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Aaannnndddd, she’s back!

So I did mention something about health and/or diet food in my last post, and while this recipe is the latter, it is most certainly not to be confused with the former. I posted about my rainbow cake here, and it got a lot of traffic on over to my livejournal, and everyone wanted the “recipe.” The cool thing is that if you’re making something so distractingly colourful, people will think it’s delicious no matter what.

This presents me with the option to use an old Weight Watchers trick—the one-point cupcake. Except I’m making a cake and I created my own frosting. Kinda. I’ve seen it done before, but I swear I made it up first!

This cake is suitable for many occasions:

  • A child’s birthday
  • Your mom’s birthday
  • Coming out to your conservative parents
    • If you’re a lesbian, they’ll be thrilled that you won’t be forgoing your feminine kitchen duties.
    • If you’re the kind of gay dude who makes cakes for your parents, they were probably on to you anyway.
  • Coming out to your conservative parents on your mother’s birthday
  • Your friend’s jam band CD release party

. . . so I’m sure you’ll find a use for this recipe soon.

And of course, you can use any white cake recipe you’d like. This is just how I make it because I have delusions of wearing size 2 someday.

Oh yes, and do me a favour: DOUBLE THE RECIPE AS PHOTOGRAPHED HERE!! The recipe at the bottom is accurate, but this made for a really REALLY small cake, and there was not nearly enough frosting, especially considering its lightness.

Okay, on with the ingredients.

how to: rainbow cake!

That’s all. Notice the lack of fat in here? Mmmmmm . . . chemicals. Though I don’t need to defend my method thanks to the double-dub (WW) aspect, even when I make a “real” cake I usually use box mix because let’s face it: Betty’s been doing it way longer than I have, and has pretty much perfected the art.

Pour a can of soda (12 oz) 2-12 oz cans of soda into the cake mix two boxes of cake mix. No eggs, no oil, no water, no sweat.

how to: rainbow cake!

The action shots weren’t too thrilling. Now we measure it.

how to: rainbow cake!

I’m going to round to 30 oz 60 oz because I have six colours and isn’t that just too convenient? It worked out to 3/4 c 1.5 c per colour, measurementwise. So I divvied that up and used my gel colours.

how to: rainbow cake!

(the gel colours, while not as good as pigment dye, are much bolder than the very liquidy food colouring you probably grew up with)

how to: rainbow cake!

The first colour you drop into the pan, use about 2/3 of the mix for that colour. Otherwise, the top (last) colour will really dominate. I used a heaping 1/4 c 1 cup of each colour.

how to: rainbow cake!

Drop the colours, one by one, into the middle of the pan, in neat concentric-ish gobs. Remember the cake is going to be sliced in the side there, so mixing it around on top isn’t going to make your slices any more psychedelic (trust me, I did the three-dimensional thinking for you already).

When you’re three colours in, start doing the reverse with the other pan. Since I’m going in rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, I got from red to yellow in the first pan, then purple, blue, green in the second. This is so that your two pans are equal if your measurements aren’t exact (and they’re not likely to be).

how to: rainbow cake!

Now finish up.

how to: rainbow cake!

Follow the box’s baking instructions and do your dishes.

how to: rainbow cake!

Such lovely dishes!

Now for the frosting: 1 box 2 boxes of fat free sugar free pudding mix, and 8 oz 16 oz (two of the 8 oz tubs pictured) of fat-free whipped topping. Or sugar-free. Or light. Or regular. They’re all pretty much the same. But that’s it.

how to: rainbow cake!

Holy shit, the cake’s done! Toothpick clean and everything! Get that shit out of the oven!!!

how to: rainbow cake!

The purple top kind of made a little turkey silhouette.

how to: rainbow cake!

The frosting will be a little tough to spread, so treat it like a buttercream (I guess, I’ve never frosted a cake with buttercream). Putting gobs all over, then smoothing in worked well for me.

how to: rainbow cake!

And look at that thing! It’s so pretty-lookin.

how to: rainbow cake!

Here’s what this particular cake looked like. See how it’s tiny and too rounded and it kind of isn’t all that great? That’s because I didn’t double the recipe. It’s a mistake I’ll only make once.

how to: rainbow cake!

Here’s what that really should look like: same process, twice the batter.



Sunny Day Rainbow Cake

2 boxes white cake mix
24 oz of clear diet soda (2 cans, ginger ale and sprite work well)
gel food colouring
16 oz whipped topping
2 oz instant fat-free sugar-free pudding mix (2 smallish boxes)

The Dieting
Mix the cake mix with the soda according to regular instructions on box. It will be lumpy afterward. Again, you can use any white cake recipe you want, this is just how I do it.

The Rainbowing
Measure the total volume (by my estimate, 64 oz), then divide by 6 and measure into separate bowls. There are 8 oz in a cup, so 64/6 = 10 to 11 oz, or 1 cup + 2 tbsp.

Stir colour into each bowl with its own spoon. For the first colour into the pan, measure out 2/3 to 3/4 of your mix (in this case about 1 c) as close to the middle as you can. Drop in your first three colours, then work on the other pan with the last three colours. So if you’re doing rainbow order, the first pan should have red, then orange, then yellow, and now the purple, blue and green go into the second pan. As a recap, this is so both layers are roughly the same size.

Bake the cake for however long the box tells you to bake it. Check it when the box says to, but usually it’ll need an extra 5 or 10 minutes or maybe more because of the density of the soda method. Just keep baking, checking back every 5 minutes or so until a toothpick to the center comes out clean. Let cool completely before moving to a wire rack.

The Frostinging
Meanwhile, make your frosting. Just mix the pudding mix in with the whipped topping for a few minutes. Dye if you’re into that.

Frost your fat-free cake with your fat-free whipped frosting. Eat.

Edit 1 (one week later)

No children were harmed in the making nor consumption of this cake.

People seemed to miss the point that I am a 25-year-old woman on a diet with no kids. Since kids don’t really need fat-free anything, there’s no need to use the soda recipe if you don’t like the idea, and if you don’t like dye, don’t make this for dinner for them every night for a month. Okay, folks, thanks for the allowance to disclaim.

Edit 2 (two weeks later)

A note to Weight Watchers (the people on the diet, not the company):
WW has long advertised 1/12 of a cake mix with diet soda to be a “one point cupcake.” I have no idea why they insist this is the case when according to the “as packaged” nutrition information, this much cupcake has 170 calories, 3g fat and no fiber . . . by my calculation, that’s 4 points. That said, 1/12 of this recipe, (2 box mixes + 16 oz whipped topping + 2 oz or so pudding mix) works out to 10 points a slice. Not bad considering that a comparable cake would be 14 points.

Edit 3 (two months later)

Here are questions I get over and over again about this cake. I just don’t want to answer any more emails about it. These questions apply to any cake, so please don’t blame your epic fail on me.

Omg my cake burnt!
Next time don’t bake it for as long.

My cake stuck to the pan!
Grease your pan better next time.

My cake burnt/stuck to the pan/was underdone/crumbled. Is this because of the food colouring I used?
No, the food colouring has nothing to do with the failure of your cake. You baked it too long/didn’t grease enough/didn’t bake long enough/moved it before it was cool.

I’m making this for my kids, can I use non-diet soda for this cake?
I don’t know why you would, you certainly wouldn’t be saving much in the way of calories, and I don’t really think your kids need more sugar. Just make a regular cake and then put food colouring in it, it will look the same, promise.

If I don’t make it with soda, will the colours run?
No. In fact, like I keep saying, please just use whatever the hell cake recipe you like. Please. The rainbow part has nothing to do with Weight Watchers.

The frosting, it’s so thick!
Yes, buy a tub of Duncan Hines frosting as a backup plan.

The cake, it fell apart!
Let it cool before you move it, and more importantly, don’t jostle the thing about.

I don’t like the cake this made, blech!
You probably aren’t on a diet, so I don’t know why you bothered to make diet cake.

I don’t get it, you make two cakes and then you put them on top of each other?!
Yes, it’s called a layer cake, and pretty much any cake you buy at a grocery store is constructed in the same manner.

But I don’t *like* food colouring.
Well, you’re wasting your time reading this, aren’t you?

I totally saw this on Something Awful’s Goons with Spoons Rainbow Cake thread, way to steal the idea, asshole.
Me too, fellow goon, me too. And in fact, I posted my original rainbow cake there. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and would like to see about a hojillion rainbow cakes, and a rainbow cheesecake, please check out the thread that put this on my radar.

  1. heather Said,

    mmmm cake! this isn’t rainbow at all, but i am partial to chocolate cake with diet cherry coke in it… but i had no idea how to make “diet” frosting. yum!

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Hmmm… I’m sure I’ve seen those pictures before, or ones very similar. Not accusing you of anything, I mean! I’m not!

    (Except maybe being an SA Goon?)

  3. Justine Said,

    Yum! I bet this would be the HIT at some of the music festivals this summer! I vend clothing, but I’m always cookin’ and people love to come and eat it! Thanks 4 sharin!

  4. Danielle Said,

    Wow what a great idea. I have seen the zebra cake before but not a rainbow. I may have to try this!

  5. Kelly Said,

    FUN! I totally have to make this. Like Danielle, I’ve seen the zebra version, but never thought of the possibilities with COLOR. Awesome!

  6. Chic Cookies Said,

    Cool cake! Beautiful photography!! Love the combo of both. I posted a link to your blog and this cake on my edible crafts column, part of (you can see your post at Thanks for sharing and the step-by-steps!!

  7. Gina Said,

    Love the photos :)

  8. Erin Said,

    Not only has Betty perfected it, apparently she’s perfected it in Spanish too! (notice, on the box)

    Thanks for posting this. I had admired your previous post in the past.

  9. Anonymous Said,

    Great idea! I have seen this in cupcakes but I never thought “bigger”! I’d love to make for the kids but why the soda instead of regular ingredients?

  10. Anonymous Said,

    So, do I double the recipe you’ve given or is that is doubled?

  11. Anne O. Said,

    I found this from this morning and thought I’d tell my friend whose favorite color is “rainbow”, but then decided I’d just make it for her some time. Later today I got an email that she was just offered a job so now I have an excuse! She’ll love it because the rainbow under the frosting is such a surprise!

  12. Anonymous Said,

    a little too much food coloring for me. I’ve heard differing opinions on the health risks involved with eating too much of it.

    …Plus I’d just be afraid of sh!tting rainbows.

  13. Darrin Said,

    Thanks for posting this! I always thought gel food coloring would be something you find in specialty stores. I was at wal-mart today and picked up all the ingredients and baked one tonight. Mine didn’t turn out nearly as well formed as yours but it was pretty and it was fun and the whole family loved it. Thanks!

  14. Darrin Said,

    Actually my name is Leah I guess my husband has a gmail account on this computer. so the above comment is from me not him. :)

  15. Hayley Said,

    This looks awesome. I made cupcakes like this for my birthday. They’re the best.

  16. Anonymous Said,

    This is awesome! And what I love most about it is that you don’t use eggs! :) Now even my boyfriend can enjoy it.

  17. Anonymous Said,

    thank you so much for this post!
    i am absolutely making this for my baby’s first birthday!!!!

  18. b3ar Said,

    I’m fully cooking this up for my son’s first birthday. He won’t care too much, but my nieces will totally lose it. Thanks!!

  19. Anonymous Said,

    NOTE TO ALL DIETING: This cake is beatiful, I would just like to inform some of you of the risks of adding diet soda to your cake. ANYTHING you want to replace in this cake is far healthier than diet soda. Diet soda contains an artificial sweetener called aspartame that is not only poisonous, but actually makes you retain fat instead of losing it.

  20. aleta meadowlark Said,

    heather – it’s a nice substitute, and went over well with the didata crew this summer.

    Anonymous Goon – DEF an SA goon. In fact, I’m surprised that thread was the only how-to I’d seen on this. ICSA inspired me to do food blogging. =)

    Justine – OMG I’M SO JEALOUS. I almost hopped on a plane to go to Rothbury, most amazing line up ever. Instead I went to Gathering of the Vibes and Mountain Jam this year . . . next year: Camp Bisco!

    Danielle, Kelly – My mom used to make checkerboard cakes too! So much fun. =)

    Chic Cookies – Thank you so much! I love the attention ;)

    Erin – HA! It’s true. Ought I translate my page?

    Anonymous on “why soda?” – I’m on a quest to lose my last 15 lbs to being totally hot.

    Anonymous on “doubled?” – Follow the recipe. The pictures are just from a batch that was 1/2 too small.

    Anne O – Don’t spoil the surprise! It’s a lot of fun.

    Leah/Darrin – This is my second or third attempt. It’s fun every time, but definitely gets easier with a homegrown method.

    Hayley – I haven’t yet tried cupcakes! But it’s on my list.

    Anonymous egg-free – Hooray! Glad I could help ya out there.

    Anonymous first birthday – It’s so perfect for kids’ parties, eh?

    b3ar – Try it for his third birthday. ;)

    Anonymous food colouring hatah – I dig it, and if you come over, I’ll make you a cake with no colours. I only ate one slice, but it’s hard to discern any difference since I shit rainbows and burp perfume every day anyway.

    Anonymous diet soda hatah – That’s cool if you aren’t into the diet soda part of this, just use your own cake recipe. There are also Splenda diet sodas, though of course the long-term effects of that aren’t really known. This is not billed as health food, just low cal.

  21. Anonymous Said,

    The coloured dough screams chemicals. How could one even think of eating something like this?

  22. Carson Said,

    This is so fun and pretty! I bake a LOT of birthday cakes for little kids, and this technique is definitely going to become part of my repertoire. Came here from foodgawker and I love the blog – I’ll probably spend the rest of tonight reading your older posts!

  23. Argentum Vulgaris Said,

    Sorry, as a chef, it looks diabolical. However, I’m sure the kids would find it amazing! Well, done!


  24. imadedinner Said,

    OMG I love it!!! It’s so pretty!!

  25. Pam Said,

    What fun! My kids would love this (actually, so would I).

    You have a fantastic site.

  26. codongolev Said,

    that’s great!

    found this through stubleupon, the greatsest addon ever.

    I’m gonna keep it greatstest, because that’s a cool word.

  27. Sara Said,

    Even the dirty dishes are beautiful.

    I am usually a from-scratch baker and use butter not margarine and all that but this looks so cool I might have to break out the cake mix and food dye.

  28. Anonymous Said,


  29. gaga Said,

    That’s just a little bit AWESOME! What a fun idea!

  30. Gina Said,

    Thanks for pointing out my typo! My daughter and I were looking at your rainbow cake this morning! She loves it!

  31. noa Said,

    i kind of love the first mushy messy version. they are both very neat though.

  32. Anonymous Said,

    For those concerned about the food coloring, there are some healthier alternatives that you can find at places like whole foods or online health food stores. Actually, they are just glycerine and vegetables or fruit. Be warned: they are very expensive…like just under $10 a bottle. Ouch. But, for those with kids allergic to food coloring they would make a fabulous birthday cake…it’s only once a year, why not have a $50 cake? LOL! :) Thanks for sharing!

  33. Martin Said,

    Lost Your Marbles Cake?

    On a food safety note, I assume the Betty Crocker colors are pretty safe but I have a kid who gets REALLY sick from some kind of red coloring that goes in cheap candy.

  34. Anonymous Said,

    Well!cool cake~!but i am not going to eat it…just watch it.

  35. Anonymous Said,

    Great Gay Pride cake!

  36. Anonymous Said,

    Everyone loves rainbows, and everyone loves cake.

    Its perfect!

  37. PaJaritos Said,

    OMG that cake is soooooo sweeeeet and cuteeeee

  38. Anonymous Said,


  39. Blogscab Said,

    Wow, this is great! I was looking for more ways to use all the evil chemicals found in artificial colors.

  40. Kim, Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet Said,

    SIMPLY AMAZING! That’s all I can say!

  41. Tami Said,

    Gorgeous cake! The colors are fantastic!

    Stop by my blog…there’s an award waiting for you!

  42. stephchows Said,

    man I would hate to ice this cake and cover up how cool it looks! Although it’s a totally fun surprise when you cut into it :) Too funny that we made the same cake for thanksgiving!! :D

  43. Megan Said,

    I think it’s a fun cake!

  44. hugh s Said,

    wow, great!
    im makin’ this one for valentines day, no doubt. thanks for the great recipe!

  45. juice recipes Said,

    my daughter and i are in awe of this cake! we can’t wait to make it. very cool

  46. Hannah Said,

    I think that this cake may have a lot in common with red velvet due to those colors… But it’s working- It definitely looks delicious!

  47. Marie {Make and Takes} Said,

    Wow! Very cool and way too easy. I Will be doing this for my next cake! Thanks.

  48. Disco Jess Said,

    Whoah, this cake is gorgeous. *bookmark!

  49. Lo Said,

    I’m telling you — I’ve read this post at least a dozen times in the past few days, and I keep getting distracted before I can post a comment!

    LOVE the colors of this cake. I’d even overlook the nastiness of food coloring for the sake of this loveliness :)

  50. marci Said,

    can a person use regular soda…or is the diet pertinent to the baking process?

  51. Anonymous Said,

    now only if you added in some grass, it’d be magical rainbow cake! perfectooo

  52. The Blaisdell's Said,

    This is GREAT. I can’t wait to pass it on to my sis in law she’s trying to build a cake business and I think she’d like to try this…..

    Thanks for the time you put into the cake and this post.

  53. Anonymous Said,

    Yum! All that artificial coloring should make the kiddies feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  54. Erin Said,

    This is awesome! I love it. Bring on the food coloring and boxed cake mix — you’ve completely convinced me of their potential for gorgeous results.

  55. Leila Said,

    who cares if it’s not “healthy” or “organic?” it’s cake! eat organic carrots if that’s all that matters to you.

    i love it. it would be fun to make it in color palettes for different events or seasons. oo, like an easter egg cake?

  56. Anonymous Said,

    I am definitely going to make this for my little girls..they love rainbows. Also, I love that you used a WW tip! I have heard of that tip, but still have been leary of trying it. I guess there is always a first! Thanks for sharing this looks like fun.

  57. meggcellent Said,

    question: i’m going to make this for a friends birthday on saturday… should i use regular icing? is it mean to make everyone else eat the fat free stuff just because i’m on a diet?? HOW GOOD IS IT REALLY??

