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daily nom #4

Posted by aleta under daily noms

Sometimes far-fetched (hopefully clever) ideas will grab me at some point between my iced coffee and lunch, then grow like a bacterial colony in my petri-dish mind til I burst with a spattering of about a thousand words into notepad. This is, for example, how the Recipe Round-Robin was born. It’s not the most methodical strategy, but it hasn’t failed me yet.

I bring this up as a reminder to submit your killer meatloaf recipe or comment to be a Tastebud (Tastebuddy? Is that any better? Are these names just awkwardly degrading?) by tomorrow at 5pm. Several excellent-sounding recipes already languish in my inbox, awaiting delicious employment. Details.

Daily Nom: it is my qualified opinion* that mushrooms are the most rewarding vegetable to sautee, probably because there are stages. Pictured: “when the mushrooms release their liquids.”

"Releasing liquids."


*matter of fact: my opinion is in no way qualified.

  1. zee Said,

    notepad? you should be using vi. 😉

  2. Apollo Said,

    “When the mushrooms release their liquids” has to be one of the least appetizing things I’ve heard in a while. It sounds like a chapter in an alien-invasion novel.

    Also, ‘tastebuddy’ is cute. Not saying I’d wear it on a t-shirt or anything, but it’s definitely cute.

  3. Emelie Said,

    this picture makes me want to leave work, stop by the market for some fresh veggies, and sautee my night away 🙂

  4. Kayla Said,

    Tastebuddy is cute. I think I would actually wear that on a t shirt..

  5. krunkpuff Said,

    my goal for the week: use “tastebuddy” in a sentance.

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