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Let’s talk pancakes. Finally. It’s been a spectacularly shitty couple weeks and I’d like nothing more than to discuss this little contest thing we got going on…

Your typical high-bokeh pancake stack.

I was impressed with the variety of pancake secrets revealed by the recipes submitted. One called for specifically, a griddle. Another sweetly suggested a few drops of red food colouring to charm your favourite little girl with pink pancakes. Yet another with the admonition that “this isn’t rocket science, people” and that you can add milk or yogurt until, y’know, the batter looks right. On a side note, I’d like to confirm with a rocket scientist that this ISN’T rocket science because I really wouldn’t know, I’m just a data analyst.

And then there was the winner: Blender Pancakes. Not only did this recipe call for a blender, but also cottage cheese, specifically, creamy small curd cottage cheese, which I’ve never had occasion to search for but AM IMMEASURABLY INGRATIATED TO DANIEL because hola crap, is this stuff good! I didn’t find anything specifically labeled creamy, but I did find some Vermont Style, which fits the description and makes me want to eat buckets of cottage cheese every night for dinner. And I’ll be making some kind of dip too. Ooo, ooo, and putting grapes in it. And so on in that fashion, at least until the cost of greek yogurt comes down.

Buy this. And eat it by the bucket.

Also, Cabot Creamery is relatively local, in that it would be easily within-state distance if I lived in the midwest which, thankfully, I do not. Our states are small up here, but scrappy, and Vermont proudly produces cheeses of all varieties that make us proud to be New Englanders, because most of us would be considerably less proud to be Wisconsiners.

Daniel would have been the proud new owner of one snazzy-looking and totally kitsch Automatic Pancake Maker, which hails from the era of scripty diner-writing, if it hadn’t turned out to be um, nonfunctional actually. Not completely nonfunctional, but it did leak batter all about and made a terrific mess. Thankfully, I had a backup Automatic Pancake Maker that is better designed, so I used that instead. I would argue that “pancake dispenser” would be a better term as this thing is neither automatic nor self-sufficient in making pancakes, but the marketing department never consulted me.

More free advice: don't bother. All looks. Pretty useless.

Even the better dispenser is not really meant for such a thin batter. I cite as evidence what happens with a thin batter in an automatic pancake maker when the user is attempting to photograph it as well. That thing practically barfed up the hugest pancake I’ve ever unintentionally made.

Ever seen a pancake barfed out? Here you go.

In trying to avoid this from happening again, I ended up with some interesting modern art kidney-shaped pancakes with holes in them, in addition to a stack of pancakes where not a single one is the same size as any other. Despite their size variance, they did remain more-or-less round, and certainly more than when I try to use other pancake dispensing techniques, so I’ll chalk this gadget up as a moderate success.

Warhol's pancake delight.

I’m kinda happy that the process is so simple, thus letting me ramble on and on about rocket scientists, cottage cheese varieties and products that failed to catch the public’s imagination for obvious reasons. The process is basically “blend all this stuff and then make yourself some pancakes out of it.” That’s it. I like that these are skinny, high-protein little treats that are almost a pancake-crepe hybrid. No leavening, but still a lighter-than-rubbery texture given how thin they are, which can be attributed to the whippiness of egg whites in a blender. I like a good skinny pancake m’self, though they do not accommodate blueberries very well . . . but no reason you can’t throw a handful in the blender.

For real, best cottage cheese ever.

The glow of yolks.

Another nice thing about these is how quick it is to accumulate a stack. About a minute a side and tada! Pancake. I used my electric griddle because um, it’s awesome, and even though it isn’t the best-ever griddle, it’s well worth the $20. This will not be the last you see of this thing.

Pollock pancake.

Even though I’m a syrup dipper, it’s not as pretty as catching a little drop of syrup glistening from a stack of pancakes, so I did that. For my art. I suffer for it, you see.

The classic syrup drip. Beautiful every time.

And I call this one “Pancake Sunrise,” despite the fact that it was photographed around 2am and would have been inedible by sunrise.

Pancake sunrise, 2am wednesday morning.

The crepey texture aids this little photographic feat, bee-tee-dubs. See?

Cut right through.

Way to go, Daniel. You win.

Blender Pancakes
courtesy of Daniel and 50 tastebuds’ taste test efforts

Combine in a blender:
1 c small curd cream-style cottage cheese
4 medium or large eggs
1/2 c unbleached white flour
1/4 t salt
1/8 c melted butter
1/8 c canola oil
1/2 c skim or 2% milk
1/2 t vanilla
Whirl at high speed 1 minute. Grease griddle thoroughly before cooking.

Serves 3 as main dish.

Always make the first pancake right in the middle of the griddle at the hottest part. It will get bubbles as any good pancake should but don’t let that be your only guide — you have to keep trying to turn it up at the edge to make sure its cooking right. The key is to flip it as soon as you can. Hopefully this occurs at the point that its golden brown. If it takes more than a minute or so to cook, turn up the heat! If it is too dark when it sets up enough to flip, then turn it down. Temperature variations on the griddle are not your friend.

Welcome to the pancake party.

