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Heya recipe holders! Just a status update Blueberry Muffin Recipe Round Robin (details, prize, etc. at that link if the Round-Robin thing doesn’t ring any bells for you).

So far we have 23 25 enthusiastic tastetesters, not counting roommates, girlfriends and other pals who are generously donating their tastebuds! But I’m sad to tell you that it would appear SOME people are hoarding their family secrets and not sharing the baked blueberry love. We do have recipes from some bakers (y’all are the best!), but I’d love to make it more interesting with a few more. Listen guys, and I mean that in a very gender-neutral way, there is a PRIZE for the best recipe. Who could say no to a prize?! I don’t say no to prizes, and neither should you. See, I set good examples.

With this in mind, I’m extending the due date for recipes through tomorrow Saturday March 28th 2009 at 2pm EST. Taste testers will start receiving their assignments immediately after the window closes, but no later than 6 or 7 pm.

Thanks for rolling with the punches, Taste-buds! Yes, I just coined that term there, it means “my taste-testing friends”—write it down, it’ll be used again.

  1. Natalie Said,

    Okay, so I really want to be a taste-bud, but I don’t have a family recipe for bberry muffins! Such a bummer. If you still need more testers, though, I’d be glad to help out.

    Also, I just really want to bake with you. 🙂

  2. naomi Said,

    I wish I had a great blueberry muffin recipe…I’ve been searching for one for quite some time now. I tried the one in “Baking Illustrated” recently and wasn’t impressed. The last good blueberry muffin I made involved some random premixed stuff I had…I think I threw in some over-ripe bananas…they were so sticky, sweet, delicious…mmm Can’t wait to see who wins.

  3. Leah Said,

    I DO have a fantastic BB muffin recipe, but I just found your blog.
    I’m adding you to my ‘follow’.
    Bake ON!

  4. suzuka Said,

    i LOOOOOVE ur blog, the pictures are so beautiful. it’s one of my homepages 😉
    i personally don’t cook that much (i’m fourteen…), but i always go on this website just to see the wonderful pictures!

  5. Leah Said,

    My taste test is completed!

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