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daily nom #4

Posted by aleta under daily noms

Sometimes far-fetched (hopefully clever) ideas will grab me at some point between my iced coffee and lunch, then grow like a bacterial colony in my petri-dish mind til I burst with a spattering of about a thousand words into notepad. This is, for example, how the Recipe Round-Robin was born. It’s not the most methodical strategy, but it hasn’t failed me yet.

I bring this up as a reminder to submit your killer meatloaf recipe or comment to be a Tastebud (Tastebuddy? Is that any better? Are these names just awkwardly degrading?) by tomorrow at 5pm. Several excellent-sounding recipes already languish in my inbox, awaiting delicious employment. Details.

Daily Nom: it is my qualified opinion* that mushrooms are the most rewarding vegetable to sautee, probably because there are stages. Pictured: “when the mushrooms release their liquids.”

"Releasing liquids."


*matter of fact: my opinion is in no way qualified.