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Posted by aleta under an aside

I have my own new chat abbreviation, formally dedicated to all participating in the rrr: ssf, “sorry so flaky.” I was *supposed* to distribute recipes Friday, and I was *planning* on following through, but then everyotherfuckingthing impeded that, so my apologies.

Short story:

Everyone’s in.
You have asap to still submit a recipe.
I will send out recipes this week.
You’ll have the upcoming weekend and the one to follow to give a shot at ’em.

I like to think my flakiness is one of my charms, buuuut I’m fairly certain that is not the case. *winkyface*

  1. Mary Said,

    Is there a flaky emoticon? That would round out the thing nicely…ah the computer age…

    No worries on the flaky for me…I had no internets for what seemed like ages…and am only now back online :). It’s all good :).

  2. Katie Said,

    Considering that flaking out is one of my (unfortunate) specialties, I get it. Flake happens. I only volunteer to do things if someone will call me up and hold me accountable, otherwise I would disappear mysteriously without notice.

  3. wasabi prime Said,

    You are so adorable — your posts, even the little notes, make me smile. 😀

  4. Heidi Said,

    I am enjoying your site – flakes, food, the whole 9 courses. Let’s make friends in kitsch!

  5. Jennifer Said,

    Love your site!
    An offering of a few South African verbal apbbreviations you may enjoy:

    Eish (prounounced Aysh) Common term that denotes a wide range of emotions from joy and surprise to confusion and anger. When in doubt, use it.

    Jol Party. Can be used as either a noun or verb, as in “That was a lekker jol” or “I went jolling last night and only got back late.

    Just now An indeterminate amount of time. If a waiter says “I’ll be with you just now”, it could mean anything from five minutes to 30, to never”.

    Lekker Lakka Great, awesome, amazing.

    Now-now Not to be confused with “just now”. “Now-now” is a much smaller indeterminate amount of time. Hmm. Don’t worry….we don’t

    Sharp-sharp Okay. This is a complicated one. An expression of agreement. Or a greeting. Or a way of saying goodbye. Or a way of saying “Okay, sure”. Or a still smaller indeterminate amount of time. Or a way of saying quickly. Or a way of….forget it……….