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daily nom #33

Posted by aleta under an aside, daily noms

Left coast, here I come!

Am I like the industrious ant, who steadfastly collected food photographs and scheduled posts for my week away? No, I am the lazy-ass grasshopper who realized too late her vacation was approaching, said “fuck it” then blew out of town. I probably won’t be answering email in this time either.

Meantime, check out this meandering fruit.

Meandering fruit.

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  1. Apollo Said,

    You’re a meandering fruit (couldn’t help it, had to be said).

    Cool picture! Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Pearl Said,

    such pretty pictures!

  3. Katrina Said,

    Have a good vacation! Look forward to you getting back and posting again.

  4. stephchows Said,

    Have a great vacation!! It’s nice to just take a week off sans scheduled blogs that’s what I just did 😀

  5. zabacorporation Said,

    Nom nom nom, the fruit is soooo attractive!

  6. Aleta Said,

    Picture looks yummy! Nice to meet another “Aleta” in this bloggy world.

  7. nick Said,

    Gorgeous picture of that fruit up there, YUM.

    Enjoy the vacation!

  8. lo Said,

    Hey! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, though. Isn’t that what they say??

    That’s what vacation is for… enjoy!
    And we’ll look forward to your return 🙂

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