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say it with me now, “om nom nom”

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Omnomicon’s premier recipe contest is finally back! While the holidays are rife with opportunities for a round-robin, I was busy and wasn’t entirely sure everyone else would follow through given their own busy-ness, (but mostly I was just busy). And SO I’m pleased to announce January 2010’s Recipe Round-Robin: Pancakes!

Pancakes. The easiest thing that will ever impress a new love interest first thing in the morning. In addition to those lucky ladies and gents, it’ll also impress your family and friends crashing on the couch.

This month’s prize is the product of one of my infamous thrift store binges: a 1950s vintage aluminum Automatic Pancake and Donut Maker! I would argue that it’s not *really* automatic, and is more of a *dispenser* than a maker, but the name Automatic Pancake Maker really sells itself better. I’ll be uploading a photo of the actual item likely on Monday, but I wanted to kick things off sooner rather than later. In the meantime, all you need to know is that it appears to be unused, comes with the original directions (and recipes!) and works just like this modern version.

There will be a super secret special prize for one Tastebud selected at random. Incentive!

pancake maker
Pancake Batter Dispenser/ Donut Maker

So, if you’re new to the Recipe Round-Robins, please take a moment to read the rules. The short story:

Ooo ooo, I make the world’s most incredible pancakes!
Awesome, we’d love to try ’em! Send your wicked awesome recipe to aleta [at] omnomicon [dot] com. The contest can only accommodate a certain number of recipes (limited by the number of participants), so submitting as early as possible is to your benefit. Submissions will be accepted through Thursday, January 21 (2010, just in case that needed to be pointed out).
Please note that if you submit a recipe, you are committed to taste-test two other recipes. This helps assure that we have enough taste-tests going on to include as many recipes as possible.

Okay, so I make my pancakes from a box, but I’d love to get into them from scratch!
Well hey, friend, you are totally in the right place! We need far more taste-testers (tastebuds) than recipes, and your commitment is crucial to making this little experiment work. Leave a comment indicating your taste-buddiness, and you’ll receive two recipes from two different contributors. Try each and then send me an email with which you prefer. Tastebuds will be provided two recipes to compare by Friday, January 22nd, just in time for the weekend! You will have two weekends to report your favourite, and send me your choice by Tuesday, February 2nd.

Please note that if you agree to be a tastebud, we are relying on you to test two recipes in the timeline indicated. Shit happens, I know, but really, if you don’t think you’ll have the time, please do not volunteer.

I’m defining pancakes as, well, pancakes. Your famous pancakes may have blueberries or chocolate chips, but we want to keep things consistent, so while you are welcome to include your secret add-in, please list it as optional; Tastebuds will be encouraged to try the pancakes naked. I’m also requesting that we stick to the standard, Bisquick type pancakes. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some crepes, Finnish pancakes (and regional variations), and German pancakes, but they’re really not the same thing.

The only thing I’ll be changing from the old rules is allowing tastebuds to blog the recipes they tried (after a winner has been announced). I used to discourage this, but it’s too hard to police and I’ve never had a complaint from a recipe contributor for another blogger simply printing their recipe. I am asking all tastebuds to link to the owner’s website if applicable.

  • If you are contributing a recipe and have a food blog of your own that you would like linked, please send the link so I can pass it along to the tastebuds.
  • If you are contributing but not comfortable with having your site linked to your recipe, please indicate.
  • And if you are contributing but not comfortable with having your recipe printed here or elsewhere, with or without credit, please do not contribute.

What has not changed is the demand that the tone in discussing these recipes be respectful. Remember that someone treasures this recipe, is likely to see your post, and if you wouldn’t give your critique to their face, keep it to yourself. We try to run a warm and fuzzy ship over here.

Free advice based on past RRRs:

  • Bear in mind that the tastebuds’ opinion is extremely subjective—that’s the point. Keep in mind things like the difficulty of obtaining ingredients and the preparation time, so if the batter needs to sit overnight (which is fine!) it might work against you.
  • I try to edit recipes as little as possible, so a little personality never hurt!

Alright…who’s in?

  1. Keri Said,

    I would love to be a Tastebud! I just got an electric griddle, so it’s perfect timing for the pancake recipes 🙂

  2. Carey Said,

    Count me in as a tastebud! Yum yum yum.

  3. Ptise Said,

    Round Robin? Woohoo! Tastebud reporting for duty!

  4. Janice Said,

    I can be a tastebud! I make pancakes every Saturday for my father and my son. I’d submit a recipe but I make mine straight Bisquick style – the only addition is fresh fruit. 🙂

  5. Ben. Said,

    I’d love to be a taste-bud!

    Our British pancakes are somewhat different to typical american style… And I don’t have anything more than flour water and eggs in my recipe, so I shall stick to being a taster!


  6. Kelsey Said,

    I’m ready to get my ‘om nom nom nom’ on for pancakes! Tastebud ready!

  7. Mary Said,

    Okay, are their too many tastebuds yet? If not, please count me in!

  8. heather Said,

    i am posting my taste-buddiness here! i will test them out and on GUESTS! (assuming i can get people to come over for pancakes, that is)

  9. Meli Said,

    I can be a tastebud!