  58. zbaerenlovesme Said,

    You people and your nasty words. I don’t think you are going to change her mind about anything or anyone elses, why don’t you just shut up already and stop wasting your time?
    I LOVE this cake, and plan on making it tonight!! Aspertame, food coloring, chemicals and all! NOMNOMNOM cake :D

  59. Jennwhite Said,

    A healthier way to make a no-fat cake is to use a can of pumpkin puree (NOT pie mix) and a box of mix. I don’t know how well it would work for this, as the pumpkin is bound to skew all the colors, but you could experiment. That way no artificial sweetners, few calories, lots of fiber and beta carotene. I’ve made brownies with the pumpkin too, they come out GREAT!

  60. Crystal Said,

    That is a really pretty cake! My family wouldn’t eat it (we don’t do artificial anything) but that is great inspiration for an all-natural version! Pretty dishes too *g*

    If I can get the natural food dyes, think I just might know what my daughter is getting for her next birthday cake :)

  61. Amatullah Said,

    This cake looks fab!

    I’m planning on making this and the no knead bread this week to see how it goes.

    To all the negative commenters I think it’s a shame you felt to be so nasty. Who on earth would plan on eating whole rainbow cake or feeding it to their children on a daily/weekly basis?

    This cake is a fun surprise or treat for anyone once in a while so where is the harm? If you do see the harm then be more positive and offer up the alternatives like the other positive bloggers have done (thanks).

    Ill post in my ex-pat blog when I’ve made it and hopefully found some gel-food coluring or natural in the health food shop.

  62. Atia Said,

    Mmmm..yummy! :D

  63. Anonymous Said,

    Wow! I am so impressed. And I loved seeing your wonderful photography to take us through it step by step. Actually, without the photos I wouldn’t try it myself. Now – I still don’t know, but it’s not because of any ingredients. Nope, your ingredients are just fine for a special occasion, one slice, cake. I’m just not a good cook, that’s all!
    (but you never know, some day I might try this)

  64. Carlos Said,

    Holy shit that looks awesome! I’m going to send this site to my girlfriend, who’s much better at baking than I am, and see what she can do with it!

  65. Laurie Said,

    I could not possibly love this any more. Your blog title, your writing style, and the fact that it’s a fucking weight watchers friendly rainbow cake! Will you marry me? :D

  66. Mars Said,

    your pictures are so scrumptious..a visual delight..:)

  67. Christian BS Said,

    Sorry, but I think that honesty is quite important here, and I feel obliged to tell you that what you have made does not look fit for human consumption. Next time, try a Rum Baba, far tastier, and no artificial food colours involved.

    Christian BS.

  68. Anonymous Said,

    Why frost it when the surface is so pretty?

  69. dmb Said,

    I loved this so much I made one myself! Thanks for the idea. Your recipes look scrumptious!

    Mine doesn’t look nearly as pretty as yours, but it still tastes good (except the part that got burned because I live in a dorm with a horrid oven!)

  70. Dan Said,

    I made a toroid one.

    Ignored your recipe though, because it sounded weird and made a normal Victoria sponge.

  71. Anonymous Said,

    This cake is loaded with so many chemicals and preservatives, it’s a health hazard.

    I would be ashamed of feeding such poison to my children, and I am surprised you regularly feed this crap to your kids.

  72. Anonymous Said,

    dear god….

    that isn’t food.

  73. Stephy Said,

    That cake is gorgeous! I don’t eat gelatin…but if not for that, I’d let my inner cancer cells grow just for a little slice. I love those photos, too. The one with the empty bowls and spoons is just art. :)

    I’ll think of this if I have a friend who needs to come out to their conservative parents on their mom’s birthday…or if I do.

  74. Anonymous Said,

    Someone said it’s crap: I would say it’s worse than that. Giving kids this kind of rubbish… c’mon. For goodness’ sake make a “normal” plum cake, it’s easier and far tastier and healthier. Sodas, sugarfree or not, will slowly kill your kids or make them horrendously fat as 50% of Americans already are (guess why?). And yes, aspartame produces cancer in rats. Definitive research has been done already. It IS dangerous.

  75. Anonymous Said,

    There are easier ways of killing your kids.

  76. Anonymous Said,

    Is the cake mix sugar free? I am trying to make my mom a birthday cake that is low fat and sugar free!

  77. Anonymous Said,

    I am baking this right now exactly same ingredients as you! Do you happen to know the point value of this cake per serving?

  78. s☀nfl✿wer Said,

    BY FAR

    this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. and probably the most beautiful thing that will ever pass through my digestive tract.


  79. zbaerenlovesme Said,

    Thanks for the comment. I made this, but it came out different because I realized my mom had one of my cake pans!! So I had to use one big pan. But my husband was still surprised and amazed at what came out!! I used regular soda though, lemon-lime and I just used Reddi-whip on top, I’m uber lazy hahaha, plus that way my two year old could help frost the cake. We loved it, all of it!! THE CHEMICALS MADE US HAPPY!! There are too many risks in the world to be worrying about what’s gonna kill you eventually. We just try to enjoy what we can and live to the fullest. IF that means eating a fricking RAINBOW colored cake then that’s what we’re gonna do!!! And guess what?? MY two year old child ate it too!! *GASP!!!* AND I’m pregnant!! I “poisoned” my fetus with food coloring!!! WHAT A SINNER I AM!!!

  80. Christi Said,

    My word – this is THE coolest cake ever! Can’t wait to make this for my kids.

  81. instigator Said,

    for everyone who seems to think that being a chef/eating organic foods makes you superior to all others:

    it does not. in fact, it makes you look like a pompous ass when you post comments on here GASPING about the HORRORS of diet soda, artificial food coloring, etc. etc.

    she does not claim to be a WHOLE FOODS cooking site, nor does she claim that everything she posts on here will be organic/good for you/chemfree. hell, if anyone can guarantee you won’t get cancer then they are just plain lying to you.

    there are chemicals in EVERYTHING and next time you bite into your organic *whatever* take into consideration that some parasite could possibly be living inside of it. or maybe consider the oversized box with individual plastic wrapped servings…how good is THAT? last i checked, overuse of nonbiodegradable materials (such as the plastic wrap used in TONS of organic packaging) also causes cancer (as well as walking across the street with your hand in your pocket).

    have you considered the fact that this cake isn’t the ONLY thing on here? it isnt. in fact, she makes whole wheat pancakes that are TO DIE FOR as well.

    in the future, to avoid looking like you have your head so far up your ass that there is no possible way you’ve seen sunshine in the past 10 years, try to post CONSTRUCTIVE comments on how to rectify the “problems” you see with recipes.

    diet soda is not required, just recommended.

    as for me, i enjoy good food no matter what goes into it.


  82. Amatullah Said,

    instigator….. THANK YOU! I showed my friend this blog because I could not believe the nasty comments being left on the site. I also made a comment a few days ago.

    I am all for organic/natural/environmentally friendly products but I can’t honestly say 100% It is a lot easier to do here in Egypt I have to say though.

    People, if you see a flaw in this recipe or don’t agree with the ingredients. Leave a constructive comment instead o resorting to anonymous school playground bullying tactics like I have been seeing.

    Or as previously mentioned….Move on and find another blog to read!!

  83. Rae Said,

    this was a HUGE hit at work. Instead of using pudding, though for the frosting, use obnoxious blue jello for more color and a fruity kick.

    Thanks! This was excellent!

  84. Samkat Said,

    Did you mix the colours you didn’t have yourself? I spotted that the Betty Crocker colour packet had 4 colours in..

    wonder how hard it’ll be to get this stuff in the UK

  85. Nicolellyn Said,

    I agree with Instigator. It’s a friggin’ cake for christ sake, not a nuclear weapon. And no one is telling you to make it.

    I’m glad she shared the recipe because I’m making it tonight with my little cousins! Weeee!! Hooray for people who make rainbow cakes from boxed cake mix full of “chemicals”!!!! Woohoo!!

    Get over it and smile.

  86. Jen Said,

    If you have time (lots of it) it is super fun to dole out the colors into cupcake liners and make rainbow (tie dye, really) cupcakes! I made seven colors and needed about 1/3 of a tablespoon of each color to fill the cup enough.

    I made them recently for a birthday party and they were a HUGE hit! Everyone wanted to know how they were made.

  87. Chrissy @ One Crafty Place Said,

    Wow, your cake is gorgeous. I have a blog devoted to making stuff for kids and will be linking to this. Thanks for sharing!

  88. Anonymous Said,

    you’ve been tagged in Time Out NY:

  89. Megan Said,

    I totally made this cake as soon as I could… I made them as cupcakes though and oh my they were so good! I dont know if I baked them long enough but they were so moist almost gooey… but not in a bad way! I was totally afraid of the bad food coloring taste but they were so sweet! I used Strawberry Creme pudding mix instead of the other one (I cant quite remember what it was) And I put rainbow sprinkles on them. I am not a baker I mean only a few weeks ago I learned the difference between baking powder and baking soda… and I even did this. My boyfriend was first afraid of them but then LOVED THEM. They are a trip and a great snack YAY RAINBOWS!

  90. brenda Said,

    wow…ok…this cake is BEAUTIFUL!!! im making ASAP :)

    and to everyone who says that this is horrible and unhealthy and whatnot…um, yea, its CAKE! duh :p and it wont kill anyone bc i highly doubt her kids eat this every day. once in a great while will not hurt anyone. get off your high horse and live a little!

  91. ishtastic Said,

    Wow, my 2 yr old is just getting over stomach cooties. This will be the perfect, “Yeah, we’re healthy again” surprise.

    ’till next time…

  92. Andrea* Said,

    Beautiful cake! LOVE the idea!

    I’m completely ROLLING my eyes at the nasty commenters.

    Lovely photography of the process too! :)

  93. TurabianNights Said,

    It’ll never cease to amaze me how many haters there are on the internet. Who really sets aside the time in life to post vitriolic comments about food coloring? Really, guys?

  94. Camille Said,

    That cake rocks! I linked over from the Goody Blog, and then linked to you on my blog, too!

  95. Foodfanataholic Said,

    I love the cake, sent your link to my niece who is an art teacher and she just made it. I put it on my blog witha link back to you.

  96. Killlashandra Said,

    That’s just awesome! Thanks so much for the recipe. :)

  97. Anonymous Said,

    omg i am DYING to make this demented cake! Yours is gorgeous. Thanks for all the great tips! Gel coloring … double the recipe…. got it.

  98. Faith Said,

    I LOVE this cake! I'm not a big baker, but it was so pretty, I had to give it a try this weekend. Totally delicious & totally fun to eat. Thank you so much! (P.S. I used butterscotch pudding for the icing & sprinkled pecans on top, and it was really tasty.)

  99. raych Said,

    I just found your blog…um…want to make out? Seriously, this cake is the shit and your blog is all kinds of hilarious. If I could design a food blog in my dreams (i.e. if I had mad cooking and photog skillz), this would be it. I see from perusing your archives that you tend to take blogging breaks. Please refrain. I can’t go back to a place where your blog doesn’t exist.

  100. Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista Said,

    Wow…thank you! I found you via a link to this cake! Fantastic! :) Ashley

  101. Anonymous Said,

    wawawiwa! well thats something I’ll be using in the fiture my mom’s bday’s actually coming up so THANK YOU!!!!! xox the J =P

  102. Beth Said,

    This cake looks awesome. I will totally try it, but might just make the (gasp!) full fat cupcake version for all my non-dieting friends.

  103. Mattivere Said,

    This looks sooooo much better than rainbow dot cake! I’m totally gonna try this!

  104. silentdan Said,

    LUV IT !!!!!

  105. Anonymous Said,

    Wow …das ist ein wunderschöner Kuchen. Hätte da gerne ein Stück ab. Leider nicht machbar…aber schauen ist auch schön.
    Liebe Grüße von Ute

  106. omg Said,

    OM NOM NOM indeed! This looks like so much FUN! I think I might make cupcakes like this for a Super Bowl party or something. Thanks for posting, and I’m glad I’ve found your blog!

  107. Hillary Said,

    Ooooh, I love how you cover it up with a one color frosting – so sneaky! Love all this color!

  108. JennyMac Said,

    This would be cool using your school’s colors. Ours are purple and teal. My students would go nuts! GO HORNETS!

  109. Anonymous Said,

    Ok, so I have a practical/technical comment… It doesn’t look like you really spread the batter around, or try to get it to reach the sides of the pan. Do you just dollop it in and let it spread on its own? I can’t wait for an occasion to make this, I’ve never seen anything like it!

    And as other people have already said: if you want healthy, eat a dang carrot! Cake is supposed to be fun, and self-righteous food police whiners are not fun. I probably only eat cake 5-6 times a year, and when I do I want it to look like this one!

  110. Anonymous Said,

    You people who think this cake is bad for your kids…GIVE ME A BREAK! Seriously, are you kidding…it’s cake! Get over it!!!

  111. Anonymous Said,

    I make this cake all the time, so its good to see someone else does too. I just follow the box directions, nothing more. Take it further and do themed color cakes like, for example, super bowl team colors! In order to get the colors vibrant after baking, you need to be a little heavy handed in adding the dye. So if you or your kids are sensitive to food coloring, don’t make this cake :)

  112. j and k Said,

    Wow, just the pictures of the cakes made me smile! It’s beautiful, and who doesn’t love a rainbow? (Well, besides those self-righteous “Anonymous” people who feel confident enough with the anonymity of the internet to say nasty things to strangers) Thanks for posting this, it really made me happy today :)

  113. chinese Said,

    very presentability !

  114. Alex Said,

    i have add, my face is about to explode, you are so cool. also, you forgot to mention youve got to stack the cakes, i would have been looking at birds and made two flat cakes. also, dont you have all six colors in ach pan by the end? i think my dog just whistled at me.

  115. Amanda Said,

    I have seen something similar on another site, only they iced it with grey icing, and did a rainbow on the top in varying shades of grey. Once cut into , of course, all the cool colours were on display!
    It was called an “Over the Rainbow” cake!
    How do you get all the colours to stay colourful on the top, and not go slightly brown from cooking?

  116. Michi Said,

    Wow, I’d like to eat the cake!

  117. Anonymous Said,

    I’m going to make my sister make this for me. I can’t bake.

  118. Anonymous Said,

    omg perfect timing! today is my daughters 6th birthday and the party is on saturday. nom nom nom indeed!

  119. kris Said,

    Thank you! I enjoyed your writing even more than the wonderful recipe. I’d never heard the WW tip, but I really want to try it now. Do you think seltzer would work instead of pop? Usually cake mix is sweet enough for me already. If only there was butter-flavor pop… (okay, ew.)

  120. Nicole Said,

    nice tutorial!
    I did one on my blogspot January 3rd, great minds, eh? =)
    I think I may like yours better!

  121. Anonymous Said,

    Love the idea, concept, execution, and the photography is literally the icing on the cake – it is amazing.

    I am NOT a food snob or someone who goes around analyzing and commenting on people’s food.

    But I have to say something this time. Food coloring is now clearly linked to childhood hyperactivity and ADD. See:

    Parents: try to cut out any and every articifial coloring from your children’s diet. Their teachers’ and your own sanity might just improve.

  122. b3ar Said,

    In regards to the previous post that cited “”, it should be noted that they were not testing food colouring exclusively. If you read carefully, what the researchers were testing was AFCA’s, or Artificial Food Colouring and Additives – the additives being benzoate preservatives.

    Also up for debate is the variance between children’s results. I am setting aside the notion that ADHD may not need to be corrected – some children may be born to dance, rather than born to read. I’m more worried about my kiddo eating crap off the carpet than his ingestion of blue cake.

    I’ve made this cake twice now, and frakkin’ dig it. OMNOMNOM.

  123. Kirsten Said,

    Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe! I stumbled across it, and I have to have a birthday cake for someone in my office tomorrow, so I’m making two tonight (One for practice… and myself)!

    And thank you so much to others that shared pictures :) I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull this off, but since others have been… maybe I can too!

  124. Justine Said,

    Sure, it’s not the healthiest recipe I’ve ever seen in my life, but is anyone planning on making this one of their every day staples? I doubt it! It’s fun and probably tastes delicious. I think a treat like this once or twice a year is plenty acceptable!

    Justine :o )

  125. Noelle Said,

    I wonder… how do you think this would taste with coconut shavings all over?

  126. metroid23 Said,

    Fuck all the haters, that is one sweet-ass cake and you even got the side effect of cool pictures in the process :)

    Thank you for posting and keep up the awesome!

  127. Anonymous Said,

    This was on a looong time ago.

  128. Harold Fowler Said,

    Hmmm, Hypnocake! All hail the Hypnocake! LOL


  129. SARAHSPY Said,

    too cool!

  130. nwimpney Said,

    Regardless of whether you believe in the safety of aspartame in general, It’s important to know that it isn’t really heat stable, and may give off harmful chemicals when used in baking.

    The manufacturer admits that it breaks down, though they claim it’s still safe.

    It might still be safer to go with sucralose (splenda) instead though, if you really want to use an artificial sweetener in baking.

  131. Daniel Said,

    Wow that’s the first time I’ve been inspired by and felt sick from a recipe. For extra diet-chemical goodness why not sprinkle meth-amphetamine or similar ‘dieting’ substance over the grey icing?

    Well done ;-)

  132. Anonymous Said,

    I think this would make Sandra Lee super jelous! Awesome :)

  133. instigator Said,

    let’s put an end to the horrors of aspartame v. splenda:

    the chemical structure of aspartame is all covalently bonded and these structures need A LOT of heat in order to break down. i would seriously doubt that any big chemical reaction is taking place within the baking process that would weaken the molecule enough to cause it to give off harmful vapors of any sort.

    now for splenda, there is a different problem. the chemical structure contains 3 covalently bonded Chlorines, a chemical that your body cannot use unless it is in an ion form (it needs to be an ion so it can dissolve and liquids and be excreted). assuming there is no chemical reaction that can break off these Cl, the Cl stays in your body and last I checked, Cl isn’t super amazing for your body (just think of the havoc a chlorinated pool has on your hair and skin…nevermind your internal organs).

    personally, i’m not a fan of fake sugar either, but let’s not start any riots here over the health factor. if you want to read more about either go here:

    i read that article and its legit.
    my credibility? pharmacy student who understands the chemical structure of both materials.

    bake on!

