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on absence

Posted by aleta under an aside

While absence might make your lover’s heart fonder, I’m not so sure how it works with blogs. I’ve been especially internet-absent as of late, and in line with my apologetic nature, I’d like to assure everyone that everything’s peachy and no bizarre accidents or illness has befallen me. It’s just that

a) I’m not usually very talented at any one hobby, which is why
b) I rarely hold onto any hobbies for very long.

For example, once I made enough doilies for every appropriate surface in my parents’ house, I pretty much called it quits on crochet, and while I may make a hat every now and again, I’m no longer the lady always working on something like a Charlie Brown scarf.

I feel like I’ve missed a lot of food-related stuff in the last few months, like the opportunity to subversively bitch about Food Inc, or even consider attending the Foodbuzz Festival thing. And to think, I could right this very moment have a cabinet bulging with spice mixes & condiments I would never buy! C’est la vie, as I hear they say in France.

If you’ve been following along, you already know that every time I make a site plan, I can’t stick to it, so no promises here in terms of schedule, or regularity of posting, or anything I have to actually make good on. But I think I will be offering a bit more random commentary here and there between posts, because I prefer my recipe posts to be self-contained and non-referential, but at the same time I feel like I have a bunch of internet food buddies and talking like it’s the first time anyone’s ever been to the site is getting to be a kind of strain. I’m not even sure if that makes sense to sane people, but I’m a woman and my feelings don’t have to be sensical, so there. [side note: I don’t actually believe this; it is merely a convenient sentiment at the moment]

So thank you for reading, and thanks for keepin’ on comin’ back, and hey! I can’t skip a November Recipe Round-Robin—we have Thanksgiving coming up! Look for an announcement some time next week.

In the meantime, check it out. It’s a little boat of husk cherries bravely navigating the husky waters of their own protective little pods.

So cute!