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daily nom #13

Posted by aleta under daily noms

So a few weeks in, how do you feel about these daily photos? Are they cluttering up your rss feed, do you look forward to them, are the photos even good enough to stand alone like this? Am I just stroking my own ego with this feature??

Additionally, I feel that by allowing comments on these single images, it either makes people feel obligated to comment every day, or deters them from commenting on the bigger posts, which I should hope would be more discussion-worthy.

I’m currently considering two options on these subjects:

  1. Giving the daily noms their own subdomain with their own rss feed so people who only want full recipe posts will only get the those, but still have the option to subscribe to both feeds.
  2. Leave comments open only if I feel like my little blurb or the photo might warrant discussion.

Agree? Disagree? Additional insight? Since I’m just as happy continuing as-is as switching things up, I leave it to you.

Twenty-sided dice?


Comments are open.

  1. Kristin Said,

    I have no problem with the daily noms and the recipes being in the same rss feed. It’s always fun to look at pictures of food!

  2. Apollo Said,

    Nothing wrong with the way it’s going now. Stroke your ego all you want. I don’t think daily posts are deterring people from commenting on the recipe posts.

  3. Kimberly Said,

    I don’t mind at all. I enjoy the pics, and I don’t feel obligated to post unless I really want to say something 🙂 You know…like now, when you asked a question.

  4. skydiveguy77 Said,

    mmmkay so actually I just found your little neck of the web world the other day, so here is my 2 cents warranted or not.

    First and foremost I really don’t care what rss feed or schmeed, googily or boogily you place your daily updates to. I am hooked on the oms and noms so will always return to the site at least once a day to see whats new.

    Moving right along about commenting on the pics. Personally, I probably will never comment on the pics other than in my head (and those comments will inevitably say “meh, that’s not so hard, I could TOTALLY do that too, but I don’t wanna”) So I say, ditch the individual comments and go with the master plan. But DO NOT under any circumstance remove those awesome pictures you take because I would totally take your recipe for banana split blondies and end up with girlscout cookies for dessert because I dunno what the f~ it is supposed to look like and mine looks terrible. kthx

    Anywho, awesome website, awesome food, damn you for making me spend money on fun new kitchen gadgets (nooooo, I secretly love it) keepup the cant stop/wont stop attitude of finding an awesome new meal, and the way you describe them too. Love your hair, love your show.

    Houston, TX

  5. megan Said,

    i only wish the images/full posts showed up in google reader! i kind of hate having to click and open it up separately…

  6. Pearl Said,

    i actually like the daily noms because i like looking at those photos!

  7. Leigh Said,

    Love it! I also wish the full posts showed up in Reader, but given the rash of content theft that has been happening to blogs lately, it’s likely a smart move and thus I indulge you. Might you consider adding a one-word descriptor of the image to entice us Googlers to click click?

    I’ve noticed that the daily noms often foreshadow a forthcoming recipe, which I find kinda exciting. I like to play “Guess what Aleta’s making?” Keep it comin’, girl.

  8. Anne Said,

    I like them in the same feed.

  9. Janice Said,

    I don’t mind the dailys at all. Love photos. Don’t always comment – on photos or recipes etc…just the ones that I REALLY have something to say.

    But what’s up with people not getting the full thing in google reader? I get them…..maybe it has something to do with how I’m subscribed or how my account is set up….preferences maybe.

    OK, checked settings, don’t see anything – but I took a screenshot so you can see — I’ll email it to Aleta.


  10. Jess Tryon Said,

    Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other! A comment option doesn’t pressure me unless, ya know, you put it there and then actually ask for comments. 😛

    Keep on keepin on!

  11. Atrian Said,

    I look forward to and love your daily noms! I don’t feel obligated to comment on them, but just in case I want to in the future I hope that you’ll leave the comments open. Also, generally I only comment on things where you ask questions or if I have something to say relevant to the topic.
    I like them in the same feed please.