  134. Kim Said,

    What a pretty cake! So pretty, I went and looked for the Betty Crocker gels, and, like others have mentioned here, found only a 4-color pack. Plus, I am so *NOT* on a diet, I think I will make a regular white cake mix. Now, I did go online and find a retail site that sells individual gel colors in normal-person sizes. (Not just bakers gallons!) I just did a search on “gel food color”, got a bucnh. I ended up sepnding just under $15 for six 3/4 of an ounce gel food colors, including first class shipping…I think the site was I wanna try 3 minute frosting (or “boiled frosting” that my Grandma used to make), but will probably just use a premade white frosting on my first try. Hope it will be good enough to photogrpah! This will be practice for a May Day cake!

    Qestion for the Blogmistress: the first cake looks MUCH more colorful than the second…is that just a trick of the photo? Did you use the same amount of coloring in each cake? It looks like if you want that incredicble vibrance form the first cake, you need to double to coloring as well as the cake mix!

    And I agree:
    1) The photography was amazing, especially those empty rainbow batter bowls!
    2) The plain white frosting hiding the rainbowy cakeness…brilliant!
    3) If you’re gonna bitch about the unhealthiness of the dye, diet soda, etc., offer up some constructive suggestions on improving it, instead of just complaining and being such a highstrung tightass whiney biatch. Or just move along and get a life.
    4)This was a great blogpost, and the instructions gave me the impetus and confidence to try this, even though I won’t make it the same way. (Full fat, thank you! After all, it’s a cake, not a regualr thing you eat all the time! It’s not SUPPOSED to be non-fat or healthy!)

  135. Citizen Snips Said,

    I’m sorry, but this is getting ridiculous!

    Everybody complains about foods containing “chemicals”
    What, do you suggest a cake should be made of? electricity? light?

    the concept that anything not derived from a play is not “natural” and will riddle your body with cancers before killing you of liver failure is blatantly untrue fear mongering.

    Additionally, Splenda and other sugar alternatives have shown np real detrimental health effects in recent studies.

  136. fudgey Said,

    hey.. is it possible to get the same result if i make the cake the usual way, plus eggs and butter instead of soda?

    please reply to my email:

    i wanna make this for my friend on her birthday :)

  137. Anonymous Said,

    That picture of the dishes is awesome.

    Oh, the cake looks cool too.

  138. Dwight Said,

    The photos are beautiful. The cake is nice, too. What kind of camera and setup were used?

  139. Anonymous Said,

    Baking (and eating) are all about fun! Whether you’re making an elaborate cake with expensive fat and sugar or breaking out the mix and food dye. You and your cake are awesome! :)

  140. aguywhocancook Said,

    I made a cake like this and posted on my blog about a month ago:

  141. Anonymous Said,

    Omigosh i made this last night after reading your article. It was yummy yummy goodness! Also a lot of fun to make. I might want to make the comment that you need to let the cake cool before you move it…it completely fell apart, but it was still delicious.

  142. Anonymous Said,

    for everyone who has asked:

    this cake can be made with seltzer or another soda type product (I did it with Cream Soda once)

    it can also be made according to the box directions (it will probably spread out more in the pan because the soda directions make a thicker batter)

    if you can’t find the colors you need, just mix the gel colors according to a color wheel to get every non-primary color you are looking for

  143. Jessica Said,

    Anybody noticed all the nasty snarky comments are coming from “anonymous”? They wont even post their name beside there comments tsk tsk.

    I think it’s super cute and since my sister loves tie dye, I will probably be making it for her bday chemicals and all :)

  144. Sarah Said,

    Since when was a dessert product supposed to be good for you? To all you haters on this blog, try limiting consumption of these supposedly deadly products and odds are you will be just fine. Almost everything you eat out there is fine for you in moderation. No one is telling you to eat or feed your kids an entire cake in one sitting.

    Now, onto the blog itself. I love this recipe! I want to make it so badly :) Thanks for sharing it!

  145. Zoe Said,

    So…. I would love to make this for my 18th birthday party, which is going to be kind of classy but insanely immature at the same time. But I can’t stand cake. (I know, I know.) Do you suppose this would work with cheesecake? Is that even possible?

  146. Anonymous Said,

    oh my god! Oh my jesus god almighty! This is the cake from Hook! It’s the never never land cake! I NEED this in me!

  147. zbaerenlovesme Said,

    ^ that comment made me giggle and say “That’s what she said”

  148. Kristin Said,

    I tried it and it is way too much batter and making a huge mess aand wont cook. Ugh, dang it

  149. Kristin Said,

    Ok it took a huge amount of time but it baked, I think. The biggest problem is the unlevel house with unlevel oven so cake batter dripping out side. Pictures will be on my blog at some point. Tastes like cake, yeah!!

  150. Alanna Said,

    This looks amazing! My mom’s birthday is on Monday so I’m planning on baking this for her. My friend showed it to me . . . good job on creating this beautiful thing!

  151. Todd Said,

    good god that is one ugly cake! it looks like the vomit jimi hendrix choked to death on. or was that janis joplin? I mean kudos for originality but… Ugh Lee.

    Gorgeous photography though. ALSO, not too sure how all that food coloring, diet soda, fake whipped topping, and sugar-free pudding powder would actually taste – isn’t a little plastic-ish?
    I mean cake should taste like eggs and butter and milk and sugar and stuff, right? people be goin crazy!

  152. feefifoto Said,

    Your pictures are gorgeous — most food photography makes me want to lie down with an ice pack on my head.

  153. Joel Said,

    After seeing this on Reddit I HAD to make my own! And I usually don’t bake (as evidenced by my first cake breaking into delicious pieces). Mad props. Here’s my pics:

  154. Anonymous Said,

    can you make this into rainbow cupcakes?? since the single box of cake mix attempt didn’t turn out well, i’m afraid of cutting it down even more…

  155. Lacie Said,

    My sister, her boyfriend and I made this cake on Sunday together. We had the best time- thank you sooo much!!
    I used ginger ale instead. (I’m preggie, so no diet sodas for me.)
    I’ve never baked a cake with soda and so much food coloring so I suspect that’s where I failed.
    The cakes took a very long time to bake. Unusually long as a matter of fact. But watching it rise in the oven was so exciting!
    The whipped topping was so good, as a matter of fact, my nephew couldn’t keep his hands out of it!
    One tip, to anyone trying this, LET THE CAKE COOL FIRST!! WE were so excited that we only waited about one hour before we started making our little tower- and the cake was so moist it just collapsed!
    I have to say, it was still worth the time and effort.
    Thank you again!! I love your blog!

  156. margarete Said,

    thank you :)

  157. Sarah Said,

    I just used the same basic principal to make devils food cupcakes – carbonated water instead of eggs/oil/water (to avoid the aspartame) with the devil’s food mix (Delicious!) and for the icing I used sugar/fat free white chocolate jello instead of vanilla, the whipped topping, and a few spoonfuls of Raspberry Jam.

    It worked perfectly! I’m so glad I found this entry! Thanks!

    And to all the naysayers out there – if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. My body is my temple and I’ll put whatever I want into it! You can pick what you put in yours, tyvm.

  158. Anonymous Said,

    This cake grosses me out. I’ve always been a health-conscious person, and have learned that your best bet is to use real natural ingredients and watch your indulgence. One time I tried making a quesadilla using non-fat cheese, it was disgusting! So sticky, I knew it’d be sitting in my intestines for weeks! I had to throw it out and use the real stuff instead. I do get that I can choose to use my own cake batter and color it just the same, so cheers to that idea!

  159. Anonymous Said,

    This is a terrible idea: Diet soda and food coloring? Uhg. Wow.

  160. Rebecca Said,

    Wow! You totally just made my day. I'm doing a baking event with kids tomorrow night, and wanted something fun that they've never seen before.

    I had no inspiration, and voila! Here it is! As to commenters who don't like fake sugars, neither do I. I'll just use real soda. Super excited too, not to have to deal with eggs & water and crap – pour the soda in, and let the good times roll!


  161. Anonymous Said,

    THis cake is so much fun! May a piece a couple of times in a lifetime, not 3 meals daily for a lifetime…so getta grip everyone! Enjoy!

    BTW, photos are great! The empty dishes and spoons make one lovely artwork…and using for a watercolor painting would be divine!

  162. Linny Best Said,

    Awesome! My kids will LOVE it someday!!

    I’ll surely lik back to your post! Thank you!!

  163. bobbi Said,

    Holy crap. I’m making this.

  164. Anonymous Said,

    Awesome cake!

    p.s. STAIRS

  165. Anonymous Said,

    How many WW points is this cake?

  166. Naomi Said,

    sorry that you’re dealing with some weird backlash about the dyes and soda lol. this cake looks so awesome! i posted it on my blog w/ a link to your site (stole your pic, sorry, i didn’t bake it yet, hope that’s okay). i’m absolutely making this for my daughter’s b’day! Thanks so much for the idea and inspiration.

  167. yoyoo gat Said,

    amazing color~~~~

    i like the cake so much .. jzt like the fruit sugars :)

  168. Jess Said,

    Hey, this is an awesome idea! I just tried it last night and it was a big hit. I went a little heavy on the food coloring though so the colors are REALLY bold, haha..probably not something people should eat on a regular basis.

    Anyway, I made a small modification: Instead of substituting everything with soda, I just replaced 1 1/3 cups of water with 1 1/3 cups of soda, and then used everything else as the box indicates (1/3 c veggie oil and 3 eggs). I also didn’t use egg whites as some mixes call for – I just used the whole egg so as not to be wasteful, and it turned out fine! This is of course only if you don’t want a fat-free cake.

    Thanks so much for the idea, it inspired me to bake more! :)

  169. karen Said,

    My 3yr old loves to take rainbow baths… water + clear plastic bottles of food colored water= hours of bathtub fun and happy clean kids. She recently started asking me to make a rainbow cake. I had no idea what to do but googled Rainbow Cake and shazaaam!!! We had a ball making it for my moms Birthday party and I was such a hero for answering her rainbow request! It’s so darn cheerful! A huge hit with everyone and my mom is a Weight Watcher to boot!
    PS I fucking love all the cursing about cake!

  170. Syd Said,

    Yum! I just made this cake, and it’s now baking in the oven. I’m making it for my nana’s 85th birthday. She’ll get a kick outta this! Thanks!

  171. Kristi Said,

    I love this and am grateful for the post. Trying to make this tomorrow with four little kids for their grandpa’s 60th Birthday. I love it. I love the colors and cannot wait to see if the kids poop colors! :) Thanks for all the time you put into this post. I am not that great in the kitchen, but I think even I can do this with all your direction!

  172. olava Said,

    I din’t know that som many people could mean something about cake making ;-) Anyways; I am Norwegian and tried to make this cake with ingredients bought here. It was so much fun, and I even tried to make a photo session like you did. The photoes you made made me wanna try the cake! So I made you for my kid’s birthday. I made the same mistake as you did the first time. I should have doubled the cake mix. And I didn’t bother with the diet stuff. And last but not least. The coloring in Norwegian coloring isn’t as strong as yours – but it was still cool :D
    I am sorry it is in Norwegian, but you can watch the photoes:

  173. Queers United Said,

    that looks so cool, yummy, and fun!

  174. sugarhighloser Said,

    Betty Crocker supports gay rights.
    xP Okay, I’ll probably get on peoples bad side by saying that, but it had to come out.
    Anyway, excellent idea. I love the colors. I’m definately making that for my friends on their birthdays

  175. sewperstitious Said,

    What a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing it.

  176. oh amanda Said,

    BEST thing ever! I LOVE IT!

  177. Ali Said,

    I’m not even kidding, I am going to plan my son’s entire bday party around this cake. It is too awesome. I love it!

  178. angela Said,

    Lindo bolo. Adoraria fazer mas para isso necessito que alguem ajude a traduzir. Grata

  179. MITA DIRAN Said,

    whooooaaaaa FOODGASM.

    made a comment about your site on my blog, btw. :)

  180. Tori Evans Said,

    Hey, I’m here by way of

    I tried making this cake for my husband’s birthday, but instead of rainbow I wanted to make it purple and white all mixed up (he’s a senior at TCU and those are the school colors). However, when I tried to double the recipe there was too much batter and I didn’t realize it until it started bubbling over the side of one of the cake pans in my oven! Now I’ve got a terrible purple and white mess in there. Just thought you might want to add a caveat that you should definitely use larger pans if you plan on doubling the recipe. Way to go me for screwing up the easier than easy cake!

  181. Anne Said,

    Made this cake in a bundt pan and it turned out great. As the colored layers cooked they curved up the side of the pan and when sliced looked like a rainbow! Thanks.

  182. Julz Said,

    I don’t see why you would want to fit in a dress size 2. There is no point. Enjoy food and life, don’t make yourself unhappy dieting. It’s a waste of your time!

    Quote: “I dieted for 2 months and I’ll I’ve wasted was… 2 months!”

  183. Molo Said,


  184. Lira Said,

    Very cool idea and recipe. Could you use a toothpick to pull the colors into each other, swirl, etc. – Sort of like what’s sometimes done with two colors of icing? I guess you’d have to swirl downwards though, to see it when it was cut.

    What about little blobs of color in between to make polka-dots?

    It would also be cute to make cupcakes with daisies or hearts made with a contrasting color in a squeeze bottle on top of each one.

    OK, you’ve inspired me!


  185. RhodeyGirl/Sabrina Said,

    wowowowowowowowowwowow that is SO pretty, and SOOO chemically!

    I LOVE it, and will DEFINITELY be making it for some fun future occasion! maybe even in all reds, pinks and white for valentine’s day or something?!?

  186. nefret-1101 Said,

    Visually stunning! I am going to be making this cake quite frequently..the rainbow poops are just a bonus!

  187. agent-aeon Said,

    I made this cake last night and it tastes DELICIOUS! I ended up using store bought frosting and the top layer had a removal-from-pan incident, but it was still lovely!

  188. mauramcg Said,

    I “Stumbled Upon” this recipe and made this cake a couple weeks ago for my birthday and it was amazing!
    I made the regular cake mix on the box, partly because I’m not really watching my weight and I just love making it the way Betty intended..and partly because I was bringing it in to school, where there would be about 13 hungry drummer dudes I had to feed (I am a music/ percussion major, and the only girl!), and I don’t really think a bunch of grungy, poor, college guys would be into the low-fat taste of the cake. Anyways, they called it “Maura’s Hippie Cake” because of all the colors and how it looked like Tye-dye so much. The colors were so bright and it came out wonderful and so delicious. I did not double the ingredients because I didn’t need THAT much cake, but it still came out almost perfect! Thank you so much for the recipe! This was a great idea!

  189. Intelligence Said,

    How colorful! I am definitely going to try this!!

  190. rae events Said,

    this is freaking amazing!!!!!! i have never seen a cake like this in the world!!!!! thank you so much for the step by step. i will definitely be trying this out!!!!! you rock!!!!

  191. Manuela © Said,

    This cake is amazing! :D

  192. abby Said,

    hey ~~so cool ,l like!

  193. Tory Said,

    wonderful idea! thank you so much! I made my own white cake but used the rainbow cake idea, and it’s so much fun. i can’t wait for my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. she’s so proud of her rainbow cake and cupcakes. :)

  194. wowgoldme Said,


  195. wow gold Said,


  196. Rainbow Cake | Dizzy Dee Said,

    [...] | Author: Dizzy Dee | Category: Food, Recipe, cake I found such a cool recipe for rainbow cake on Omnomicon, and just had to post about it. It seems pretty easy to make. Two boxes of vanilla cake mix, some [...]

  197. Lynda Said,

    WOW! Love it. I have to def try this out ;o)

  198. Aimee Said,

    hey aleta, I tried this cake…you can read about it here lf you want :) :)

  199. ansella Said,

    hi Aleta ^^

    Would like to grab one of the pic and put it in my blog
    ‘sure does gonna make people drools’ hehehehe

  200. Jackie Said,

    Has anyone tried this cake using the directions on the box?

  201. Alana Jo Said,

    Wow. Thats so neat. Great job!

  202. ELISA Said,

    This was such a cute idea! Made with my 14 year old and made regular cake mix and put into cupcakes for cake contest for fat tuesday!! Best in color was won. Everybody was like a cupcake then they cut it open and everybody got excited!!

  203. Meaghan Said,

  204. Bree Said,

    I LOVE this! I love it so much I made it for my Mardi Gras bake-off! Hope I did you proud!

  205. Happy Birthday « Ansella Said,

    [...] its your beautiful rainbow cake [...]

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  207. Lindsey Said,

    This is so cool. Im making this for my daughters 2nd birthday and I cant wait to see how it turns out.

  208. Food Day Friday: Rainbow Cupcakes! « adventures in… Said,

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  210. M. Said,

    the cake was horrible…maybe it was the sprite…but it looked way cool!

  211. Cassidy Said,

    Hi! I just found your site a couple of days ago, and just read this recipe tonight. I immediately made it for my roommate, who needed some cheering up, and it worked (both in the oven and for her mood)! I used pistachio pudding mix–mostly because that’s what the store had, but it tasted great and had the added benefit of already being green. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to going through your archives!

  212. Said,

    [...] How to make a rainbow cake! The end result is pretty amazing. [...]

  213. Queen of the Nerds Said,

    My daughter and I made a rainbow cake today and it turned out so cool! We made the cake per the instructions on the cake box and used canned frosting. We decided to use the neon gel colors instead of the basic colors. We had so much fun!!! One mistake we made was trying to mix the neon colors to make a fifth color. Not a good idea… one layer was poop-colored brown. Nonetheless, it tasted wonderful. Thanks for the step-by-step Aleta. You made us look like experts.

  214. Rainbow Cake at Growing up Grotegut Said,

    [...] week I just had to try out this rainbow cake I saw via Heather’s blog which she found on this Blog (recipe here). I bought the supplies last night and the kids and I made it this afternoon. It actually turned out [...]

  215. Sandy Said,

    Ooh, this looks so great-and fat free too!?!? I’m definitely going to make this! Thanks!! :o )

  216. Petra » Blog Archive » Rainbow Cake - First Try Said,

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  217. Jenny Said,

    Perfect! Kids and I are going to the store and making this tonight for Dr. Suess’ birthday!

  218. MMM. good « Mandy Potter Said,

    [...] Comment! [...]

