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daily noms: the very first

Posted by aleta under daily noms

The more dedicated readership of Omnomicon may have noticed a marked lack of update for Wednesday. Perhaps they are thinking to themselves that I am a total friggin liar because right there on the sidebar, just under Ad City, is a little blurb assuring passers-by that I faithfully update on Wednesdays, and between last week wherein I updated on THURSDAY and this week wherein I failed to update AT ALL, I have not upheld this informal agreement. But I’m pretty sure that most of you are only just now thinking to yourselves “huh, I guess she didn’t update this week,” so hopefully I haven’t let anyone down.

I’ll get candid for a moment here. I’m pretty psyched that there are lots of you who come back every week and leave comments telling me that you’ve made a bunch of my recipes. You guys. That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. That’s one of my regrettable catch-phrases, but here I mean it. Six months ago, all I wanted to get out of this site was a few people I didn’t know in person to come by more than once.

I’ve received some requests for more frequent updates, but unfortunately between my real-life full-time job (which I love very much and has nothing to do with food at all), and the two thousand-word posts a week that take me no less than 10 hrs apiece to produce, adding three more such posts is simply undoable. As it is, I’m up til 2am at least three nights a week trying to perfect half-batches of cupcakes, find the most artistic angle on that batch of ingredients, and sifting through vintage cookbooks for interesting ideas. Nevermind the fact that I can no longer make plans on Saturday or Sunday til after 2pm because THE LIGHT, what if I run out of LIGHT while we’re out at brunch? Plus, I am literally incapable of producing posts of a lesser quality, owing to some kind of Type A personality disorder, but I think I have a compromise.

How about daily photos? I can never use every photo I want in a post, and while I have no problem fail-blogging, sometimes there just isn’t enough to say about that thing that didn’t work out, leaving me with 10 lovely but orphaned pictures. Think of them as out-takes, bloopers and previews. How about every weekday?

To kick things off, here’s a picture, and a quick question for those of you who keep coming back. I’m not trying to fish for compliments (I already know I’m pretty great, thanks), but I’d like get an idea of why do you keep coming back? Your response doesn’t need to be a 300-word essay, but if you tell me what you like, or even would like to see, I can work on more of that. And then everyone wins.

enjoy lentils.

Thanks, guys. You are the best internet-friends a gal could ask for!