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daily nom #33

Posted by aleta under an aside, daily noms

Left coast, here I come!

Am I like the industrious ant, who steadfastly collected food photographs and scheduled posts for my week away? No, I am the lazy-ass grasshopper who realized too late her vacation was approaching, said “fuck it” then blew out of town. I probably won’t be answering email in this time either.

Meantime, check out this meandering fruit.

Meandering fruit.

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daily nom #13

Posted by aleta under daily noms

So a few weeks in, how do you feel about these daily photos? Are they cluttering up your rss feed, do you look forward to them, are the photos even good enough to stand alone like this? Am I just stroking my own ego with this feature??

Additionally, I feel that by allowing comments on these single images, it either makes people feel obligated to comment every day, or deters them from commenting on the bigger posts, which I should hope would be more discussion-worthy.

I’m currently considering two options on these subjects:

  1. Giving the daily noms their own subdomain with their own rss feed so people who only want full recipe posts will only get the those, but still have the option to subscribe to both feeds.
  2. Leave comments open only if I feel like my little blurb or the photo might warrant discussion.

Agree? Disagree? Additional insight? Since I’m just as happy continuing as-is as switching things up, I leave it to you.

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