  219. Andrea Said,

    Nooooo, something went wrong with my Italian version…. bleahhh, it looks terrible and tastes even worse!!
    It’s in the garbage can now! Rest in peace!!!
    I think Italian ingredients are not as good as yours….

  220. Robin Said,

    I’m AMAZED at the bizarre backlash on this!! Eating fake sugar once a year in moderation will definitely not kill you, make you fat, or give you cancer. :P People can be so self-righteous. (and this is coming from someone who works at an all-organic, all-natural produce and meat store!) Anyways, I’m definitely going to try this cake. It looks so dang awesome!

  221. whittakerwoman Said,

    HILARIOUS! I never thought I would laugh out loud when I was reading a recipe. I love it! H

  222. Color + Design Blog / How To Make A Rainbow Cake! by COLOURlovers Said,

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  223. AndyDV Said,

    Love the gray icing psych-out. “What the hell kinda boring-ass cake is this?” They’d say, then BAM. How’s that foot taste, jerk!

    Well done.

  224. Jen Said,

    Andy, you take the cake! (pun intended) Your comment made my laugh out loud. I can’t wait to make this. I bought gel colors for the first time last Christmas, but I got the purple-orange-green-pink pack. Those are some BRIGHT colors!
    I’ve purchased cake made with soda before, but I never knew it was considered a “diet” food. It tastes so rich.

  225. Vince Said,


    I trust your credibility. However, as a biomedical engineer, I would like to offer some input of my own.

    It is true that Splenda is simply chlorinated sugar- a chlorocarbon. Food-grade chlorocarbons like Splenda will not break up or dissociate in the human body, nor do they remain in the body; they are simply passed as waste. Splenda is perfectly safe to consume in reasonable quantities.

    However, as with almost anything, it is possible to have too much. For immunological (immune system) effects to be seen, requires 4,300 Splenda packets/day. To see any effects on intestinal pH requires at least 6,000 packets/day. One study linked DNA damage to 11,450 packets/day.

    Just keep your Splenda intake under a few thousand packets a day and you’ll be just fine. :o ]

  226. Friday Pick Me Up: Awesome « Hold the Weak Sauce Said,

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  227. Julie Said,

    OMGZ! Mines in the oven right now!! ^_^ I used only three colors instead of 6, but it looks delicious either way. Its a fun surprise if you frost it with regular white frosting too! Thanks!!

  228. Liz Said,

    I love this cake!
    I’ve never even thought of food coloring as bad or inedible, so that didn’t phase me at all…
    I made it for my friend’s 18th birthday (using the regular recipe on the box) and everyone went crazy when they saw it. Great recipe; I definitely will be making more!

  229. FoodGoblin Said,

    Hey there! Awesome looking cake!

    Just one nitpick? Don’t forget to tell people to add that disk of parchment paper to the bottom of the pan! If you don’t, the batter will stick to the bottom of the pan, and when you take it out, it’ll get torn up or fall apart.

    I guess since this is a low-fat recipe it’s extra sticky.

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  235. Maria Said,

    I tried the recipe today….stuck to the bottom of the pan but looks great. For any cake decorators out there who are used to leveling their cakes…don’t try it with this recipe. The cake crumbles. Since we aren’t a low-fat household I think next time I’ll try with a regular cake recipe and color per these instructions. The icing was a bit sticky as well. I prefer the consistency of buttercream, so we’ll try a super-fat rainbow cake next time…

  236. Saki Said,

    If only there were awards for most-commented-post-evarrrrr ;) you’d win big time, Aleta, way to go, I’m doing this and feeding it to everybody I can invite over, children of all ages!

  237. Krissy Said,

    I’m a third grade teacher and we made this cake for Dr. Suess Read Across America Day. It was so much fun and my students loved it!!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I recently found your blog and I’m in love with it and your tutorials.

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    [...] [...]

  240. Nicki MacRae Said,

    That cake is a WORK OF ART!! It’s got more colour than one of my paintings!

    One of the most enjoyable blog posts I’ve read for ages – thank you! :-)

  241. Carmen Said,

    This is so different…I will absolutely try this…very cooool!
    Carmen from

  242. Sasha’s Birthday Jamie’s Recipes Said,

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  243. Pam Said,

    Can this cake be made as a large sheet cake? Im looking to make a tie dye cake for my 17 year old!!

  244. Cynthia - Said,

    Oh my Girlfriend, I am soooooo inspired! My 4 1/2 year old son Alex is going to LOVE that!

    Will you be my mommy? LOL

  245. Karin Said,

    What a fabulous cake! My grandchildren(5&7) will be baking this together on their next school vacation.

  246. Shunnology - the blog » Rainbow cake… Said,

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  247. Pat Said,

    I think it’s gross! I don’t even think it’s “pretty” – sorry.

  248. YE Said,

    Oh, the recip- ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAKE

  249. Who wants flowers when your dead? « Said,

    [...] fö bästa receptet på en annan blog: ALL HAIL THE HYPNOCAKE  Inte ätit någon mat idag, men inte så konstigt. Men fan vad gött att bo i USA och äta [...]

  250. TR Said,

    Very pretty cake. I decorated cakes on the side and will have to remember this for a kids party.
    Last summer I made a Zebra cake for a little girl (her request). I had a mold for a horses head and altered it for a zebra (made out of chocolate) then wrapped the cake in chocolate.
    I used the same method as you for pouring the batter into the pans alternating between white and chocolate, so when you cut the cake it looked like Zebra stripes. Never thought of doing it to make a rainbow cake. Thanks I’m always looking for great ideas.

  251. Casey Said,

    Wow, I came for the cake, but stayed for the comments. Entertaining to say the least.

    Love your blog. Keep rocking it.

  252. Laura Said,

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to make one!

  253. Shannon Said,

    Ok I haven’t read all the comments but I must say, most of you are freaking idiots with the comments. Seriously, either look at the cake and go ok that’s cool and go on your merry way or keep quiet. I think most have forgotten the old passage if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth shut (Ok with my own little twist).

    As for alternatives, there is such a thing as applesauce instead of soda or pumpkin puree. I use it all the time instead of oil. Oil goes bad in my house so fast that it’s cheaper and easier to add applesauce (organic unsweetened to boot). Unless you live in a bubble people you are going to have chemicals in your body no matter what either by water, breathing, touching stuff. Use hand sanitizer??? UM hello chemicals. Just admire how pretty the cake is and if you don’t like it, then get over it and go to something else, it’s not like you have to sit there and see the cake and comment on it.

    I think I’m going to make this with my daughter, fill her up with all the chemicals and junk, only I’m not going to make it with that recipe, just my recipe and my chemical food coloring that is just soo yummy.

    I think you did a wonderful job on the cake and can’t wait to make it myself, although I think we might do cupcakes as I promised her not too long ago that we could do cupcakes and haven’t had a chance to yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  254. María Said,

    I don’t urdenstand! You made two cakes and then you put them one over the other????Pleas contact me in my mail.

  255. Jesse James Said,


    and thats all i have to say.

  256. The Rainbow Cake « Bon Appétit 5 Said,

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  258. Carol Said,

    What lovely colors! I am going to make this into cupcakes for my daughter & her LGBT Club at school.

    No, I’m not a big fan of artificial colors and diet soda, but I’m not planning on eating this recipe 5x a day, every day, for the next 5 years. Moderation is a good thing… and fear is really, really annoying.

  259. Carrie Said,

    Hi there! I made the cake & it was enjoyed by all! But I forgot to take pictures of the making process. Would you mind if I coppied you pictures to post the process on my blog??

  260. Catherine Said,

    So I just tried to make this. It completely fell apart! What happened?
    I was a bit confused about the instructions, because it said at the beginning no eggs, no oil, no water, but later under The Dieting it said: Mix the cake mix with the soda according to regular instructions on box.
    I just took the dry cake mix and put in the soda. Did I do it wrong?

    Anyway, it tastes delicious! but it completely fell apart and icing it was very difficult. I’m worried about what’ll happen when I cut it :-/

    Maybe better luck next time :)

  261. Jen Said,

    Pretty and controversial, it doesn’t get better than that.

  262. Carol Said,

    The cupcakes were a huge success! Thank you!

  263. Nicole Jackson Said,

    Oh man, you’ll never see this down here, but my daughter’s birthday is next week. I’d like to make this for her. If I’m making it for a kid, will regular soda make it TOO sweet or will it be ok?


  264. ananymous Said,

    I can’t read through all of the comments on here to see if anyone else has mentioned this, but it reminds me A LOT of another REALLY COOL cake that I saw. If you type “Steamed Rainbow Eggwhite Cake” or “Steamed Rainbow Egg White Cake” (diffrent pics come up with the diffrent spellings of egg white) into Google you can see what I mean. The cooking method is obviously diffrent, as well as ingredients, but a similar look!

  265. Dana Stone Said,

    I’m going to do this for my son’s science birthday party. He has baked cake with me before and he will think its cool that we don’t follow the recipie!

    I’ll let each kid make their own cupcake. I bet the kids will love the soda/cake mix/coloring as a fun activity!

  266. Carolyn Said,

    SUPER FUN CAKE!!! I Stumbled on your blog a day ago, and wracked my single girl brain until I came up with a semi-legitemate excuse for trying out this cake – my neighbors! Took it over there tonight, the kids loved it, and I’ve already got two people asking for the recipe. I used the regular liquid food coloring (not gel), and while it didn’t turn out quite as brite as in the photos, it still turned out great!

  267. Keith Said,

    This cake looks awesome! I first saw it on Flickr (you should check out Steph Goralnick’s photos, she’s great.

    Anyway, I’m a complete newbie when it comes to anything related to baking, and I have a question so basic I’m almost embarrassed to ask. So, um… how do you stack the two parts of the cake on top of each other? One photo shows both halves of the cake just after they’re done baking. Both halves look like they’re concave on top. In the last photo, it looks like the bottom half has a nice, flat top so the top half can sit on it evenly.

    How? Do you saw off the domed part with a bread knife (and then eat it)? That’s what I’d do.

  268. nicegirl Said,

    this cake ROCKS i have never seen a cake made with soda ALSOME

  269. Ashley Said,

    This cake is absolutely awesome! What great color and looks like fun to make. I’m defineately trying this one!

  270. howtoeatacupcake Said,

    Rainbow cakes rock! I started a tradition of making one every year for my little brother’s birthday! :D

  271. aleta Said,

    It’s a layer cake, so you make two layers, level one off for the bottom, and then generally I leave the top domed because I think it looks more traditional that way. And yes, eat the trimmed part before you frost because that’s when it tastes best. =)

  272. Anima Said,

    My cake fell apart as well, but I may have used too much food coloring (I was not happy with the shade of green I was getting) and on top of that I forgot to grease the cake pans. Though the test toothpicks came out clean, there were still gooey portions in the bottom-center of the cake. I left them in the suggested five additional minutes, but the tops were browning and ruining the colors, so I pulled ‘em.
    You should submit this recipe over at, their rainbow cakes are pathetic in comparison.
    Oh! I absolutely loved the frosting. It was hard to spread, it’s true, but absolutely delicious.

  273. 114 Cause You gave me a heart « ☆☆★ CHEW YVONEE Said,

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  274. Crazy Daisy Said,

    Just clicking blog to blog and came across this… beautiful cake… thanks for sharing. Your blog is going on the bookmarked list! :)

  275. Tommy Isbell Said,


    My girlfriend and I attempted making this last night and it was totally a failure of epic proportions.

    The cake burned on the bottom and stuck to the pan like mad.

    The only thing that turned out was the “frosting”.


  276. Jennifer Glamour Said,

    This is the coolest cake that I have EVER seen! I cannot wait to make it for my kids. Plus, they will love helping me make it too. I really think that this cooking lesson will be a memory that they will never forget. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Plus, your pictures are colorful and lovely!

    I’m sorry that there are a few negative nellies that just HAD to post here with their stupid advice. Almost all of prepared food has food coloring in it, even the cake mixes that we all use have food coloring. So the people who are complaining eat it all day, probably while they are gulping down diet soda! HA idiots! Maybe they are just bored and lonely because they don’t have a rainbow cake!!! :-0

  277. Abbey Goes Design Scouting » » Rainbow Cake! Said,

    [...] I was catching up on blog reading this morning and found this awesome rainbow cake from Omnomnom, via The Coterie Blog which I found via Cup of Jo.  Blog surffing is the best!  Happy [...]

  278. Cynthia Said,

    I love this and will definitely try it. I once ate jello that looked very similar but was unable to get the recipe as to how they mixed all the colors without actually blending together into one color. I live in Bisbee (a town that was dying and hippies invaded and made the town alive again, lots of tourists) where tye-dyeing is very popular and I bet this cake would be a hit here. People who don’t appreciate you sharing your recipe have no business being on your site) I think it’s fantastic. Thanks!!!!

  279. HJ Said,

    I think I like you FAQ more than the entire recipe. :)
    I’ll have to try this some time.

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  282. Diane Said,

    This is great! My mom’s 83rd birthday is April 1st and I am totally going to make this!

  283. Krista Said,

    I made this cake Tuesday. You can see it here:

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  286. Bohni Said,

    got an a+ in cooking class!!!:) >_<

  287. Food blogging may not be the anti-Christ. « becky says. Said,

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  290. gadoo gadoo Said,

    she is very perfect in rainbow cake made….yumy yummy.

  291. sharon canada Said,

    what size pans are they? and is it in one whole cake mix/pop per pan?

  292. Constance Said,

    Your blog is awesome! I love the cake idea! BTW I also bake, and am 25. Rock on!

  293. Lifenut » That jingling sound is the gold coins in my stomach Said,

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  294. danakscully64 Said,

    Stephy, this doesn’t contain gelatin, the mix is pudding, which is gelatin free. I’m a vegetarian, I read labels like crazy.

    I HAVE to try this recipe. I eat healthy for the most part, but this is a special occasion thing. I will report back :)

  295. renata Said,

    que lindooooooooooooooo. i’m hungry. (L)

  296. GKH Photography » Blog Archive » The Rainbow Cake Said,

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  297. Sol Said,

    It was sooooo much fun making this cake!!!

    thank you!!

  298. Jill Said,

    You are awesome!! I know my kids will flip for this cake. I am going to try both the diet and conventional versions. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  299. cathi Said,

    Hello. Do you think this would work with Schnuck’s brand white cake mix using the directions on the box? With the food coloring and what not?

  300. danakscully64 Said,

    So… I made the cake. The batter was AWESOME, tasted great, but after it was baked, it came out too heavy. I won’t be making the diet version of this again, full fat for me next time. The colors were beautiful though! Thank You so much for sharing this recipe, my 3 year old niece enjoyed making this.

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  303. AMBIENTEGT Said,

    Well nice idea! Congrats!
    and if you are gay, thats a good way to say your parents, i am like this cake, this is inside me :o )

  304. shannon Said,

    This is fabulous! Thank you for all the notes & instructions. I will be making this shortly!

  305. Mommy Of Four Said,

    I can’t believe all the complaints about chemicals. Nobody is saying eat this all day, every day. And most of you on diets can’t say you have never slpurged. All the fresh fruits and vegetables you eat, how many chemicals are in those? Pesticides. I think the bold color under plain icing is an amazing surprise. I plan on making this in a few days for my daughters fourth birthday.

  306. bethany Said,

    i made the rainbow cake!!!!!!

  307. Design by Kendall » Blog Archive » Taste the Rainbow! How to Make a Deliciously Colorful Cake Said,

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  308. mj Said,

    hahah…i love the sardonically hilarious instructional narrative. my 5 yr old & i will have fun with this =) thanks for making baking fun !

  309. eva&sara Said,

    Oh my god.
    You are god, thats the the coolest cake ever and i really mean it.
    Lots of cred to you my idol!

  310. The Rainbow Cake « They call me Tamzilla…rawr! :) Said,

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  311. Rachel Said,

    Hey, awesome idea
    Probably way above my head cooking-wise, but still… i might try it :)

  312. My Life As A New Yorker » YUM… Said,

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  314. Allazay Said,

    My cake baking will never be the same!! I just love it !

  315. me Said,

    your cake is gay.

  316. tiffany Said,

    hey this looks like the best desert i have ever seen in my life you should sell it at publix or kroger totally
    tiffany chambers

  317. marcia Said,

    bolos coloridos

  318. theaxx Said,

    My goOODNESS!!! This is the best cake ever!!
    I posted about your visionariness on my blog (
    Hope that’s okay.

    Cred to yoU!

  319. Meaghan Said,

    Hey, I absolutely love this cake and it was a huge hit at my best friend’s birthday, Thanks!! I actually didn’t use the sprite the first time but is that how you get the colors to be so vibrant?? My colors were dull even when using a whole tube (yet small) of gel food coloring. Any suggestions, maybe on a specific type of gel to use? Thanks again, love the cake.

  320. JoMa Said,

    You would have to eat a whole cake everyday for 10 years before the fake stuff would give you cancer.For cryin’ out loud have some FUN!

  321. perla Said,

    hola…wow esta super padre el cake …!!!
    hoy lo hice y si me quedo…!!!

  322. KC Said,

    I have to make this cake. It made laugh and happy just looking at the pic. It reminds me of a 70′s Tie Dyed shirt!

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  325. Jean Said,

    Hi Aleta!
    I heard about your site from “evad” at I hope you don’t mind that I made a link to my blog to share this awesome recipe (it went along really well with the photo of the rainbow that I caught outside yesterday!). Thanks for sharing yummy foods with us all!! :)

  326. Said,

    ilove it!!!…but i don’t get where do you get thoses colors…colors in a cake, what a yummy idea.

  327. g Said,

    i am SO making this for my bday!! YES I AM!!

  328. C Said,

    Has anyone tried this concept with cupcakes…..I need to make some for a child’s birthday at school thought cupcakes might be easier ???? Wasnt sure how the colors would turn out. Thank you.

  329. Marti Glass Said,

    I turned this recipe into cupcakes and they came out AMAZING! Lots of work with all those colors, but one box of cake mix will give you about 20 cupcakes. Its delish!

  330. C Said,

    Thank you so much I figured I wasnt the first to think of this on here :) I thought it would be fun since it’s almost easter too!

  331. Bela Said,

    Hey! Your cake got linked in a Brazilian blog!
    And I’m totally trying it for my birthday on saturday!

