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i’m not dead!

Posted by aleta under an aside

FACT: Omnomicon has lain dormant for some time. Months, even.

To all concerned: everything’s fine and great! I’m not dead, and hey, I even had time to get all engaged and thinking about a wedding. I’m just you know . . . not busy updating my website.

You see, I’m the kind of person with A LOT of hobbies. Well, a lot of [short-lived] hobbies. So the fact that I managed to go almost six months before lapsing is just remarkable! But in time I need a little bit of a break because if I’m going to burn myself out, I should probably save that for normal stressors like work and personal relationships rather than a website named after a nonsense word.

The lament continues: I’m really not feeling the food blog scene these days. I scroll along my rss feed daily, catching tidbits on Julie and Julia and free samples of rice wine vinegar and Tuesdays with Dorie and seasonal desserts and the culinary scene in upper Peoria, but I skip past most because I kinda just don’t care at the moment. That’s not to say I don’t have a lot of respect for food bloggers (hey, I got friends), but a lot of us are all saying/making/photographing the same stuff. And while it’s not a competition, if I’m not really bringing anything special to the table, why do I feel this overwhelming sense of obligation?

Aren’t you glad I came back to whine a little bit? You missed that, admit it.

The good news is, I’ve no intention of discontinuing Omnomicon, so I won’t make you beg me to keep posting. The not-as-awesome news is that I do not have this huge backlog of stuff to share like I wish I did, so I have to start generating more content. I’m working on it. Hoping to announce a new Recipe Round-Robin soon (and also send out old prizes, my GOD am I behind).

Cute little nose wrinkles,

  1. Prudy Said,

    Congratulations on the engagement!!!

  2. sandra Said,

    Looking forward to any and all future posts.
    Congratulations on getting engaged!

  3. Leigh Said,

    Oh, do I hear you on the not bringing anything to the table/feeling devoid of originality. Maybe it’s the summer blues? It’ll pass. Something will spark you. Don’t feel guilty.

    And congrats on your engagement and (it stands to reason) upcoming nuptials. πŸ™‚

  4. Liz Said,

    Congratulations on getting engaged, Aleta! I love your blog and missed it, but no one can blame you for following your heart and not forcing it if you’re not feeling it. Your posts always look inspired, and I’m sure that takes effort. Nevertheless, we love you and wish you would post more often ;o)

    Take care,

  5. Pearl Said,

    omgosh congratulations on the engagement! how long have you been with your prince charming?

  6. Kiera Said,

    When you get back, I’ll be waiting. I definitely get it when you say you’re just not feeling it.

    Best wishes on the engagement and wedding!


  7. Max Said,

    Hooray! She yet lives…

    Congratulations on the engagement! I recommend making the wedding-to-do list as a shared google-doc. Way better than a wall of sticky notes… and more portable.

    Please don’t give up! If you need to take a few weeks between posts, then by all means… It would just be sad to be nomless forever… The idea of a food blog with photos is not original, but then I don’t read other food blogs. Just yours. It’s because you bring YOU to the table! The pictures and writing are playful and engaging in a way that is unique, even if you think the subject matter isn’t.

  8. Christa Jeanne Said,

    Congrats, Aleta! No worries – do what you can. We’ve all been there. πŸ˜‰ But for the record, you do bring great stuff to the table. Good luck with the wedding planning!!! Recipes will always be here, but your wedding is once in a lifetime, so take all the time in the world to make that spectacular. We’ll be happy for you when return. πŸ™‚

  9. Christa Jeanne Said,

    PS – Do we get the love story? Dooooo tell!

  10. Paleta de Limón Said,

    Hi! You definitely bring new and creative stuff to the table. Everytime I read your posts and see the photos I want to cook right away, I’ve found a new hobby (yes, cooking) and I have to thank you ΓƒΕ“!!

  11. dennis s Said,

    So, will you be making your own wedding cake? That would make a very interesting series of posts. “The Search for the Perfect Wedding Cake”

  12. Pearl Said,

    Congratulations on getting engaged! When are you getting hitched? My husband and I just recently got married ourselves, hehe.

