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say it with me now, “om nom nom”

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Was totally going to post all the pictures I got of the Recipe Round-Robin tastetests, and then I published before I remembered that I was going to do that. So uh, whoops.

In order to save myself some work, though, I made an Omnomicon Flickr pool for RRR pictures and also if you happen to maybe try one of my recipes . . . I’d love to see how they come out for you! Will also help me diagnose problems if you’re not sure why it didn’t come out (it comes up not infrequently).

Here are some of the wicked sweet photos fellow Omnometrists had to share. I’m seriously impressed! Click to see bigger photos, and feel free to add your Omnomicon-related photos to the pool!

carey - pink.pcakes.2miriam - pink pancakes3tyler - Harvest Wheat Pancakeskelsey - PinkPancakes-Pancakekelsey - MrsNelsons-Pancaketyler - Dad's Buttermilk Wheat Pancakeshailey - harvest pancakeskeri - griddle pancakes 1
janice - pouring harvest pancakes

  1. sarah Said,

    oh man, i feel a ridiculous NEED to eat pancakes now! they all look so tasty!

  2. lo Said,

    Ooooh. Aaaah. Pancakes.
    Seriously — this is making me so hungry. It might be pancakes for dinner, after all!

  3. elve Said,

    thanks god~ i can see ur blog again^^

    I cannot see the website like facebook flickr and so on from China~ what a really pity thing i think ^^

    but now i can see ur blog again it;s so exciting!!!

  4. Katie Said,

    I want pancakes, now! My mom’s recipe makes some thin-ass pancakes, but they taste good so I don’t complain. However, whenever I see thick, fluffy pancakes like this, my heart starts longing. I guess it’s a grass is always greener type deal.

  5. G Said,

    those look DELICIOUS!! yum yum. Haven’t made pancakes in a long time. Mostly because i’m not a morning person and i can’t see myself “making” breakfast other than coffee that early.

    also…You’ve been tagged for the “10 happy things” game..
    Check out my blog to see the rules to play 🙂

  6. melishus Said,

    inspired by the cottage cheesey goodness/blending ease of this recipe, i made these pancakes. the flavor was great, but i couldn’t get the pancakes to cook all the way through! i followed the recipe exactly…and even though the batter was super runny, the darn things wouldn’t cook through. i tried raising the temperature of the griddle, lowering the temp and cooking longer, etc. any tips? or are they supposed to be gooey in the center?

  7. Emmmily Said,

    Whoa! On the left hand collum, the 2nd picture, is that chocolate pancakes?? I’ve been trying to make them, but they always come out chalky!!! Is there a recipe for that?

  8. Vic Said,

    Wow, amazing recipe. Thanks