  12. Lexy Said,

    I think they’re fine the way they are. I look forward to seeing them. I LOVE FOOD.

  13. bill Said,

    My reader has been backlogged at 1000+ for weeks as I slowly trudge through the stories. I do, however, go out of my way to specifically view all of the omnomicon posts/daily noms as soon as I see them pop.

    Most people are handy with the j key. It takes half a second to skip a post if you’re not interested. Leave all the posts in one feed! There are services like feedrinse etc. for people that want to filter down their reading material.

    I only comment when I have something to say. Otherwise I happily lurk and enjoy the site.

    Big fan!

  14. Nicki Said,

    I like it as it is right now and personally wouldn’t change a thing! 🙂

  15. Jamie Said,

    I’m not sure what megan is talking about above in comments 5, as they show up fine in my google reader.

    That aside, I love the daily photos, they’re really gorgeous.

    Opening up comments I think just allows people who have a comments somewhere to put it, and won’t make people feel obligated or not to post.

  16. Dixie Said,

    I like the daily noms and I never feel obligated to comment on anything (or deterred from doing so). I also like having it all in the same RSS feed because I am fundamentally lazy and don’t want to change my RSS feed reader just to keep reading a blog I’m already subscribed to.

  17. Liz Said,

    like Dixie– I love the daily noms– the photographs are beautiful. I don’t feel obligated to comment (but I don’t comment much on any blog). Keep them coming if you have time, I always enjoy them. Thank you!

  18. Hannah Said,

    You know, if people don’t want to get the daily pics, they don’t have to subscribe to the RSS feed. Just keep it for all of us who love them. =)

  19. telis Said,

    I really like the daily noms, actually; the photos are always really nice to look at. And at one post per day, I don’t think they could ever come close to being “clutter”.

    I’m not big on commenting, just because omglazy. Also because I don’t have much to add other than “man, that looks NOM-TASTIC.”

  20. Rodger Said,

    I like everything exactly as it is.

  21. Ein2015 Said,

    I like everything how it is (including comments).

    I just wish the RSS feed wouldn’t end with […] after only a few lines… I’d like entire posts via RSS.

  22. Rachelle Said,

    Posts don’t show in my Google Reader either and wish I didn’t have to click so much, but I love your blog! Everything about it. 🙂

  23. Heidi Said,

    Someone mentioned this already but the pictures don’t show up in the rss feed preview, you have to click to the original post to see them. If you put the picture BEFORE the article content that might fix it. I’m not 100% sure I break our RSS feeder every week.

  24. Shawn Said,

    I enjoy the daily noms, as well as the recipe posts, and prefer not having to have 2 different feeds to follow. As for the Google Reader issues, mine works fine; I get images and entire articles (I use Firefox BTW, in case the reader issues are due to browser preference).

  25. Rachel Said,

    I probably wouldn’t comment often but I LOVE seeing them.

    And I get mine through Google Reader using IE7 and have no problems getting the pictures/whole post.


  26. raych Said,

    I feel no pressure. But I would like to kiss the daily noms on the mouth.

  27. raych Said,


  28. elizabeth Said,

    I Love the daily noms. They are beautiful. I’d say 35% of my love of food blogs are the photos, and really the more the better even when not followed with a recipe. This is only my second comment and both have been on daily noms now. For me it takes the pressure off writing something actually interesting. I tend to feel intimidated commenting on anything too substantial. I feel like commenting on these first will lead me to the more important posts. I know it’s silly but perhaps others might feel the same. anway, I say keep them coming. yum.

  29. Becca Said,

    I like everything as is. Why make more work for yourself 🙂

    And, I like the daily noms. I don’t have to wait quite as long for a yummy looking post from you.

    What are you doing with the pears? Recipe this week?

