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daily nom #9

Posted by aleta under daily noms

I am still not a vegetarian. Nope. Here’s one of the manifold reasons why.


  1. Pearl Said,


  2. Adron Said,

    Looks better than my leftover meatloaf. Not sure anything tastes better than leftover meatloaf, though.

  3. Steph Said,

    I could never be a vegetarian. It’s too hard. The chicken looks delicious.

  4. Michelle Said,

    Your chicken looks delish, and for some reason now I want steak….

  5. stephchows Said,

    I really should be a vegetarian… I love animals… but… they are just so darn tasty I can’t help it!!

  6. elizabeth Said,

    I know this is a photo post only but it looks so delicious and simple. Is it just grilled chicken breasts with onions? Baked in the oven? I want to eat this now!

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