  332. Rowynne Said,

    I just made the cupcake version of this recipe for my daugthers Girl Scout meeting today and for my 4yr olds preschool Easter party on tuesday. They turned out so pretty, i will be making the cake for my 7yr olds birthday next month!

  333. Lucas Preti Said,

    Congratulations! Great cake!

  334. sylvia Said,

    so happy you made this recipe available. :)

  335. Katherine Said,

    The cake’s awesome, but not as good as the FAQ section at the end – that’s hysterical!

  336. Tess Said,

    LOVE IT!!! I am using it as an idea to do with a children’s book. Love your instructions and blogging language and approach…very cool! Your directions are very clear and easy to follow :) Not much for food coloring usually but HEY, it’s fun and we don’t eat this shit everyday…as you said! Thanks

  337. camila Said,

    your cake its awesomee!!!!
    its pretty and fun for kids. and you instructions are easy to follow as I`m from southamerica.
    so thanks for the recepee. I`m going to make it this week ;)

  338. Conrad Said,

    Hahahahahhaha, listen to those people scared of rainbows
    “ZOMG! It’s not the normal white or brown color, and only Satan would bake a delectable colorful cake with food colouring! ”

    Funny to see people still ignorant of how much colored dye is in everything they eat. Unless they are 100% vegan – raw, which I must ask, why are you reading a cake blog?

    Top notch stuff, I wanna shit rainbows too.

  339. mind mapping: in progress « la caotica Said,

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  342. Breanne Said,

    I’m not going to be a negative comment leaving douche like the small-minded majority up there, because let’s face it, they could have clicked away/closed the window anytime they chose, instead, they chose to stay and take up quality comment space.

    This is an entirely fantastically unique cake idea, I shall try it the next time there is a Cake Making Opportunity, I’m sure everyone will love it.

    Your photos are also quite incredible as well, and you did an amazing job on frosting the cake.

  343. Pyj Said,

    That is AWESOME! I’ve just fallen in love…

  344. Colleen and Savannah Said,

    Our Cake Crumbled So We Made It Into Layers Divided With The Frosting. It looked Like Something A Magical Unicorn Would Throw Up.

  345. Mark Said,

    That looks oh so good.

    Om nom nom nom!
    . . |^^| . |^^| . ( < . . . . . .

  346. Tried & True Tuesday ~ Rainbow Cake (Perfect for Easter) | Mom of 2… (taking it one day at a time) Said,

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  347. anonymous Said,

    Ohmygoodnezz! Raining bows cake!!! Fabulous pics, I may have to try this. Yummylicious.

  348. TylerJ Said,

    That FAQ is awesome. You must be great IRL.

  349. sell wow gold Said,

    You know what??? You just made me crave for cakes and I wanna go to the nearest store to bake some!!! Awesome site!

  350. Jenna Said,

    I cannot wait to make this for my son, he just loves colors. I also dj and my friend swould love to have this at our next shindig. Who doesn’t love cake the day after. MMmmand all those chemicals, delicious you only live once so enjoi the damned cake, i am!! Thank you for the totally cool idea! I am going to share with all my friends!!

  351. Erin O'Brien Said,

    I am so down with this it hurts.

    Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!

  352. Cindy Said,

    OMG, I nearly died at the FAQ’s. Some people are really clueless, jerks, nasty (anonymous, I mean YOU!)and rude. Some can’t follow a simple recipe.

    I had a freind at work that insisted her new bread machine wouldn’t work, so I took it home and made loaves of bread in it, the same recipe in mine. I took them all to work 2 days later to show her. When I told her how I went about it, she wrote down EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. I told her my house was very cold one morning, so I put hot water in the metal bread pan, then dumped it out and added the ingredients. She could NOT wrap her brain around why I did that. I did it just to make sure the pan wasn’t too cold. I also sat all the ingredients out of the fridge so they would be room temp. She wanted to know exactly how long I set them out and how I knew they were ‘ready’. She never did get that bread machine to work for her. GO FIGURE!!! Thanks for the laugh.

  353. gophergirl Said,

    This is an absolutely delightful cake! I just wish my husband and I had seen this cake when we were planning our wedding…I totally would have served it, if only to shock our guests! Although I don’t know if my MIL (a professional baker who made our cake) would have approved. ;) Sweetheart would have gone along with it in a heartbeat! He loves to “jolt” people out of their comfort zone. :)

  354. How To: Make Rainbow Cakes, ‘Cos Funfetti Ain’t Got Shit On This! at The New Food And Drink Blog For Philadelphia Said,

    [...] in smiles (or food coloring induced seizures). And we’d be remiss if we didn’t hat-tip The Omnomicon and Nikkita here, for truly, they are the Tigris and Euphrates of Rainbow Cake [...]

  355. Irishfancy (Cheryl) Said,

    Can I just say, that using very much Splenda or any other sugar substitute will keep me in the bathroom for a while. My body just does not tolerate it. Most “sugar free” foods have a disclaimer on them that over indulgence will work like a laxitive. The exception seems to be diet soda. I can’t wait to send this recipe to my daughter-in -law. She will soooo love making it. She made green mashed potatos with blue gravy once. A hit with the kids.

  356. Grrrama Said,

    I made cupcakes like this last night (although I made the regular fattening version with eggs / oil and even added a package of vanilla pudding mix) Don’t know if they looked better or tasted better. :)

  357. Sarah Said,

    Websurfing, and came across your site! What a great idea…I can’t wait to try it out!

  358. C Said,

    Grrrama….you added pudding to the cake mix? It didnt mess up the consistancy ? It sounds like it would make them very yummy…..

  359. Jaime Said,

    Great Job!!! I love it and whole family did. Great idea.. And for everyone whose said that it would not go by well for the kids we did this for a family picnic and instead I put them in the ice cream cones and the kids loved it ages range from 1-12 years old.( not to mention I loved not having sugar high kids) Thank you great job again!!

  360. Debra Said,

    Well Done!! Excellent Idea! Fabulous Pictures!! Can’t wait to try…. and don’t worry, if I screw something up, I know it’s something I’ve done and not faulty instructions.

    (BTW…. Excellent tone in writing your presentation…. You Go Girl!!!)

  361. saramia Said,

    I’m Making this cake right now!!! i hope it turns out good!…i love rainbows and i love the look of your cake im going to try cup cakes too!

  362. expectmiracles Said,

    What an awesome idea! I am going to make this cake for my friend Gerard’s birthday and tell him that it is a gay cake. He will be so appreciative.

  363. Carol Said,

    I love you!
    I just made the cake and it´s beautiful!!!!! I could kiss you right now!! LOL

  364. anon Said,

    um. If you food snob people want to whine and sound all high and mighty about this not being healthy- why bother looking for a CAKE recipe? Go eat some raw veggies. From your own garden. That’s about the only way you can eat “healthy” without “preservatives and OMGSOMUCHSUGAHHHH” you can get.

    Seriously. This is a cute, creative, easy and delicious recipe.

    And those organic foods that are so great for you? No. They’re not. Do some research, they’re almost worse.

  365. Jesh Said,

    Wow that is one sweet ass cake!
    Making it tomorrow!

  366. Anna Said,


  367. amanda Said,

    Oh my! I have never seen anything like this! I love baking and do it for a living and i am always looking for new ideas! I do have to agree with Instigator and everything that he had stated! If you don’t like what goes into this beautiful piece of culinary artistry then don’t eat it!! Let the rest of us enjoy it!

  368. yoyo Said,

    么么 大猪猪来咯(OO)

  369. Alex Said,

    I love this idea i really want to make it for my older brothers birthday. I think that he will absolutely love this. I was just wondering. I already have a 2 liter bottle of diet 7up, that no one is drinking, can i use that instead of sprite zero? Also, when you are dying the different portions of the rainbow, do you use the whole container of food coloring, or only a few drops?
    Thanks for the great blog, i found it using that stumble button thing! i love it so much! <3


  370. ccc Said,

    I’m 16, so you can probably imagine how much I LOVE THIS.
    However, you can probably imagine how incapable I am at cooking anything save the cake recipe my mother has taught me over the years- would it be possible to just make that in a bowl, seperate it into 6 dishes, coulour the dishes and then throw it all into the pan? I hope so…
    You know you love me, xoxo, C

  371. TEARDROPZ Said,


  372. Sam Adams Said,

    …marry me?

  373. Sjack Said,

    I will marry you

  374. Kristin Said,

    :D This is a really neat idea. I’m planning on making it tonight. It’s nice lookin’ too! Not one of those peice of shit cakes that you see in those ‘follow this book and lose pounds.’

  375. < Fiseh Says Moo Said,

    This cake is such a sexy beast :3

  376. Notreal » Blog Archive » Hybrid Styles and Happy Accidents Said,

    [...] Rainbow Super Cake I’m dying to make this rainbow cake, not that it’s anything I can actually eat due to food allergies; it looks ghastly, but I’d enjoy whipping one up for fun. Perhaps this is what you eat while waiting for the new Black Moth Super Rainbow record to be released. Eating Us comes out May 26 in North America, and there’ll be a deluxe hand-numbered cd version that comes in a hairy faux something sleeve. April 10th, 2009 in fashion [...]

  377. The Merciers Said,

    Thanks for the idea…We made it according to the cake directions (no one on a diet) and it came out GREAT!

  378. Tram Said,

    would liquid food coloring give the cake a funny taste?

    i cant wait to make it!! :D D

  379. house Said,

    if you spin the cake batter around in a circle before you bake it, it makes a really cool pattern when you cut into it.

  380. » Blog Archive » Martie’s 25th Birthday Said,

    [...] found this recipe via sgoralnick’s photostream and immediately thought of how PERFECT it would be for my [...]

  381. Jane the Great Said,

    This is great! I’m shopping for ingredients tomorrow and baking it for my sister’s birthday. :D

  382. Diana Said,

    I’m baking this cake today for the 2nd time (first one was a HIT!) and I absolutely love it! Perfect cake for Easter, I think, with the colors!

  383. Dan Said,

    I found your cake pictures by accident and have been captivated since. I kept wondering how much more fun it would be if the colors tasted like a rainbow. I checked the bottled essences in the bakery aisle but didn’t find much – peppermint, anise, lemon… Nothing that sounded rainbow-like. I eventually found a website showing how to make Skittles flavored vodka. That’s it! TASTE THE RAINBOW! I separated t 1lb bag of Skittles by color, dissolved each color over night in 6 oz of water, filtered the solution through coffee filters. I added 1/2 cup flour to my 2 box cake recipe (I followed the directions on the box – no soda) and cut the water by 2/3 cup.Once separated into different colors, I added 3 Tbs of Skittle-juice to each respective color. Unfortunately there were only 5 flavors so blue is simply vanilla cake. Yep, way worse for you than your “plain vanilla” rainbow cake but even more fun. Thanks for the ideas!

  384. Rachel Said,

    I’m so excited to try baking this tomorrow!! Thank you for posting! I love the dieting aspect of this recipe, too. I’m going to try to make cupcakes.

  385. Jessica Said,

    So simple to make, and a lot of fun!
    The colors make the cake so much more fun to eat! :)

  386. kay et stephanie Said,

  387. got2havePRIDE Said,

    Thank you for giving me the recipe for my cake at my big gay wedding I am having next summer. Chemicals and all, it beats being a ass on the internet to complete strangers any day. The rainbow BMs are just a party favor. =]

    Thanks again!!

    Love is love, no matter what your love is.

  388. Svarkaruss Said,

    Здравствуйте! Сайт приятный, хорошо оформлен. С удовольствием буду посещать!

  389. Chris Said,

    Fantastic! Just made this for Easter. Low calories and delicious. I did the greenish frosting and added shredded coconut to the top (adds an excellent accent flavor if you like coconut).

  390. Jaq Said,

    Is this safe to eat?

  391. Aidan Said,

    I love the photograph of the empty glass bowls and the stack of spoons. It’s beautiful.

    As is the cake . . . can’t wait to make it.

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  393. The Easter Bunny Commeth | XoXo, Erin Said,

    [...] Once in Maine we decided to test our hand at decorating. My sister Nicole and I tried our hardest, but as evidenced below icing and the finesse that such a skill requires does not run in the family. Needless to say none of this will ever make an appearance on ErinCooks. Initially my mom and I thought we were out of red food coloring so our color scheme took on a life of its own, but then we found two more boxes in the pantry. Our rainbow looks more like a Dr. Suess puddle but the cake tasted awesome and the finished product was super vibrant on the plate. You can learn how to make your own rainbow cake at Om Nom Nom. [...]

  394. Somewhere Over the Rainbow « Purdy Peas Said,

    [...] posted a link to a Omnomicon on one of the forums I’m on, about how to make a Rainbow Cake.  LOVE the look of this cake. I’m not normally into such bright colours, but this is just [...]

  395. Vince Delmonte Said,

    Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that man from that chat who told me to go to your blog :)

  396. Bella Said,

    I made cupcakes with this recipe. They were stunning, and everybody loved them. The colors were vibrant.

  397. Bella Said,

    One more thing: I discovered there are many colors of food coloring to choose from. I even found neon colors at Michael’s craft store.

  398. Paige Said,

    made it. loved it. was praised and envied by friends for my rainbow brite prowess. will be making it again!

  399. Erin Said,

    Stumbled across your page, love the rainbow cake I am going to try it soon!

    Speaking of Camp Bisco (see ya there!) my friend made a disco biscuit themed version of this a few months ago before a show……it was FUNTASTIC : )

  400. You. Said,

    I wonder if people remember what they are arguing over- a freaking rainbow cake!! How can anyone ever say any harsh words about a rainbow cake!?!?

  401. 超级惊艳的彩虹蛋糕 | Mr Wukong Said,

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  402. liora Said,

    amazing!!!I Great Idea!

  403. Happy Easter! « Life on Oak Top Drive Said,

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    [...] how to make a rainbow cake inside! [...]

  407. Me Said,

    Cool cake, but can’t we all do without the profanity? I mean REALLY!…..Lets all try to clean up our potty typing along with our dishes :)

  408. Baker Said,

    Did this last weekend and it was amazing!! Just used a plain cake mix from the store though.

  409. emily Said,

    so if i don’t want to make it the ‘diet’ way, I can just use the recipe from the box & then add the food coloring?

  410. shelterrific » Blog Archive » real life test kitchen: the rainbow cake Said,

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  411. karyssa Said,

    is there a vegetarian version/ a way to make w/o jello?

  412. jorge Said,

    lo mas rico ke he visto, yo kieroooo

  413. Omnomicon’s Rainbow Cake « the momentum of failure Said,

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  414. Marie Said,

    my favourite cake OF ALL TIME! made it on my birthday! thanks for the idea!

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  416. pockafwye Said,

    I find it funny that so many people are freaked out about the recipe itself. Duh, folks. I am allergic to the sweetener in that diet soda. But I LOVED this post. There are eleventymillion other cake recipes out there. Seems pretty obvious to me – an infrequent baker myself – that you could use whatever light colored cake recipe you wanted to given some common sense limitations, and then follow the coloring/layering technique to achieve the gorgeous rainbow effect?

    As for people who can’t imagine anyone wanting to eat this because of the coloring… I can’t imagine being unable to imagine a world in which not everyone likes the same things I do. How very sad.

  417. Crazykreativemama’s Blog Said,

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  418. Tracy Said,

    That cake looks so cool. Your pic of the clear bowls and spoons is a work of art!

  419. Rainbow Cake Said,

    [...] « 10 Mais,   abr26 Arquivado em Culinária às 14:26 por Vane Ferreira Rainbow Cake como o próprio nome diz, Bolo Arco-Íris… Tempos atrás vi alguma foto no Flickr sobre esta receita, mas recentemente conheci o blog da Ana Carolina, o Futricô com dica da receita desse maravilhoso bolo colorido! Encontei a mesma receita neste outro blog Omnomicon. [...]

  420. Nikkilicious Said,

    I just tried out the recipe which actually worked out pretty well. There were a couple suggestions I have for people who plan on baking this rainbow cake:

    1. be careful when taking the cake out of the pan, because it is more likely to stick to the bottom of the pan as it does not have any oil in the recipe. What worked for me was before I flipped the cake pan over, I shook the cake side to side so that it loosened the cake from the pan.

    2. since the frosting was both very hard to spread, i decided to add in some of the ginger ale that I used in the cake mix. It not only made the frosting more spreadable, it also added a little bit of soda flavoring to the frosting that made it more tasty. I definitely recommend it!

    Thanks again for posting this recipe! Love it! And I never even knew you could use soda instead of eggs, oil and water!

  421. carxmoss Said,

    made a rainbow cake!!
    was lovely. thank you for the idea.

  422. kory Said,

    thank you soooo much for this post! i’m totally making this cake for my sixteenth birthday party! ^_^ (ignore all the flamers, they’re just jealous they didn’t post this first.)

  423. Brittney Said,

    A friend and I made rainbow cupcakes this weekend for our other friends birthday by following this recipe. They were a huge hit! Everyone got so excited when the peeled away the foil wrapper and took a bite out of them. I’m so glad I found your site!

  424. Rainbow cake « What happens when you’re over 25 Said,

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  425. Meghan Said,

    Hey I was looking for a rainbow cake of some sort and saw this one and thought it was so cool. so I made it for my daughters 7th b-day everyone thought it was great and she loved it. I did do the sprite thing and no one could tell the difference from a real cake, Thanks for the tips and idea for a rainbow cake.

  426. Bill’s rainbow cake | Housewife Hiccups Said,

    [...] Bill’s birthday today so I decided to make him a birthday cake. I’ve been wanting to try this rainbow cake so I bought a couple boxes of vanilla cake mix and a bottle of Sprite, followed the instructions [...]

  427. Miss Prudence Said,

    Why? Why? Why? Are all these people moaning and being repetitive with their statements?

    This is so cool, what a cake! I am making it for my boy aka Rainbow Boy (he invented this super hero) powered by the ray of the rainbow and also greatly assisted by illicit quantities of sugar heh heh….He will go bonkers over this cake. Thanks a gazillion for the tute…I still can’t believe the whining ninnies, why would you even be looking at a cake like this is your kid was allergic to colourings, obviously the poor kid comes from a defective gene pool with a parent who imparts such wisdom! Der! And that person that challenged the notion of it being a rainbow cake! Clearly they have arguing in their list of hobbies!