Don’t you want nothing more than pancakes now?? If so, I’ve done my job.

nutrition summary (1/3rd batch): 390 calories, 26g fat (yikes!), .6g fiber, but 20g protein; ~ 10 weight watchers points

  1. sarah Said,

    k I’m quite the novice – can I use a food processor to the same end as the blender?

    that’s a lot of GD protein.

    cabot makes me proud because they collaborate with small farms for some high brow cheese making

  2. G Said,

    YUM!! trying this soon

  3. Adagio Said,

    You’ll have to come visit Vermont and go to the Cabot cheese annex to completely understand the deliciousness of Vermont. Also, they make some pretty awesome maple products I hear, including a bajillion types (they go by color or something? I really want to find some sort of taste testing tour). AND Maple Cotton Candy. By fair the best thing to come out of Vermont.

  4. Daniel Said,

    Wow! I’m so excited to have actually won something, and totally daunted by the fact that 50 people tried my recipe and liked it! Thanks to Aleta who had to coax me off the tastebud sidelines and get me to write up and submit my real recipe. Also, as a former resident of both the Northeast AND Wisconsin, I have to say that while the former may have more culinary credibility, the raw ingredients — particularly the cheeses – are far superior in Wisconsin. Also, uhm, my wife is from there. and her friends. So you probably just acquired a bunch of cheese head readers, who I’m sure will back me up on this. 🙂 Thanks for hosting, and thanks for the beautiful pictures — my pancakes have never looked so good!

  5. John Said,

    What perfect timing. Just made pancakes for dinner tonight. Used Trader Joes whole wheat mix and it was pretty awesome. Still this is total food pr0n pictures.

    What was the worst recipe that was sent in?

  6. SteffanyF Said,

    I totally buy that cottage cheese, first because it was local (I figure all of New England is fair game for the “local” label as I used to try to buy everything from California and CA is way bigger than all of New England), then because not only is it the BEST COTTAGE CHEESE EVER MADE but also because it is nonfat.
    I love you, Cabot.

  7. Be Like the Squirrel, Girl Said,

    Awesome. I will have to try the blender recipe. Splendid pictures, as always.

  8. Apollo Said,

    Did someone call for a rocket scientist? I’m a rocket scientist*. This is not, in fact, rocket science. It is much tastier and slightly less mathy. It also goes better with syrup.


  9. Push Eject Said,

    ZOMG totally starving now; thanks, Aleta! I wonder how these would do with 2 of the egg whites whipped to soft peaks and folded in for extra fluffy goodness!

  10. Dabbled » Blog Archive » Stuff I like today. Said,

    […] Nifty!  Pancake experiments at Omnomicron.. […]

  11. dot Said,

    I love seeing the results of the experimentation! (I’ve included this in today’s inspirations post on Dabbled:

    thanks for sharing it!

  12. stephchows Said,

    totally fun! I love your pics of all the little thin cakes 🙂

  13. Robin Said,

    I can’t wait to try these. My trick to regular pancakes is to separate the eggs like Push Eject commented. Whip the whites, then fold into the rest of the batter…. whatever batter you make. Fold gently, and you’ll have wicked light pancakes. 🙂

  14. Stephanie {I Plan It Right} Said,

    I too can’t wait to bake these. So easy and “thin!” My husband is a big fan of thin pancakes and these look and sound delicious! Thank you for sharing!!

  15. wasabi prime Said,

    Fab – these cakes are the bomb-diggity. I haven’t had pancakes in forever, mostly because it’s a hard thing to just make for a couple of people without being overrun with pancakes. I love this recipe, though, so I’ll be more than happy to deal with pancake overload for a treat like these!

  16. kristin Said,

    We decided to finally try these today, but something went wrong — maybe the cottage cheese was the wrong type, I don’t know, but these definitely weren’t our favourite from the testing.

  17. betty Said,

    what sexy looking pancakes :O)

  18. Elgin Said,

    We finally got around to trying these. Unfortunately they didn’t turn out. We tried them again, because we thought we had done something wrong. We did not. I’m thinking that the other entries must have been really bad in order for this one to win. I wished we’d never bookmarked this and wasted an entire morning not to mention good ingredients. How disappointing.

  19. Jacquelyn Said,

    My mouth is watering for pancakes right now! I can’t say I’ve ever put cottage cheese in pancakes, but those pancakes look delicious. Thanks from the farm families that own Cabot for using Cabot cottage cheese!

  20. jt Said,

    Delicious. didn’t have cottage cheese so we used Fage Yogurt and it was still good. moist and eggy. thanks!

  21. Bill Burhans Said,

    I absolutely love your approach to recipes and blogging. I just started using stumbleupon and you are my top sight in 3 days of stumbling. Thank you for your innovation, sparkling wit and creativity. I will try the Pork Pie and visit soon.

    Om nom nom sincerely,


  22. Tony Said,

    Did anyone else try these before posting a positive comment? I can’t figure out what went wrong. They won’t cook! They have a very raw texture no matter what I do. I followed every single step exactly. I am confused. Why are yours so yellow? Mine are bright white and disgusting. A previous post was exactly right, waste of a morning and ingredients. Time to click post and then go out for breakfast.