  30. Collin Said,

    I am very happy with everything as it is now. I think you should keep your daily noms on this blog because this is the one that most people have bookmarked; I regularly check the blog for amazing recipes with photography and seeing a little daily nom on the side just brightens up my day! And you should never stop doing the daily noms altogether, just because they’re too pretty to not be featured.

  31. Elisabeth Said,

    I love them. They make me happy in a way that would be really hard to define. Periodically, I will replace my desktop picture with one of them if I am feeling in the mood for change (I had the eggs there the other day for a few hours). My students usually ask what the pic is and then we have a wonderful discussion about food and your blog and how to use voice and tone and make things interesting. Who knows, you may even have some high school readers from Central PA because of your daily noms!

    As for the rest, do what you want. You are my first RSS feed subscription ever, so I have no problem with the frequency. Thanks for the daily bit of yummy beauty!

  32. Sara Said,

    Don’t change a thing. Also, these photos do show up in my google reader. weird.

  33. Holly Said,

    I hate to break the love cycle but the daily noms sort of upset me. It’s like a tease! I think you’ve posted a new recipe and I get so excited, and It’s only a picture. I think a website/rss feed only for the daily noms would be wonderful because then I can appreciate them instead of be disappointed that they aren’t part of a recipe! It’s wonderful photography! I love them, I just feel I get distracted hoping it’s a recipe.

  34. Tanya Said,

    I’m not into pics just for looking at them (as opposed to info as part of a recipe). But I dont mind them showing up in my feeder. The title lets me know its a photo and not a recipe – so I can open it or not.

    So basically, I vote for not changing anything (ie – don’t fix what isn’t broken)

  35. kat Said,

    I’m not usually a comment-y person, so I don’t say things, but I love the daily noms! I like food photos!

  36. Jess Said,

    I heart daily noms! I check back every day to see if there’s a new one!

  37. Kiera Said,

    I like them! No problems with pictures not showing up in google reader or anything. Keep doin it 🙂 <3

    And yeah I’m not usually a very commenty person unless there’s something pressing, so it doesn’t bother me at all.

  38. Care Said,

    I love your daily noms! I’m a big photography fan so your blog is a perfect marriage for me. I hope you continue them, and if it’s any additional work for you (reading, replying, etc), shut down the comments. If someone has something really important to say (eg Bosc Pear Recall! ) they can e-mail you at your blog email addy.
    Keep up the good work! IT’S ALMOST TOMATO TIME!!!

  39. Mitawa Said,

    I’m going to go with the majority on this one- The pictures on the daily nom are great!

    (I can, however, understand seeing the pictures as a “tease” as Holly #33 did, just not in the same way. I want this great food in -my- house! ^^)

  40. Care Said,

    BTW that is a hypothetical recall. THE PEARS ARE OK, PEOPLE 🙂

  41. Hamiwill Said,

    First off, your site it fantastic! I am hooked no matter what. I think you should leave it just the way it is because seeing all aspects of your creativity (recipe experimentation and photo skillz) makes this site wonderfully appealing. I don’t comment all that much, but I visit every day just to see what is new.

  42. Beth Said,

    leave as is but only open to comments if you feel the will start a discussion. Love the site!!

  43. beerorkid Said,

    You have a loyal following and I would hope that comments would stay open to avoid discouraging interactivity between you and your viewers.

    Itty bitty noms are still satisfying like a mini snickers instead of the king size. A bonus is they keep the interest and return visits flowing.

    Keep up the great work. and thanks for this site.

  44. Kristen Said,

    I personally like the daily noms. I don’t use rss so no problem there.
    It’s nice to have a pretty picture waiting for me each day on your site.

  45. Carolyn Pluckhahn Said,

    I love it as it pleasse don’t change it

  46. dj medieval Said,

    It’s like food porn. I love food porn. Keep it up!

  47. Cherisse Said,

    Im a huge Omnomicon fan, but i have to say, the daily’s are filling my already very active RSS feeder. But i do still enjoy them. I think a seperate RSS would be nice so i can go look at a bunch of them all at once.

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