    Thank you for sharing this cake, too cool. Love ya blog, love ya work!


  428. Cake « Stuff With Thing Said,

    [...] I want to make the rainbow cake like this blogger did. [...]

  429. Paracademia Said,

    I am getting married at the weekend and am incredibly tempted to make this for the reception! Not sure if I have time… thanks for the recipe though!

  430. Joansy Said,

    I just wanted to say that I thought your FAQ answers were hilarious.

    I’m going to make this cake for my sister’s 30th birthday, but I think I’ll make the frosting bright pink. :)

  431. Lori Danelle Said,

    I made a similar cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday! So much fun and very gratifying when it was cut since only a couple of people knew what was inside!!

  432. Leni Said,

    Excellent! I will be making this cake with my little ones. I love the idea. (I also thought your FAQ answers where hilarious!) It’s hard to find the gel colors where I live, I might order online as I don’t want to skimp on the vibrant colors. This is a keeper! Thank You!

  433. T. Said,

    This cake looks absolutely wonderful. I am so happy to finally see something different to do with cakes. Even though reading through some of the comments people have written here about “killing your kids” blah blah, I definitely would love to try this one out and “serve it to my family..including myself”

    For all those people who have shared all their negative comments: Hey Everyone has their own opinions right, but has no one ever heard that wonderful saying “If you have nothing nice to say, DONT say anything at all” maybe a few of you should take a lesson on that. No one is forcing you to eat or even make the cake so leave the people who would actually like to share positive comments enough room to do just that.

    Thank you for posting this recipe and the wonderful pictures along with it, I cant wait to try it out.

  434. aquachaos Said,

    Omg I am totally that gay dude who makes cakes for his parents XD
    I have to try this out.

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  437. Sabrina Said,

    We made the cake for our friend’s surprise party and it was a hit. It looked and tasted great. Thanks!

  438. Jeni Said,

    I wonder what your poo looked like the next day…

  439. Olivia Said,

    This cake looks cool. i can’t wait to make it i want to make it soon.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the rainbow

  440. John Said,

    The aspartame rat study was flawed and disproven. Stop spreading malicious rumors about
    aspartame and other sweeteners. Do your homework first:

  441. Marie C Said,

    I just made this cake! I used two boxes of lemon cake mix and the only two colors I had a little issue with were blue and purple. I kept adding color, though, and got the shades I wanted. I used the cake mix directions, so it’s not a low-fat cake and I kept out enough batter to make 6 cupcakes. I had to bake about 10-13 min longer due to the layers obviously being thicker, but it looked pretty good. I made a normal white, buttercream frosting and will be serving it tomorrow at work. Thanks for the directions (and photos!) !

  442. Djo Said,

    I love the Idea…
    I print it n hope I can bake it one day for a special event. Thanks…

  443. Victoria S. Said,

    I made the cake for my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago. I made some extra for my family and friends. Everybody LOVED it :D . I used Betty Croker’s French Vanilla for the mix and liquid colors. The result looked awesome. Thanks!!!

  444. angel Said,

    i love the color
    i love the recipe
    i love your hilarious comments
    this will be used for the pride parade this year…

  445. Nana Vang Said,

    The person that’s answering to those questions seems like a bitch with an attitude.

  446. ERIN Said,

    okay well this is just BRILLIANT.
    I have definitely got to do this sometime.

  447. Adrienne Said,

    I just thought I would interject here and say this is a wonderful recipe! I used Pillsbury cake mix instead of BC – I often make cupcakes and I just like the way they come out better. Anyhow, personal preference really.

    I did the recipe this weekend for a multi celebration of Mother’s Day and 2 birthdays. It was a hit and everyone loved it! I doubled the recipe as stated. I used springform pans and baked it using the bundt cake times.

    Full fat recipe here and while the purple did look kind of puke-ish before baking, it turned out lovely afterwards.

  448. TiPb Birthday Bash: How Are You Making Mom Happy? - Page 4 - The iPhone Blog Forums Said,

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    [...] out this rainbow cake! It’s been a pretty popular cake design amongst a few blogs that I’ve been reading [...]

  450. Idahocrystal Said,

    I loved this – Made a batch of cupcakes for my boy’s B-Day – This inspired Camo-cakes for a friend’s Camoflauge wedding. The Camoflauge cupcakes were a big hit too! Thanks!

  451. Kate Said,

    Okay, so my blog partner was totally inspired by this post (and how couldn’t she be) and posted some cupcakes she made using this idea today. Which is how I found this post. And I literally laughed out loud reading your FAQs. Oh, ALL the things I would LOVE to tell blog readers if I had the cajones…

  452. richardsgirl Said,

    OMG finding this is PERFECT!!!! ok so i have been looking for some way to make my wedding cake colorful with out being tacky or too much. so i was almost giving up on my dream when i found this!!! so i now plan on having this as the inside of the cake and then getting it iced in solid white with colorful butterflies cascading up the side, and a solid colored ribbon lining the bottom of each layer i think it will give the best of both worlds. :]] THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!!

  453. Nancy Said,

    # 33, i have lots of friends who are alergic to red food colouring, it probably doesnt matter what brand. You might wanna talk to a doctor.

  454. Wyvern Said,

    Just wanted to print this out so I can make it. It looks fantastic. Is there a printable version you’ve got, maybe a .pdf? Or do I have to subscribe – thanks.

  455. Dv8ter Said,

    I was inspired by this recipe to make one similar. I used just a normal white cake mix and made it as per the instructions and used the food coloring I had in the cupboard. We made 3 dozen cupcakes for the big triple birthday party this weekend, all color co-ordinated for each person. They turned out wonderful, look delicious, and taste great!! I did one batch chocolate cake with white (dyed green) stripes. I can’t believe how great they look. Thanks for posting this and sharing with everyone. Of course people can change the recipe if they want, the most important part is the rainbow!!

  456. EPIC RAINBOW CAKE OF NOM! - Chocolate Dreams Said,

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  457. A birthday recap Said,

    [...] since I saw the original. Obviously, I changed the rainbow colors to shades of pink and purple. Go here for the [...]

  458. Andrew D Said,

    Here’s my version of the cake using colours from Bulk Barn:
    Turned out great!

  459. Christina Said,

    My name is Christina and I used your cake recipe and it turned out perfect Thanks so much, The website I gave you is my myspace page. Just go to pics and the Friends album its posted there.

  460. Fada Moranga Said,

    WOOOOWW!!! :-) ))))

    What a FUNtastic cake!!! Oh Aleta, you made my day! Thank you so much for sharing this.
    All the best! :-) ***

  461. Ms. Fizzy Said,

    Oh my goodness….This is the most fun cake EVER! I made this cake and have a few suggestions: 1. don’t frost the cake like the first picture ( that cake says “don’t eat me…I was made by some weird old lady” I mean come on whats with the weird blue, yellow center, and odd texture? 2. Don’t use the words “colour” and then use words like: “gobs” and four letter nasties in the same posting- That says “I’m trying to be a fancy pants” but doesn’t work. 3. Don’t get all worked up just because people keep e-mailing you the same questions over and over, just deal with it. I mean really, why would a person post something on the internet that they want everyone in the world to see and be all “I can’t stand all these questions!!!….some of them are the same!!!……what will I do?- I’m going crazy!!!”

  462. ¿Cómo hacer un pastel de arcoiris? | Antidepresivo Said,

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  463. Disneyland on the brain Said,

    [...] think this rainbow cake would be so cool for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in [...]

  464. pbialy Said,

    LOVED this cake, made it the fatty way for my daughters birthday. It was a huge hit and oh so delicious, there wasn’t a crumb left.

  465. Receita: Rainbow Cake (bolo arco-í­ris) « Said,

    [...] no caderninho de receitas), foi o caso do Rainbow Cake (bolo arco-í­ris) que eu encontrei no site Omnomicon, como o site é gringo e a receita não tava muito clara pra mim, achei uma adaptação pelo blog [...]

  466. Tonyia Said,

    Ok, so I finally got to make this cake for my daughters 11th birthday party yesterday. I did not make the WW version. I made a regular cake mix with the “fluffy white” frosting. It was SUCH a hit. I baked the cake after she went to sleep Saturday evening and decorated it before she got up Sunday morning so she had NO idea it was going to be rainboe colored inside until she cut into it. EVERYONE loved it! Thanks so much!

  467. Roxxanne Said,

    I also ended up with huge cakes because I doubled the recipe without using bigger pans. And the edges were burning and the cake was like erupting! I don’t think doubling the recipe was such a good idea! The cake however will hopefully turn out good and be a hit at my gay friends birthday party tonight!

  468. Lin Said,

    If I were to make this cake with the ingredients on the back of the cake mix box (not the WW way) do I still need to double the recipe?

  469. HornyLee Said,

    OMGZZZ<3 Like I totes loves cake. My name is Lee and I’m a seventeen year old male looking for some hottie to make this rainbow delight with me. Give me a call (xxx)xxxxxxx.

    [edited because um, I'm just not comfortable with phone numbers in my comments. Sorry, Lee.]

  470. Jules Said,

    I’ve made this cake before and it turned turned out really well. When i make the cake, it always turns out way too moist. any pointers? I’m not a cake expert so just wanted some few pointers.
    thanks :)
    (i dont use “moist” cake mixes either)

  471. snowangels » Blog Archive » Rainbow cake Said,

    [...] Rainbow cake [...]

  472. Lyra Rose Said,

    This is amazing! i plan on making it for my friend’s birthday. just wondering though, for the putting diet soda in it bit, how does that work?

  473. ShittyCake Said,

    This cake tasted like shit.


    Me and my friends were really excited about making this cake. That excitement did not sufficiently compensate for the shittyness of the final product. The first 3 bites were OK, but upon the fourth, my mouth was on FIRE! It burned like the fires of hell. From the substitution of sprite for all other natural cake ingredients to the use of pudding mix in the already packaged icing, my mouth was reeling from the disgustingness of your creation.
    A side comment on the icing: the grittiness of the icing from a saturation of pudding mix caused pudding to form in my mouth. A horrible pudding that would never be approved by the FDA. I can still taste it. It lingers in my mouth with the longevity and viciousness of a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately there is no cure. It is the icing equivalent of herpes.
    People should make these cakes and send them to terrorists. Actually, I changed my mind. This might in fact be arming the enemy as the cakes could be used against us.
    If this cake were a person, it would be Osama Bin Laden.


    Me and my friends were really excited about making this cake. That excitement did not sufficiently compensate for the shittyness of the final product. The first 3 bites were OK, but upon the fourth, my mouth was on FIRE! It burned like the fires of hell. From the substitution of sprite for all other natural cake ingredients to the use of pudding mix in the already packaged icing, my mouth was reeling from the disgustingness of your creation.
    A side comment on the icing: the grittiness of the icing from a saturation of pudding mix caused pudding to form in my mouth. A horrible pudding that would never be approved by the FDA. I can still taste it. It lingers in my mouth with the longevity and viciousness of a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately there is no cure. It is the icing equivalent of herpes.
    People should make these cakes and send them to terrorists. Actually, I changed my mind. This might in fact be arming the enemy as the cakes could be used against us.
    If this cake were a person, it would be Osama Bin Laden.

  476. Claire Said,

    I made this cake and I didn’t like it too much. It kinda tasted bad. Bad after taste.
    I dunno, maybe it’s just me…

  477. Lyra Rose Said,

    so since it seems that the soda and pudding make a bad taste, when i make this should i just not put soda in and instead of pudding just get already made frosting?

  478. missywissy Said,

    I enjoyed reading how you made the cake (love the humor). After reading the comments, I think I’ll try making it using your methods, only without the fat-free and diet stuff. Great job!

    P.S. I wouldn’t take some of these negative comments too much too heart. some people are just assholes.

  479. Anonymous Said,

    The cake looks cool but you are kind of a bitch

  480. jbeezy Said,

    I somehow came across this searching for something for work today. Of course I immediately made a colorful cake when I got home (*rolls eyes at lack of self control*).
    I didn’t use diet soda, but at least I did use applesauce instead of oil.
    I made a lemon cake with lemon frosting. It’s delicious and I’m pretty much enthralled by the colors (I used paste food coloring).

    I have a horrible feeling that ridiculously kitschy colored cakes are going to take over my baking life.

  481. Jomanette Said,

    This is so beautiful! I couldn’t think of eating this.

  482. Annie Alpert Said,

    Here’s a picture of another interesting, colorful cake! Best wishes!

  483. Brittney Said,

    This looks amazing. My girlfriend and I decided to make it for our 2-year anniversary, not too long after we move into our first home together! XD Our friends will be so impressed, thanks for the idea!

  484. Jaimie Said,

    that looks so cool! i have made cakes before with the diet soda, and if you use the right mix it actually tastes like angel food cake. i think i’m gonna head over to the kitchen now, my sister has a baby shower coming up…

  485. Jaimie Said,

    oh, and to Anonymous comment number 479: you would be too after getting some of the unnecessarily rude feedback being posted here.

    Kudos on the rainbow cake, it’s awesome looking and i can’t wait to make one myself.

  486. meryn Said,

    the cake came out amazing and we used the recipe on the box….and no soda….it looked amazing too but we used cream cheese frosting….

  487. Bolo arco-íris | Saber é Bom Demais!! Said,

    [...] site gringo Omnomicon disponibilizou um tutorial desse Rainbow Cake usando alguns produtos específicos, mas acho que dá para readaptar facilmente usando uma receita [...]

  488. Have a Tie Dye Party « Kids Birthday Parties Said,

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  489. Lauren Said,

    My friend makes this cake at school all the time and I think it tastes pretty good and looks awesome as well. People are so insane about eating chemicals my god. These types of foods aren’t making kids fat – it is all caused by TV and video games. It is the parents’ fault if they can’t get their kids off the couch to play outside. A snack like this every once in a while isn’t going to hurt them! Live a little, people.

  490. jen Said,

    this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome :)

  491. Bolo “Oh MY” Arco-Irís!!!!! « Casarei Weblog Said,

    [...] OMNOMICON [...]

  492. Alyssa Said,

    omg your amazing i made this cake and won a cake contest at my school ^^

  493. michelle Said,

    that’s very, very beautifuuuuuuuul!
    I love it.
    I want make a cake that will be how that!:)

  494. Linda Said,

    So, I decided I wanted to make my son one of these cakes for his birthday party, in a Mickey Mouse cake pan since that’s the party’s theme. But I wanted to do a test run before hand to see if it would work.

    There is the link to view my beautiful Dinosaur rainbow cake :D It turned out amazingly well (the batter didn’t fill out the pan very well originally, but as it baked it filled out quite nicely) and tasted super moist and amazing to boot (since I didn’t take the diet route!) Thanks Omnomicon!

  495. Callum Said,

    Too good to not be a lie.

  496. 365 Project: Week One | Rachelle Balinas Smith | Photography and Design Said,

    [...] pictures of the inside (a REAL hit with the kids and the parents, too!!). You can find the recipes here, courtesy of . I opted for mixing up the cake batter according to box instructions [...]

  497. Rainbow Cake and Unicorns « A Merrier World Said,

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  498. Carly Said,

    I’m thinking about doing this, but since I dont want to mess up and have to redo it, I’m just wondering: I see in one photo you have some sort of parchment on the bottom of the pans. Is that required? I make brownies and cookies and my sister makes cakes, and neither one of us has ever done that.This cake will be for a party in a few weeks, so I can’t afford to bake it the day before and then realize I needed the parchment, and I dont want to buy a ton of cake mix if I wont need it for backup.
    I dont know if this is the right place to ask, but if so, thanks for any help!

  499. anabella Said,

    healthy??? i dont think so
    delicious? depends your taste
    look? cute, cool, great, pretty, awsome, etc etc etc
    once in a while, why not?
    thanks for sharing!

  500. lilacwine Said,

    It was delicious. I used buttercream icing, though, and just a regular white cake recipe.

    Carly, I just sprayed my cake tins liberally with Pam, and they came out (We did have to knock them a couple times, but there were no casualties).

  501. Roy Said,

    I think this cake is perfect for those who think food is partly a visual art. I love it!

  502. Rainboet~ Said,

    Oh~ This is awesome! I’m gonna make this cake with my mom and if she whines about calories I’ll remind her it’s a diet cake. =D

  503. Rainboet~ Said,

    Anabella: A ton of diet things are unhealthy(diet soda). I think she just said it was diet cake, not healthy cake?

  504. Chocolte lover Said,

    Can I use different types of chocolate to make this rainbow cake composed of different shades of brown?

  505. amygreever Said,

    marry me

  506. Jules Said,

    Oooohhh! This will be so fun to make with my girlfriend ASAP!

  507. Emerald Said,

    This is now my wedding cake

  508. Jen Said,

    In honor of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, my son wants to have a “hippy” themed party for his 16th birthday. This cake is PERFECT!!!!! I can’t wait to make it. Thanks for posting the recipe!!!!!

  509. Rainbow cake « Marissa Marie Said,

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  510. Trishelle Said,

    Thank you for this AWESOME idea! I’m making it for my 2 year-old’s birthday cake tonight!!

  511. Lois Said,

    The amount of chemicals probably doesn’t even amount to the amount you breathe in every day. Or in your deodorant, or makeup, etc.

    Soda cake is delicious, colored or not!

  512. Nikki Said,

    Wow, thanks. I am going to use 4″ pot pie pans to bake cakes for the kids at my sons birthday party to decorate and this will be a huge bonus. I have a feeling that all the munchkins will love this.

  513. Lindsay Said,

    Never heard of soda cake, but will give it a try.

    Am definitely going to rainbow up my next regular cake though. And the “diet” frosting sounds good to me… I’m not the biggest fan of the in-the-can stuff, but I’m rather fond of pudding mix.

  514. Jordan Said,

    This looks amazing!!! I am going to try this very very soon!

  515. kat Said,

    I made this for my friends birthday… try spooning the colors a spoonful at a time to create beautiful rainbow zebra stripes!

    check it here:

  516. Lana Said,

    the first time i tried this it worked great! but the frosting was kinda bad…i making another cake right now! great idea of yours! its awsome!

  517. Jessica Said,

    I had a great time making this thanks for the recipe! I put some pics on my blog of the results.

    I made two layers, but the top layer broke, so we only used the bottom one and put broken top layer in clear wine glasses instead, which ended up being pretty.

