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I sent this list to the grocery store with a really helpful dude and this is how he wrote it down.

1 per milk gallon
frosted mini wheat big bite
ham slices not from deli organic
cinnamon rolls tube low fat nonnegotiable
whole bean whatever-creme 1/2 lbs
fat free 1/2 & 1/2 pint
bananas green tips (4)
danish brie or lowfat
munster cheese
pretty pears (2)
pretzel crisps not ritz brand
cheese for omelet from next to deli

Okay, no cues from me, but what would you be making with this list for brunch, late night or dinner party? Remember all the stuff you already have at home like flour, sugar, cottage cheese (or any dairy for that matter), tortilla chips, salsa, oatmeal, freezer-burned bacon (like really unsalvageable, really), and never forget to have a midnight snack like a cheese and grape platter, or if you’re earlier eaters, about 4 hours past dinner, provided guests are still present.

My cooking as of late has been largely experimental and I follow more traditional patterns of entertaining, like always having half of a bottle of wine in the fridge for when guests first arrive, or after grating the cheese, serving the remainder with crackers about halfway through preparation of the main course. Making a non-meat dish as an alternative to any meats served on Fridays during Lent (cream of tomato soup saved me that first night!). Not everything has to be from scratch, and it’s been a priority to serve more than a casserole.

Share your menu. Bonus points if you take this list to the store and include photos of the results.

  1. Kim Witman Said,

    Just a quick point…..fat free half and half is full of sweetner and really ruined a recipe that I made. I try to reduce fat only when that doesn’t mean adding lots of junk.

    Enjoy your posts.

  2. erinire Said,

    that was some seriously flipping awesome tomato soup, though. srsly.

  3. Neil Said,

    So why only a half of a bottle?

  4. whiskeypony Said,

    if you are as crazy as me, you always have spinach and filo on hand. given that, this list equals:

    appetizer: warmed brie, pretzels and slivered pears
    dinner: bacon-spinach-munster filo triangles (or, if that bacon is really in rough shape, ham).
    salad: garden greens plus pear squares plus cheese from next to the deli plus whatever nuts are in the cabinet.
    dessert: bananas foster or mocha creme brulee with that coffee you’ve got there.

  5. Ori Said,

    I’ve been following you since the rainbow cake, just love this site.
    Nice place you have here! Cheers!!

  6. Nick Said,

    I think I’d make some sort of quiche. Maybe crunch up the pretzels and use them as a crust somehow?… Oh wait. That’s a horrible idea.

  7. Katie Said,

    I live with four other people but only cook for myself, and I am relearning how to eat (like, nutrition?? WHAT), so I would probably just serve all of the components separately, which really explains why nobody ever comes to visit me.

    But I just got an idea for mac and cheese with pears in it, but that sounds like something that nobody would want to eat except for me.

  8. Paula Said,

    Hey! This site is AMAZING! Srsly! I’m not even close to being half as good as you are, but I’m giving my cooking skills a try. Today I tried the rainbow cake, and – for my surprise – it turned out pretty good! (stupid question: are we suppose to use sprite INSTEAD of milk or just mix’em together? I used only milk in this one, but I wanna know so I can make it right next time!) It’s on my website if you wanna see! 🙂
    Keep doing what you do!
    Have a nice week xxx

  9. Amy Kalinchuk Said,

    Mmmm….whole-bean whatever creme…..*drooooooooools*

  10. mat Said,

    your grocerie list looks like minnesota

  11. lesley Said,

    What can I say?
    I sent a grocery list by email to the local supermarket, out of 20 items 9 were correct! 11 were totally different foods.
    When I asked them what happened to the other 11, the guy just said “well, if we haven’t got it we give you what we think is the nearest thing!” I don’t use them anymore! lol

  12. Steve Said,

    “cinnamon rolls tube low fat nonnegotiable”

    Hahah, sounds like when I help my parents out with their shopping when I visit, they are very particular about some seemingly random items.

  13. wasabi prime Said,

    Definitely a nice brunch list. I’m always a big frittata fan, so if there’s eggs and a random mix of savory things, that’s what the frittata becomes. Although, one could make a very rich bread pudding with bananas, using the cinnamon rolls, and just serving cheese, fruit and ham as a savory side.

  14. Elissa Said,

    Where did you go???

  15. Aleia Said,

    What’s “whole bean whatever creme”? Am I missing something delicious?

  16. jeni Said,

    katie.. i would so try the mac and cheese with pears! then again.. id just dump everything on the list on rice.. and put it on my husbands plate.. and hed eat it. thats how we eat at my house.

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