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daily nom #18

Posted by admin under daily noms

I do most of my pictures with white backgrounds on white plates, mostly because I’m just plain not good at colour-matching. But I am actively trying to add to my plate repertoire, and what do you know, this 50-cent Goodwill find worked out perfectly to showcase this jalapeno cream cheese.


  1. Pearl Said,

    ooh i love the pieces of jalapenos!

  2. Kimberly Said,

    oh, god…i love jalapeno cream cheese. I used to get that every morning for breakfast in college…and then promptly wind up with heartburn. It was a good burn though 😉

  3. Josh Said,

    This looks absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never managed to find jalapeno cream cheese over here (I wonder if they sell it) but I can only imagine how well it would contrast. The fire of the chilli with the smoothness of the cheese 🙂

  4. Ciaochowlinda Said,

    I think you did a professional job on this photo and on coordinating the food and the plate. well done.

  5. Amanda Said,

    Aaah the ever-expanding plate collection – this gives me an idea! We should all take photos of our “props” and put them up on our blogs.

  6. Naomi Said,

    I have more plates and serving pieces than any normal person could ever need. I miss the days of having disposable income…oh well. I love your pics. I never notice the plates you’re using, just how absolutely lovely the food looks.

  7. lo Said,

    Nice eye, my dear. Very Nice Eye.

    I have a whole collection of lovely serving piece odds & ends that I bought to support my amateur photography habit. Of course, what do I use time and time again? My trusty white plates. Go figure.

  8. Ben Said,

    I have to stop reading your blog at 9AM when I haven’t had breakfast, and I’m at work, and I don’t have any spare cash to buy food….

  9. Zo Said,

    Oh. My. God.
    I just figured out why for the last few months I’ve been deprived of your delightfully fawesome posts. I bookmarked and it weirdly only lets me see the posts before fail pie post, and then after a few seconds goes back to January. Weird. Anyway…I have now bookmarked and have just spent the last hour or so catching up on the noming gossips.

    *sniff* I sure missed your writings.

  10. stephchows Said,

    Vintage plates and bowls are one of my favorite things to find 🙂

  11. Sara @ Our Best Bites Said,

    I’ve found several great serving pieces at Goodwill. Nice find!

  12. Kara Said,

    You know, since I’m a photographer, you’d think I’d be better at matching colors, but it’s hard for me too. I can’t break away from plain white plates, as much as I want to. I’m at least trying to add background color and texture … but it’s a learning process.

    BTW, thanks for the vote (and the laugh) on my foodie fight entry. It was a lot of fun and very exciting to see that someone liked my salad! 🙂

  13. INOCENCIA Said,

    Hello! Good thought, but will this truly perform?

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