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pho will warm your heart

Posted by aleta under ethnic cuisine

Have I gushed before about Pho? Because I love Pho. Here are some of the prettier parts of making pho.

Playing with the spices like a kindergartener.

Spice flower.

Okay little spices, you sit in your cage and wait to become delicious!

In their little cage.

Onions get to be so beautiful when charred.

Onion gets so beautiful when charred.

Just . . . bobbin along in there . . .

Swimmin in the pot.

The herbal accessories, being so patient while the noodles cook and the broth broths. That’s some purple basil there on the right if you were wondering.

All dressed up.

You can’t tell me that isn’t the most beautiful soup you’ve ever seen. That’s a double negative, meaning “You have to agree this is the prettiest ever.”

This is probably my favourite dinner. I would eat it thrice weekly if allowed.
  1. Mel Said,

    This looks amazing! Do you have the full recipe for this?

  2. Emma Said,

    I love Pho. haha
    I’m excited I think I might try making your rainbow cake recipie 😀

  3. Cam Said,

    Om nom nom.

    Give us a recipe, Madame Meadowlark?

  4. Sheran Said,

    I would love the full recipe for this!! My husband love Pho and I’d love to surprise him with a yummy bowl of it! 🙂 Thanks!

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