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Bonjour amies et amis!

Guess what I’m making today!


Why yes, we shall be making le French Onion Soup! Hohoho!

We start with sweet white onions. Oh, Vidalia, why do you always bring me to tears? I just want to love you!

edited - french onion soup

In the pot you go!

And then you put the onions in the pot.
After about 40 minutes your onions will make their own delicious gravy.
Makes its own gravy!
Add your beef stock and it’s starting to look right!
Steamy soup action.
I used my magic [oven] to turn stale Parisian bread into croûtons. Aren’t they lovely?

My magic did it.

We are almost there. These towheaded sweeties are destined for the broiler.
Towheads ready for the broiler.
Oooo lala! Look! My creation, it is so complete and beauteous!
Viva mi creacion!
And that is all! I used the traditional JOY recipe to make these, and it came out subtle and sweet and pretty much perfect, and I usually only use JOY for a reference guide. Does anyone here love French Onion Soup too?
  1. Snooky doodle Said,

    I ve always wished to try this soup but so far I ve never made it. I bet its deliious. I hate chopping onions I always end up a fountain of tears 🙂

  2. Dulce Said,

    Good words.

  3. Aimee Said,

    Wow that looks so yummy. I love french onion soup

  4. Anonymous Said,


  5. xxnikxnikxx Said,

    If you chew gum while you chop onions you won’t cry =]

  6. Peg Said,

    I love French Onion soup, too! It’s so easy to make, too.

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