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new year’s and the last six weeks

Posted by aleta under an aside, recipe fail

Hello folks!

So after receiving many lovely, flattering blog awards from blogs that I happen to frequent (which makes these compliments especially flattering), I dropped off the face of the internet to pursue everything else in my life. This is not particularly surprising, as my attention to new hobbies tends to wax and wane and eventually bombs out altogether.

However, since I always have to make food, and also because I got a new Nikon D40 for Christmas (my very own–previously I’d been using Dano’s camera), I declare this blog not dead! The biggest obstacle for me has been the lack of natural lighting. Though I fancy myself a decent photographer, I’m not a talented lighter, and a good recipe with crappy photos is just plain not acceptable. So one of my many goals in the next year is to update once weekly, which gives me the opportunity to shoot on the weekends until the days are long enough to accomodate evening shoots.

I’m marrying this goal to another: lose 10-15 more lbs. At this point, it’s just icing on the cake, so to speak, because I’m already at the weight I wanted to be a year ago, but I know I can do it and it’ll still put me well within healthy limits. That said, my baking has been the biggest obstacle to overcome, and I’ll be focusing on lower-calorie recipes in 2009. Even though high-fat, absurdly rich foods really do take the loveliest photos.

So I leave you with these resolutions, and a photo from a shoot last summer that amounted to a moderately tasty corn chowder and a bunch of unusable shots thanks to unnatural lighting.


  1. Amanda Said,

    I was wondering if you had just given this whole thing up completely. I’m glad you got a DSLR! I’ve been pining over a Nikon D60 for ages, so lucky you!

  2. Esi Said,

    Congrats on your goals and new camera!! I really want the Nikon. I hope you have a happy New Year!!

  3. Tami Said,

    Yay for a new camera! Happy New Year!


  4. Lo Said,

    OOOh. I’m so glad you got that camera for Krimmus!

    Happy New Year… here’s to many more blog posts!

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