  518. Amy I. Said,

    Yipee! I finally, finally made this. LOVE. Your method/tutorial was so helpful. Thanks, Aleta!

  519. Command+D: Recipe Whore » Said,

    [...] Can a person make a cake with nothing but other processed foods?  Just add Sprite Zero!  But should a person do [...]

  520. Heide Said,

    I need to try this rainbow trick. Very fancy-schmancy! And your FAQ addition kicks ass, too friggin’ funny!

  521. Dreddie Mamma Said,

    Wow! I’ve been searching for the perfect cake for my little girl’s birthday – and that’s it! Beautiful!

  522. sandra Said,

    finally tried this. i told my mom i was coming out to her again and she said it probably would’ve helped the first time hahaha.

  523. Linkage. « Said,

    [...] really wish the Hub liked cake!  I’m going to make this one day, even if I have to eat the whole thing [...]

  524. Just Me Said,

    Love this cake idea…my aunt’s bday is coming up, she’s a lesbian and I really wanted a great Pride/Rainbow cake to make for her…Thanks!! Hope mine turns out!

  525. Rainbow cake, un gateau pour temps gris Said,

    [...] ne sait pas si c’est bon, mais c’est plutôt beau. Pour se faire une idée, voir la recette par ici. A lire égalementDes chips zéro calorie ? Et quoi encore [...]

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  528. Kelsey Said,

    Thank you for this recipe with such a great explanation to go along with it!

    I actually made this rainbow cake for my mom’s birthday and she absolutely loved it, so I’ll definitely be making more of them whenever I get the chance. Hell, I’ll even make one for my own birthday.

  529. CaseyDeuce Said,

    I can’t wait to go buy the supplies to make this!! What a fun cake!!

  530. Patty Said,

    My husband’s 50th surprise party is Saturday & I’m going to make this cake and top it with a crumbled cookie graveyard scene.

    As far as the nuts who disparage this beautiful cake because of it’s health hazards:
    I’m sure there is some kind healthy, natural selection that will remove them from the mean/gene pool.

  531. Tiffany Said,

    I made a rainbow cake similar to this for my fiance’s 24th birthday. We will be cutting into it tomorrow! I didn’t have a round pan but I used the food coloring idea and then just spread out each layer of color into the pan I did use. That way everyone who gets a slice of cake will have an entire rainbow on their plate. I frosted the cake with a vanilla and confetti sprinkle icing. It looks very awesome, I’ll try to get pics of it tomorrow to post a link on here! Thanks for sharing this!

  532. Pixie Said,

    I bookmarked this page when someone on a forum showed it. I’ve just made it for my son’s 6th birthday. Bugger all the nay-sayers – it’s a special treat and it’s not gonna do any harm as a one-off. Love your directions, and your photos. And thanks for the inspiration, I’m not much of a baker, but as soon as I saw this I knew I had to do it.

  533. Ginger Snap Said,

    This is soooo gorgeous! I love it! I’m baking one like it now. It’s cooling now, but it was soooo much fun to make and it was actually surprisingly easy. I made the cake batter and icing by scratch though and the colors and batter blended beautifully!
    But I was confused with the purple, it did not seem to turn the right color. It had this gray-ish tint to it.
    All in all though its beautiful and thank you so much for posting this!

  534. Nicole Said,

    Okay. 3 friends and I made this cake and WOW, THIS IS DISGUSTING. Even for someone on a diet. The cake tasted like dense grossness with Elmers glue on top with added sugar. Do the rainbow-ing on a REGULAR recipe and make normal things. YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. This is the WORST cake I have EVER HAD. TERRIBLE! Don’t do it! YOu WILL regret it! EVEN if you are on a diet and have not had sugar in MONTHS, THIS IS NOT WORTH IT! But it’s very, very pretty.

  535. Allen Said,

    It is perfect to give to someone whom you do not like but who will be required to pretend they like it and ingest it in front of you. Perfect for Boss Appreciation day! It is like a bashful gay pride cake.

  536. rica Said,

    This cake looks wonderfully to-die-for!!! =) Visually, i’m full. I hope I can make this soon or have someone make it for me! =)

  537. Katy Said,

    I made an orange and teal striped sheet cake using this recipe today for my friend’s birthday, can’t wait to cut into it tomorrow! It looks great, and the batter was really tasty, so I’m hoping the cake baked up all awesome-like!

    Can’t wait to surprise my boyfriend in a week with a bright orange cake!

  538. Bethanie Said,

    i made these into cupcakes (not the diet, im only 15 :D yay for being young and invincible!! jk XD) and they turned out PERFECT. when i was mixing the dye, i was worried because i could not find the gel coloring and it looked nothing like yours D: but when they baked they turned out beautifully! they are for my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday and i think she will love them :D THANK YOU!!!!!

  539. Get Your Umbrellas Out, It’s Baby Shower Time. « This Little Light of Mine… Said,

    [...] last but never least, I will be baking a tie-dye cake!  (Kayla, I promise you, you are TOTALLY going to dig it).  Since my flight arrives at 11:55pm [...]

  540. Nilgün Komar Said,

    wonderful wonderful wonderful
    I’ve enjoyed
    I hope I can do

  541. want more soda in your cake?? « tea@elevensies Said,

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  542. amy Said,

    i made this cake. but i made a four layered cake. for pics go here.

  543. Danielle Said,

    I am going to use this recipe for my son’s Willy Wonka Birthday cake! Its going to be total surprise when we cut into the cake and the kids see all the colors! Yay!!! I’m so excited. I”l post pictures when its done!

  544. Swistle Said,

    I found this via someone via someone via someone, but finding it on a blog I read and then following the link THEY followed, and the link THAT person followed, and here I am finally at the source! Totally gorgeous, and also I read about 100 comments and had to stop because I was laughing so hard. Oooooooo, SCARY FOOD COLORINGS!!!! OOoooooo, SCARY DIET SODA!!!! This should perhaps be a Halloween cake? I’m totally making it, and I’m FEEDING IT TO MY FIVE CHILDREN AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS!!! The next generation will be mutants, MUTANTSSSSSSSSS!!!

  545. Swistle Said,

    Okay, I can’t stop, I just read another 50 comments or so. People are so HORRIFIED! and SHOCKED! and DISMAYED! that OMG, the horror, they DID NOT LIKE THE TASTE OF SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE RECOMMENDS!!! and/or they did not APPROVE OF AN INGREDIENT!!! I mean, holy crap, this post has more negative comments than posts about war and/or genocide. And it is a post about a CAKE. An OPTIONAL cake. That NO ONE need make OR eat if they’d rather not. Oh, man. This is my first visit to your blog (well, second, since I came back to read more comments), but you have my full sympathy and support for the craptacular and unwarranted feedback you got.

  546. New Judi Said,

    Thank you so much for this recipe I haven’t tried it yet but, I’ve decided that even if it tastes bad. The FUN I had reading the comments will be worth the money and the effort!.
    I could not be more entertained by the comments from people who posted negative remarks. And I would like to take the time to respond with a challenge. I would suggest that each of you who feels negatively about any aspect of this recipe should take the time to develop an alternative to whatever you find objectionable about this cake.
    You could probably become rich and a lot happier! And perhaps, help the world become a lot healthier! Remember the artificial ingredients you find here were originally the result of the need to develop cheap food products to feed the masses. Remember, your alternatives must be affordable, able to travel long distances and tasty. SO… Please save the world from both bad food and your non-constructive criticisms and provide some real solutions!

  547. Melanie Said,

    OMG I seriously bow before you! You just made for one of the best weekend activities with my kid EVAR!!! :D Thank you so much :) Your the best!

  548. Rainbow Cake « World Dy Said,

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  549. Krystal Said,

    So, trying this for the first time tonight. This best part by far has been mixing the colors! It did take a long time to bake … now I am just waiting for it to cool. Reading through the comments I see it will take awhile. Guess I shouldn’t have started this at midnight!!! Thanks for the recipe!! My mother and I started WW about two months ago and I was so excited to find a cake in a decent point range! Thanks! :) Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!!

  550. Sara Said,

    Regardless of the ingredients used, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to post a thorough and visually detailed post. You did a nice job.

  551. O'Dell Ford Said,

    I Love this cake!! I already use the box cake soda idea, As I’m allergic to eggs. But this beautiful cake is one to make with the kids that i can enjoy as well. Already talked momma into making this for our soon to be 3 yr old son. Great idea. Two Thumbs Up!! and this coming from a 29 yr old mail

  552. Monday, bloody monday 106 Said,

    [...] Om du har lurt på hvordan man lager disse regnbuekakene alle snakker om har jeg funnet en oppskrift her. Du kan nok enkelt skifte ut de amerikanske ferdigkakepakkene med [...]

  553. Karlijn Said,

    I did this too a few times with another shaped cake, cuz we don’t have the american shapes here XD
    I also found out that adults usually like colored cakes better when they still see it’s a regular cake.
    As in, I once made a cake with half the dough colored purple and the other half uncolored.
    And then I layered it: purple-normal-purple-normal-purple=normal.
    So to people it kinda looked like a blueberry cake XD I should have put blueberries on top of it.
    BUT they loved it, :3

    (seriously people here in the Netherlands don’t like to eat blue or green cake)

  554. A Rainbow Birthday Cake 4 The Husband | Danica's Daily Said,

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  555. AYODELE Said,

    The rainbow cake is really beautiful. please I woud like to know the ingredents and the mixture from start to end.

  556. Mamacook Said,

    Have you ever done this in one pan, like a rectangle pan?

  557. Rainbow Cake Said,

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  558. Bolo Arco-Íris (Rainbow Cake) « Trapos Coloridos Said,

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  559. rebecca Said,

    I just made this cake and it’s amazing! Thank you so much for the recipe! It turned out beautifully and now I have a great dessert to make for parties and…Tuesdays…and Wednesdays…and…er…whenever. >.>

    I think next time I set out to do this I’ll try it in cupcake form. Has anyone tried that? Any advice?

    Here’s pictures and a video of the cake I made:



  561. Food blogging may not be the anti-Christ. « becky says… Said,

    [...] link I simply had to click today was How To Make a Rainbow Cake by Aleta Meadowlark at [...]

  562. abi Said,

    I totally love the look of this cake and your reply’s to peoples emails gave me a really good laugh thanks for sharing!!

  563. LuMarie Said,

    Thank you so much! I just started WW a few weeks ago and was doing an image search for “cake” to torture myself. Saw this pic and thought “if only I could make it low point” Perfect. Will make for my birthday in September.

  564. cupcakebug Said,

    Thank you!! I made this cake for my dad’s birthday and he loved it, as did everyone else. Pictures are on my blog!

  565. Rainbow Cake – Rainbeau Seitz Said,

    [...] seen other people make rainbow dyed cakes and have been planning to make one for my mother during our annual [...]

  566. TashaRose Said,

    Hi Miss Aleta,
    I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for posting your rainbow cake blog, I was so inspired that I went ahead and made a rainbow cake of my own. The occasion was perfect: A tie-dye themed baby shower! It was super fun to make and it turned out to be a huge hit at the party, so THANK YOU!!!
    I posted some pics of the cake, check it out!

  567. Rainbow Cake 2 « SUSAY – Design, Technik und Trends Said,

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  568. Beeth Said,

    OMG Thank you sooo much for a fabulous party cake! i’m doing rainbow theme and this is stunning! and who gives a rats ass if it’s not ‘healthy’? it’s a cake for goodness sake people! since when were they meant to be good for you! so i can’t wait to enjoy! thanks again!

  569. Cindy Said,

    Thanks for the inspiration and the hard work that went into your instructions and terrific photography!
    I made this cake tonight for my daughter’s birthday party! Can’t wait to cut into the cake and see the girls’ reaction!

  570. heather Said,

    wow! the cake looks excellent! the people who are complaining about how THEY didn’t make it right are buffoons because, honestly, don’t blame the person that 1st made it for something YOU did wrong. And it’s obvious to the people that don’t like it it’s your fault for making a DIET cake…… Thank-you for sharing the recipe, I’m hoping to make it for my birthday. Hopefully it’ll turn out excellent. :)

  571. Kiyanna Said,

    Thank you for the wonderful Ideal and the cake recipe (sans soda). I decided that i would make this cake for my neices ninth/ my daughters second birthday and instean of makeing a regular round cake (which i should have done) i made it in a sheet sized rectangulr baking pan and to also make it two layers!.LOTS OF WORK! well for me it was i guess because i wanted to make it perfect and im a sticlker for following directions to the tee when im using them. long story short.. i was up all nite baking for the bday princess bask…putting the cake together the next morning … some one has a bright ideal and both layers cracked wide open… after i frosted the bottom layer…tried to frost the tp layer in hopes of stopping the crackage … to no avail…i had a mini break down…refridgeration and 4 hrs later…SUCCESS!!! the cake was a absolute hit! its stopped craking in the fridge godmommy and i decorated the top and the girls n guests loved it ” oh its too pretty to eat” one woman said. but it was very moist and very yummy. we call it our EARTHQUAKE RAINBOW (BIRTHDAY) CAKE!


  572. mexicana!!! Said,

    gracias por la receta!!!! muy buena !!!! :)

  573. K Said,

    Thanks for the great idea and recipies! I didn’t realize that your cake/icing recipies were “diet” until I read your post more closely the day after we devoured our cake – I wouldn’t have guessed. I made one for my (adult) baby sister for her going away to do her masters party and it was a huge hit.

  574. Christina Said,

    Hi there. I’m really excited to try this out. What are your recommendations for using a giant sheet cake? How many boxes of mix would you use?

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    I really love this cake and asked my mum to make it for my birthday!! By the way i’m 13, not some weird 50 year old who still lives with her mum.

  577. Rena Said,

    hey i think that is awesome i cant wait to try it ..i love baking cakes and stuff …

  578. Hobbi Lobbi Said,

    This Was Awsome! The Cake Came Out Wonderful! Nayye Jk I Didnt Make It Yet, But I Will (:

  579. Sam Said,

    So many ways to make this visually spectacular cake!
    I think it is a wonderful special occasion delight.
    I’m dying to try it, I just can’t decide which ingredients to use.

  580. christine Said,

    i followed the rainbow cake directions EXACTLY…and my cake looked fine till i cut it, and it TOTALLY fell apart and now it looks SHITTY. i wouldn’t blame anyone who didn’t want to eat my shitty cake…it looks like a kindergartner made it!! i have pictures of my shitty cake if you’d like to email me back, i’ll send them to you…what went wrong? the picture of your sliced cake looks absolutley PERFECT! why doesn’t mine look like that? and it took almost two fucking hours to make my shitty cake! is that normal? how long did yours take? if in fact that IS your real cake…i think you photoshopped that shit…next time i think i’ll attempt to make rainbow cupcakes instead, that way i dont have to cut them..

  581. Zee Said,

    This cake looks so good my girlfriends bday is on tuesday and i’m def making this for her !!!

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  583. Lee Journell Said,

    hey… im making this right now and its in the oven. totally cute and fun. could care less about people complain’ about food coloring and diet soda… whatever, its a cake. if you want healthy, eat some grapes. it looks fantastic. one thing ( and this is because im stupid here)… you mentioned a 12oz can of sprite, but pictured a 20 ounce bottle…. i just went to the store and bought the things in the picture. so of course it made way too much batter, etc….
    i dont know or care how it turns out, im sure as hell will be eating it anyway….

    thanks so much and the pictures are great, btw…. i just found your website last week and love it. please keep going……much love.

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  585. Heidijoy Said,

    Okay… I loved the cake and so did my 2 children! Just the way you said to do it…. lol! Also, I must say, in a sincerely non-A**hole way, that I love your attitude! I got a kick out of reading what you have written! You’re very straight forward, not a quality many people have left…

  586. cookie Said,

    I DID THis cake yesterday,, man something went wrong it looked like a big mess haha it came apart , i think i had to let it cool a lot more before i took it out the pan…OH WELL..

  587. Elisa Said,

    I made this for my kids today using regular recipe white cake mix (eggs, oil, water) and it is delicious! I love this idea and you crack me up w/ the way you write.

    I considered using some natural food coloring as red 40 kind of freaks me out but heck w/ it, it’s not like we’ll eat this everyday. ;)

    What a happy cake! I had enough to make 4 cupcakes, too.

  588. Tanya Said,

    WOOOOOW! Cool cake! When you pour the colored batter into the pans…do you spread it to the sides or does it just spread when you put it in the oven? Beautiful cake :)

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    i love the cake and i am very excited to do this cake with my 4 year old grandaughter she loves rainbows
    i think i will even do it for snack in her preschool
    thank you for sharing

  591. Sofia Said,

    maybe you should put a damn ingredients list and how long you should leave the fucking cake in the oven ASSMASTER

  592. Sofia Said,


  593. lagne Said,

    What an awesome idea, and I love the photography. Can’t wait to try this. And, um, Sonia up there? Time for meds, shugs. If someone called me “assmaster,” I think it’d probably turn me on.

  594. lagne Said,

    Haha. Sonia/Sofia. Different name, same crazy-as-hell non-assmaster.

  595. Karley (From Mene ^^) Said,

    Omg! It looks sooo yummy o.o I’m going to save the recipe its that alright and try it some time. >>; Love the Q & A I can’t believe they freaked out about stuff like that…Anyways Thank you! Oh And Sofia…Its called a brain…or logic….Try using it sometime okay it really REALLY helps.

  596. Tanya Said,

    This is awesome, I love it. I’m thinking about doing orange and black for Halloween! Thanks for the great Idea!

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  598. shirley Said,

    hey there,

    this is neat! i bake rainbow cakes too and they are fantastic! i tried adding a box of jell-o in the recipe too and it turned out awesome!

  599. Jennifer Said,

    Very cool looking cake, I am going to make this cake for my husbands birthday, but will be covering it with white fondant and decorating it will all different kinds of candy!!! p.s. LOVE the pic of your dirty dishes, you should have it printed on would make great kitchen art!!

  600. Rachel Said,

    Thats the most awesome cake EVER, Im so doing that for my sister(s, I have two) birthday…and my mom…hahhah Thank you for the great idea!
    The cake is very beautiful^_^<3

  601. Amber Said,

    Thanks for this recipe! I searched “awesome cake recipe” and found your blog. Off to bake one now, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow.

