa Said,

    I love the fork and spoon, most. If I had that kind of money I would certainly buy it. Vintage is not out, I don’t think it will ever be – as vintage appeals to many. Good luck on your sales!

  2. Janice Said,

    Vintage is always ‘in’ I think… just need to find the right people! I’ve ‘hearted’ you there. 🙂 BEST of luck on this new adventure!!

  3. Bridget Said,

    My mom has an entire kitchen of the Pyrex Spring Blossom dishes in blue, I get to inherit them someday or else I’d buy yours.

  4. Nick Said,

    Ummm…. Why the heck did I see this AFTER Christmas. I must have that mustache plaque!

  5. Amy Said,

    My mother has those Pyrex Spring Blossom dishes, and she says they’re mine when she kicks it. They’d be an awesome purchase, though!

  6. stephchows Said,

    Do you have cameras set up in my house or something?? I was thinking of starting an etsy vintage shop too! My mom has an attic full of stuff that was my Nana’s and it’s just too much to keep. I’m still playing with the logistics of it all though. Good luck with the store!!

  7. Val Said,

    Aleta, I LOVE those Pyrex dishes. I think my second mom has some from a similar time period. I’m so jealous that they sold before I saw this!

    I will keep an eye on your etsy shop. I adore vintage. When my girlfriend I finally get a place, I WILL buy things from you!

  8. Ayesha Gilani Said,

    Cups are looking beautiful, thank you admin for this great sharing

  9. Kristy Steven Said,

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    thanks for shear it……………… You are doing right job.

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