    Also, your dude is a lucky guy. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

  13. stephchows Said,

    Congrats on the engagement!!!!

  14. Dixie Said,

    Congratulations on your impending nuptuals. πŸ™‚

    If you’re still sending out RR prizes and haven’t sent mine yet, shoot me an e-mail — I’ve moved since then, and will need to give you a new address. (If you have, then no worries. Hopefully my landlord will forward it.)

  15. Rachael Said,

    Bigfoot understands your predicament :

  16. Wendee Said,

    Congrats on the engagement!! Looking forward to hearing about your inspirations as they come!!

  17. Esi Said,

    Miss your posts…hope they start whenever you feel ready again πŸ™‚

  18. Lesley Said,

    Finally. And congrats.

  19. Heidi Said,

    Congrats on the engagement! So glad to see you back, even if just an update. Everyone needs a break some time to recharge.

    I hear what you’re saying about food bloggers all kinda doing the same thing, I mean you can only have so many potato salad recipes and banana breads and caprese salads. And I’m getting tired of blueberries, myself, as well as raspberries which we don’t get a lot of down here in Texas on the account of them being so fragile.

    One of the main reasons why I have enjoyed your OMNOMNOMNOMNOM blog so much is, well, you! You have a personality. That’s not easy to do on the internet. You say bad words and you’re young. And your recipes are down to earth, they’re varied, they’re simple. And your pictures are gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing Omnomicon live on!

  20. Katrina Said,

    Know how you feel about not feeling original. Congrats ont he upcoming nuptials! Do what you feel, and it’ll all come around in the end.

  21. Becca Said,

    Congratulations on getting engaged!!

  22. Stephanie Said,

    Aleta – joining the ranks of congrats. If you are interested there is a large blogging community of brides. Some of us are more (ahem.) outside the box than others. But you can get great tips. You can find my wedding planning blog by visiting my blog and looking for “Quirky Wedding.” Secretly, I’m really hoping to see you posting around out there because I love your food. Your wedding food? It’s going to be awesome! Also, be sure you find She is for seriousness the most hysterical bride in the blogosphere. (She did not pay me to say that, I promise.) Have fun with everything, and take your time. No blogger burn out allowed – make sure you take time for you.

  23. Chef Z Said,

    Don’t feel bad. The Hardcore Gourmet has gone dormant more times than is strictly healthy. But when you put out quality, it’s ok to drop quantity. Just keep writing when it moves you. πŸ™‚

  24. Tami Said,

    Congrats on your engagement! I’ve been feeling the same way you’re feeling for a while now. So much is going on behind the scenes here at our house that I just don’t have enough hours in the day. I’m sure you’re busy, too! Don’t feel bad…blog when you have time. We miss you! I really miss your sense of humor!!

  25. Carolyn Pluckhahn Said,

    I want to add my congratulations and will be waiting patiently for you to come back to us.

  26. Vera Said,

    We want the dirt on the engagement! (And, of course, on some dishes!)

  27. lo Said,

    Congrats! Happy news is always welcome in the blogosphere… and always more than makes up for a bit of an absence! πŸ™‚

    You’re missed… but life certainly goes on! Enjoy!

  28. E Said,

    Not to sound like a broken record, but even if you feel you cover some of the same subjects as other blogs (I wouldn’t know — I only read yours!), the reason we all read your blog is because yours has YOU! You’re funny, you’re sweet, you’re irreverent and you’re a damn good cook and photographer! Reading your blog inspires me to cook — so here’s to you taking the hiatus you need until the inspiration strikes and you pass that inspiration on to all of us! I know I’m not the only one hoping that you’ll share your unique take on the whole wedding-planning process (particularly the cake, food and beverage!) when you get the time. I’m in the thick of it myself and dying to see how amazing an Omnomicon wedding would be! Congratulations to you and yours!

  29. ansella Said,

    aw its been a while since the last time i stop by, congrats dear ^^ its a very good news to know
    ‘hip hip hurray’

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