  10. Faybelline Said,

    yay pancakes! tastebud please

  11. valerie Said,

    *hand raised* Still need tastebuds?

  12. Alyssa Said,

    I can be Tastebud, please?

  13. Mr. P Said,

    I can tastebud. I don’t really have an amazing pancake recipe to enter, so I am out on that count.

  14. Becca Said,

    I don’t have any pancake recipes besides opening up a box of Jiffy pancake mix (in flavors! love the raspberry) so I would LOVE to be a tastebud if needed 🙂

  15. Apollo Said,

    I’m in for a tastebud, but only because it’s an excuse to eat breakfast naked.

  16. tori Said,

    I’ve got a household of 10 people eager and willing to test out some pancake recipes! Bring it on

  17. Kimberly Michelle Said,

    I’m in for being a tastebud — always in search of the best pancake!

  18. Hailey Said,

    I’m a long time reader, first time commenter, and I would love to test out some pancake recipes!

  19. Marcia Said,

    Another tastebud looking for work!

  20. Chloe Said,

    Ill put my new tastebuds to work!

  21. Lynne Said,

    This tastebud is ready to go!

  22. Alex and Jaye Said,

    We volunteer. Maybe this will make a pancake lover of my husband. LOL I love them but nobody else in my family does!

    I found this blog right before the small break you seemed to take. I’m SO excited you are back and writing. For 2 foodies, this blog is beautiful!

  23. Shannan Said,

    OH YES PLEASE! Can I PLEASE PLEASE be a tastebud!?!?

  24. Annie Johns Said,

    I would love to be a tastebuddy!

  25. Geaux Ghoti Said,

    “Recipierres MUST taste-test in order to win”

    Wait a minute… You’re telling me that I can contribute my pancake recipe AND taste some of the delectable wonders created and entered by others??? Hang on a sec… I think I have some dust in my eye *sniff*. I’m so happy! 😀

    Expect my (almost) ultra simple pancake recipe in your email, and I shall await my orders. Worry not… My fiancée and I are hopelessly addicted to pancakes and we have them for dinner once a week anyway (it’s the only food that we actually have a specific night for!).

  26. Theone Said,

    I’d love to be a tastebud!

  27. stephchows Said,

    yum count me in!

  28. melissa Said,

    I don’t have a recipe but I’d love to be a tastebud! 😀

  29. Tyler Said,

    I’d love to be a tastebud too, if theres still room.

  30. Brittany Said,

    Boyfriend and I would love to be tastebuds!

  31. Marianne Said,

    I’d like to be a tastebud – now I live in a different state, have new roommates, (ahem, tasting committee,) and definitely won’t be reviewing any recipes online. [The demands of graduate school have caused me to abandon the ‘sphere so I no longer fill the interwebs with my unsolicited opinions.]

  32. Carly Said,

    I’d love to tastebud some pancakes.

  33. CJ :) Said,

    I would like to be a tastebud! I have a teenage son, husband, mother and six cocker spaniels to help me test!

    One caveat – I am highly allergic to strawberries.

  34. Kristin Said,

    I would love to be a tastebud!

    My husband and I are always on the lookout for the perfect pancake recipe and we thought we found one, but now we’re tired of it. This is perfect timing! Thanks so much for bringing RRR back!

  35. Daniel Said,

    Tastebud here ready to taste some yummy pancakes with a little help from some friends.
    Good excuse for a breakfast get together.

  36. Adam Said,

    Tastebud reporting for duty. 🙂

  37. Melayla Said,

    tastebud volunteer here!

  38. Craig Browning Said,

    My first time, I’ll be a tastebud if its not too late:)

  39. Matt Said,

    I know I needed to get my recipe in by yesterday (I am just catching up on reading my feeds), but I am willing to be a tastebud if I’m still in time for *that* deadline.

  40. Sarah Said,

    Am I too late to be a tastebud? I’ve got lots of hungry college kids I can feed pancakes!

  41. Morgan Said,

    Any possibility I can jump in on the tastebud wagon at this point? Kinda late, but worth a shot to see if I can.

  42. Miriam Said,

    Hi there! Been reading for half a year (a year perhaps?), and this is my first comment. 🙂 I would also love to be a Tastebud! I would love to submit a recipe as well, but since I am German (and a little clueless sometimes), I have no idea what “Bisquick style pancakes” are. Heck, I don’t even know what German pancakes are, really. Maybe too late to ask for clarification.. but perhaps, at some point, I can submit a great recipe no matter what, just for anyone to try really. Tried it yesterday and am still smitten. Anyway, count me in as Tastebud if you need one.

  43. my own little dust-pile » Blog Archive Said,

    […] can’t wait to break into those. I also did some pancake testing for the latest Omnomicon Recipe Round-Robin (pancake edition). I won’t give my results just yet, but I did snap some […]

  44. parali okey Said,

    i think pancake is more delicious than other cakes. thank you

  45. Parali okey Said,

    I can be a tastebud! and then you can try to eat other cakes. Thanks

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