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Hey guys, just a quick post to let you know how the Mama Zuma’s giveaway panned out. As promised, there were two winners:

Cassidy Said,

Hmmm, I just made a creamy broccoli soup yesterday that these would probably be lovely crumbled into instead of bread or crackers. Yummy!

I might also take the tuna/potato chip idea and incorporate some chip crumbs into a spicy tuna sushi roll…

Cassidy, how creative! I think the spicy tuna roll would pretty much be the coolest fusion idea ever, but I have an unnecessary amount of appreciation for sushi.


Josh K Said,

Knowing me, I’d probably do something reaaally stupid… like make really spicy chicken wings and coat them with the chips like in your recipe.

What? Josh, what is this?! I give you something for free and you call me stupid? Psh.

Jk, I dig it man. But that’s what the cucumber sauce is all about, silly.

Many thanks to everyone for participating! I was so super excited all week about this giveaway, as empirically proven by the abundance of exclamation points positively littering this post. But for the 46 of you who didn’t win, here is where you can find Mama Zuma’s in your state, and on the off-chance you’re not near any (this was my issue) here is where you can order a box online. Don’t worry if you didn’t win, there will be plenty of giveaways in the future.

Here’s one particularly awesome comments that caught my eye:

Melanie Said

Could you use any other flavored chips for this? How would “salt & vinegar” chicken taste, or “sour cream & chives”…… maybe I’ll do some experimenting. I don’t know if I can find the RT 11 chips to try this one, but my husband would try it. I’d try the sauce.

Dude, what an awesome idea! Route 11 (in addition to your favourite gourmet potato chip company) has like, a ton of different kinds of chips. How cool would it be to have a sampler platter of all chip types you want to try? Also, the sauce is a great complement to the dish, but in isolation…well, you’ll be happier with plain yogurt.

. . . and then a bunch of people talked about sneaking hot chips into their unsuspecting friends’/significant other’s meals. Well at least I’m not dating any of you, sheesh!

  1. zee Said,

    woot. mama zuma’s available at yankee candle. that’s right near my house! /me omnomnoms mama zuma’s.

  2. Katie Said,

    RE: using other chips, I just wanted to say that any type of potato chip goes awesome in this kind of dish. I was at my friend’s house once and her mom made potato chip chicken, and it was so delicious. I don’t think anything baked with a crust of fried potatoes can really go wrong, though.

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