  602. nettie morgan Said,

    hi just had to say i found your site while surfin the net looking for a funky cake to make for my friends birthday.she is def getting this cake,just gotta sort out what to decorate it with : /
    thanks for putting it online.

  603. Belinda Said,

    OMG!! I just came across your page while looking at rainbow pics. Your cake is great!!! I can’t wait to bake it myself…I love the way you responded to silly comments too LoL “My cake burnt” hahaha
    I use to sell cakes so I know it would very much like doing a Marble cake! Great pics too !! sooo much color, I can make this for my friend bday coming up soon :D Keep posting :D

  604. Katie Said,

    Hey, my son’s 1st birthday is coming up soon and I plan on making this cake for him, but do you think making it with angel food cake would work as well?

  605. Hannah Said,

    A friend of mine is turning 15 tomorrow and I bought the ingredients for this cake earlier today.
    Im so excited! His card come complete with unicorns and rainbows. I hope he has a big sense of humor like me!

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    I made this cake and loved it!
    Thank you so much for bringing this into my life! haha

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    She needs something spastic in her life.

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    Not only does this look yummy and fun, I laughed through the whole recipe. I enjoy your wit. Thank you for not taking life so seriously.
    peace in the middle east.

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    Wow this looks amazing

  617. BP Said,

    I made this cake for a few friends and we LOVED it! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be

  618. Kristen Said,

    I was inspired by this recipe nearly a year ago, and I am just now getting around to my attempt at making something similar… I’m going with cupcakes in Halloween colors. :) Thanks for sharing this awesomeness!

  619. Gena Said,

    Your rainbow cake looks really cool. I plan to try it out for my daughters birthday. However you made it doesn’t matter. What people don’t seem to realize is that you can use an idea and make it however you want to create your own great taste. Thats what these sites are made for to share ideas. If people don’t like it or don’t agree than simply move on to the next. Anyway, thank you for sharing it’s a fun a creative idea regardless of who came up with it first.

  620. Secia Said,

    I think this is a great idea – as for the earlier comments re health hazards i say GET A LIFE – life is all about moderation and balance.. one little piece of cake aint gonna kill anyone.

  621. ambii jonas Said,

    can u really make this, or where can i buy the colorants?♥

  622. Ghan Said,

    You’re fucking hilarious. Also, thx, I’m making my own rainbow cake.

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    I copied down the list of ingredients from the pic you had. That was a 20 oz bottle of Sprite. … I KNOW you said 12 oz in the text, but the pic was 20 oz. Anyway… when you make this cake with 20 oz of pop, it is really shitastic.

    Maybe a new pic? ;)

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  629. Bridget Said,

    This recipe just solved all my problems! :) My best friends turns 21 next week and i thought hell who doesnt like getting cakes for their birthday. So im making a peace sign cake with the tye dye on the inside.

    And i love how you are blunt and witty.
    thanks for posting this!

  630. jonathan Said,

    OMG! Holy crap, you just made my day. now i no what i want for my birthday. Thanks, your my new cooking idol.

  631. Tara Said,

    Hi im thinking about making this cake for my friends…. you just add soda, no eggs or oil or anything?

  632. Joe Said,

    i love this caKe ..made it 4 m wife …fell in love! :)
    P.S. send it to al ur friends….good 4 kids

  633. Karie Said,

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    All that is left is to add the artificial flavor to make it taste like Playdoe

  636. Paula Said,

    What a hoot!!!! The vastness of idiocy in one blog. I can’t believe people have really asked such absurd questions! The blog has certainly been entertaining. I want to make it for my kid – without the artificial sweeteners or artificial colors. It’s a little too bright too. And, well he does like chocolate. Do you think I could make him one with chocolate cake mix, eggs oil, milk and no food color? Gee, I think I’ll try that. I’ll let you know how it turns out – probably just like the rainbow cake only brown and choc full of calories & fat. LOL

  637. Omar Said,

    So hungry now.. can I have some?

  638. vickahhhhh Said,

    this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo totally awesome…hoothoot is my biff and we are gonna make this cake together along with gesundheits kuchen :) this better work or else damn it!

  639. hoot hoot Said,

    i love this cake and i have no idea what you guys are talking about that this person is an assmaster. they took the time to write the recipe for you and all you did was yell at them. that is real low.

  640. Jolene Said,

    We made this for my daughter’s 7th b-day and it was a hit. I love love love this cake!!!!

  641. Cedric Said,

    We love the cake. It makes me happy :D food colouring is good so jog on Anonymous.

  642. Lizelle Said,

    I loved your answers to the silly complaints as much as I love the cake. Can’t wait to bake it for my kids. Awesome!

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    woah!!! you totally know how to make a cake! i’ve never saw anything like it before… i’m gonna go beg my mom to make it!!!
    PS. awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  645. none of your beeswax Said,

    woah!!! you really know how to make a cake! i’ve never saw anything like it’s amazing!!…now i’m gonna go beg my mom to make it!!!
    PS. awesome job!!!

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  647. sarah Said,

    dear madam, you are a cake wizard.

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    this looks pretty cool but everyone know that if we try to make it, it wont turn out to look like that! nice try though.

  649. peacefultowers Said,

    The cake turned out beautifully

    you are so funny, blessed with a great sense of humour

    thank you :)

  650. riddlywalker Said,

    Finally! America has it’s own cuisine! It’s a ‘Disney mates with the Wizard of Oz humunculous Cuisine’ but it’s all yours guys! Bon Appetit!

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    I don’t really care enough to be health conscious. As a matter of fact I’d prefer things I eat to be full-flavored and fat-full rather than all fat-free and tasteless. So…how could I achieve this? I don’t really care about artificial dyes either.

  653. Judy Wilson Said,

    I have a question. When you bake the tye dye cake with two boxes of cake mix, do you need a taller round cake pan? I’m afraid if I use the cake pan I normally use for one box of cake mix, that the cake will overflow the cake pan. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  654. isha Said,

    I was wondering how to get the cake out of each pan without it falling apart? And is it better to wait until it is completely cool to take them out of the pans? I made this cake yesterday and it just completely crumbled. Too bad because it looked sooo pretty!

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  656. KittyKat Said,

    I just made this cake and it was really awesome. Mine came out with some really neat designs. Be warned, if you use the real cake batter recipe like I did, you will get a little bit of a “mixing” instead of nice layers of color because of the difference in the weight of the batter and the way it rises, but it still looks really cool.

    And do everyone who is like ewwwwww food coloringgggg why don’t you 1. Not read a recipe about a rainbow cake and 2. Definitely don’t post about rainbow cake

    Didn’t your momma ever teach you if you don’t have anything good to say, stfu? :-P

  657. Timmie Said,

    Saw this at 2:15 am, bought the stuff at Walmart at 2:30am and I am so excited to make this cake!!! Heck I dont even care if it tastes good or not, its colorful, so I will eat it anyway. LOL. I cant wait to try this out! ^.^

  658. Ben Said,

    I can’t believe some of the comments being made to you.
    The world is full of idiots. If you don’t like food colour, don’t make this. If your not on a diet, make as per instructions on cake box but assemble as per your instructions. One cake on top of the other is a layer cake…pretty standard stuff. You have real patience to actually warrent these comments with a reply; I salut you!
    Oh, BTW, nice job!

  659. Becca Said,

    That is one badass cake! Im gonna make it for my son’s 1st birthday in March. I wonder if it’s possible to do cupcakes like that as well? I’m gonna go experiment then! That’s a sweet ass job! Awesome pictures!

  660. Lisa Said,

    Would like to smash a cake into the face of those that accuse you of anything and insist on showing their lack of a vocabulary by cussing..whew..that being said, thanks for the recipre, pictures, amusing comments and a way to entertain my daughter on a winter day…yummmm..will visit again….:)

  661. Becca Said,

    Lisa–sorry. :) hehe. but you must admit.. badass does describe it pretty well. :D It just amazed me! Flourishing extravagance of a cake.

  662. Willow Said,

    Great pics of a very well crafted rainbow cake! I’m going to try the technique on a vanilla recipe I have and hope my rainbow cupcakes turn out as well as yours. :)

  663. Toxic Said,

    hehe looks great and I love youre FAQ!

    Does it make your poo multi coloured or just brown like when you mix all the colours together in art class?

    I feel like a kid again!

  664. Keira Said,

    I love the idea, I am sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out if I have time to do it before my family gets home!!! They love cake and this would be such an awesome surprise!!! Thanks so much for the idea. I think I’m going to use a butter cake (that’s what I always use and I dye them all the time) and I’ll dye the store bought frosting too :) OK so I’m lazy but I know I like the flavors and I really think that diet is a four letter word so I stay away from it…. We drink soft drinks, eat red meat, use full fat dressings and lots of butter and salt and we are all healty. Not overweight, no health problems ie: HBP, Cholestrol etc. We enjoy life. Thanks again so much. My family will be enjoying this tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

  665. catherine Said,

    this is awesome!
    i’ll be making this to take to school on the last day of our finals to celebrate becoming a second semester senior!! (:

  666. Laura Said,

    I just have to say, first of all, that I think it’s weird being comment #666. But what I really have to say is THIS RECIPE IS MADE OF AWESOME!! I know two little twin girls turning 5 next week who will LOVE it. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. It looks amazing!

  667. amie Said,

    Oh my that is absolutly amazing! This is definately going to be the next baking project at our house.

  668. Rachel Said,

    I don’t even know how I found this in the first place, but the minute I saw your cake I knew I had a theme for my daughter’s first birthday. I made this cake the old fashion way with the eggs and oil, and it was amazing. It took me a long time to get the right color intensity and I was nervous that the cake would be tough, but it was one of the moistest cakes I have ever eaten. It was a HUGE hit at the party. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

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    i’m gonna make one myself, thanks for the recipe! :)

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    TERRIFIC! I am having a tie dye party for my daughter at the end of the month and this is exactly the inspiration I needed for an awesome cake to go with the theme. THANK YOU!

  674. Frances Said,

    <3 it looks delicious! I WILL TOTALLY MAKE IT. Thank you soo much for it :)

  675. yukari Said,

    the coolest cake!
    and thanks for the recipe!
    i tried this and post some pics on flickr.


    [...] Photography & Recipe from Omnomicon: How to Make a Rainbow Cake! [...]

  677. Rosa Said,

    So I’m thinking this is a GREAT idea…but maybe as cupcakes :)

  678. nolan stobinski Said,

    oh my god that cake looks sooooo good ! im making that for my birthday ^_^ !

  679. Dragonfly cakes Said,

    I can’t wait to make this cake today.
    A few of members of the family are on weight watchers so this is fab. I am going to make it with my moms fav. colors for her birthday next week. To bad I didn’t find this a week ago, It would have been great for my Daughters 16th bday.

  680. Kellie Said,

    Hello there you genius! I am writing to tell you (and ask if it’s ok) that I just linked you on my blog page. It’s the first time I’ve ever linked anyone, and am not sure of the rules to linking. Do I ask first, do I link and tell you, do I just link………. So stressful!!!

    We saw this post and started making this cake, gushing about your blog to anyone who would listen. Our family is now hooked on this cake and we all check in with your blog regularly for a smile and a new recipe.

    Thanks for all the hard work, for the wonderful pictures and for being you. You’re wonderful. Thanks!

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  683. Jefner Said,

    Bah Humbug to all the anti-additives people! I live in the UK so can’t get hold of all the ingredients so will, as suggested use my own recipe, but as for the colourings – its once a year – I can cope with my daughter going “hyper” for an afternoon :) She has been planning her 4th birthday Rainbow Party since about a month after her third birthday so she will love this to bits! Now all I have to do is work out how I can make a standing up rainbow to go on top (she’s too young to get the idea that its a rainbow cake if there isn’t one on the outside!)

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  684. lexasaur Said,

    hmmm so im making this now, checked on it 20 minutes into cooking, pulld the tray out and the middle wiggled….like, the top part was cooking, but the inside was still wet batter ?? and i only have 5 more minutes its supposed to be in! am i not supposed to cook both cakes at once or something? thoughts, anyone?

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    yummy yummy i am making it soon can’t wait to see how it goes
    yummy yummy that’s all i can say that looks yummy :D :D :D :D

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  688. Ashley Marshall Said,

    thank you SO much for posting this cake! it’s beautiful and so much fun! i was inspired by the rainbow colors but, since we’re vegan, couldn’t comply with the recipe–instead, i doubled a cupcake recipe from ‘vegan cupcakes take over the world’ and added the coloring as directed. this cake rocks!!! blogged about it at

    thanks again for the inspiration and don’t let the nasty comments get you down!

  689. Ashley Marshall Said,

    weird, just realized that the comment thing already tracked my blog post. huh. technology.

  690. sylvie Said,

    It’s wonderful but I don’t understand very well the english so can you give me the recipe in french ????
    Thanks a lot

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  692. Sunnie Said,

    My son made this cake right away for his wife’s birthday. Teal frosting w/h dark blue accents. She was like” oh nice ” untill we cut it then it was” OH WOW”!! Great cake,easy to make even for a young man. Thank You for sharing it with us. Oh yeah, we made it w/t ALL the fat & taste & it came out perfect. Wish I could post a picture. Will make this many times in the future. Stop being so mean to this lady, it’s only a cake, not selling top spy secrets, who cares where it came from!!! Open Wide & Chew! Now Swallow! YUM! YUM!

  693. Clare Said,

    I really want to bake this cake but we dont have all those fancy ingredients here in The Sticks (The Cotswolds, UK) I am so jealous!!!!!!!! Maybe next time I visit the states I’ll stock up on baking products!! x THANKYOU for the pretty pics tho xxxxx

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  695. Rachel Said,

    OMG, I just “stumbled” upon this and it has inspired me to do some baking again! The cake looks so amazing! I think I will do it with the box directions because I’m not worried about my health..haha. If only I had something to make it for!

    btw…I noticed many people said that the cake burned in the bottom on the pan and got stuck…
    I was kind of a cake apprentice, and we always lined our cake pans with canola or veg oil/spray and laid a piece of waxed paper on top of that(cut it to fit the pan). I never had a problem with burned/stuck cakes after that. =) and the paper peels right off! (I think this is shown in the pictures.)

    Also, if you are impatient…like I am haha, bake the cake at night, and cool it overnight so the frosting doesn’t melt on top of it…or my fav trick, putting it in the freezer for a bit!

    Happy baking and thanks for sharing this!

  696. irene Said,

    how long exactly should i bake it on the oven?

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  698. Kirsty Said,

    I think the cake is pretty awesome. I also love your FAQ, I cannot believe you had so many dopey questions and I can imagine it would be extremely frustrating.

    I now need an excuse to make it… although trust me it will not be diet!! Hee hee.

  699. heather Said,

    i just made this cake and it turned out exactly like the picture. a little bit more work to mix the individual colors, but totally worth it. i added a cup of milk to the frosting recipe and it spreads a lot easier. if you chill it after it’s been frosted, it’s super good. thanks so much for posting the recipe- i’m making this for an olympics party we’re having at work and it’s bound to be a HUGE hit!!

  700. Jarely Said,

    TOO MANY COMMENTS!!! {love the cake ;) } GO CAKE! (^-^)

  701. mop Said,

    ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyI AM GAY

  702. mop Said,


  703. xgravity23 Said,

    I love this! And I’m surprised you still have comments open after all the “can’t believe you feed this crap to your kids” bullshit. Anyway, can’t wait to make it! I’ll blog about it too and link back here if I’m successful. :)

  704. Div Said,

    I Stumbled upon your website and it was probably the highlight of my day. I have a huge list of cakes I want to make and I pushed them all back to make this one. I made it for my friends and didn’t tell them … they were totally uninterested in the cake at first because it looked like a regular white cake, but as soon as I cut it I seriously heard people screaming in the back round … did I mention we are all in high school?

  705. ok thats cool Said,

    Hey im only 13 and im working on making the perfect cake and this will help thx

  706. Chris Said,

    Wow, Thanks for doing a great job with photo’s and description. People are really lame if they can’t figure it out after all the time you spent on it. I can’t believe you spent time answering some basic cooking things that people should have been able to figure out themselves. As for the “stealing” accusation, really people? Heaven for bid someone take the time that you did and show off your awesome work. I don’t recall you taking credit for the idea, so what’s the big deal if you post something that you made in your own kitchen(you got mad skills in the kitchen)! Gee’s I will have to remember that the next time I make chocolate chip cookies and cite my references! So that is my rant, umm….you rock!!!!

  707. Andy » Anna’s 4th Birthday rainbow cake Said,

    [...] by this post but I altered it. I just followed the box cake recipe for white cake. Used gel coloring. Looked [...]

  708. indri Said,

    Is it possible I can get the ingredients in Indonesia,

  709. No thank you Said,

    Eww. I wouldn’t eat this if I were starving and there was no other food around for 100 miles. Plain old dirt would be more nutritious.

  710. Mniva21 Said,

    this care looks awesome!! i cant wait 2 try it 4 mi b-day!

  711. Mniva21 Said,

    :D :) :( <3:p

  712. Judy Said,

    Made the non-diet version and it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! But I am wondering (like Meaghan comment 319) if anyone knows why my gel colors were so light? The batter and cake in the photos is so vibrant and though I used the entire tube of gel for each cup of batter, my colors were just pastel. (I used the small Wilton tubes.) Thanks, Judy

  713. Willi Said,

    i am willi
    i am from german
    i say wath of german:
    Ich hab den Kuchen noch nicht ausprobiert ich finde aussehen tut er ganz schön komig aber ich lasse mich überraschen.

  714. BingoBongo Said,

    … not to be a dick or anything, but as nerdy as you are… which i love. LEARN TO SPELL the word COLOR. it’s not COLOUR. it’s like misspelling FAVORITE with FAVOURITE. just because some fancy idiot uses them doesn’t make them spelled right.

  715. Tiara Said,

    BingoBingo: So 95% of the world are “fancy idiots” then?

    Also, just curious – why does WW consider soda to be healthier than real eggs and butter? Does the soda contribute anything to the cake process?

  716. Renegade rainbow post! « Joyce's Blog Said,

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  717. Rainbow Cake « Said,

    [...] fun for immediate gratification, too. So I shared the link with some friends and I was led to this rainbow cake and I figured it was a bit more up my alley time-wise over the [...]

  718. Abby Said,

    I’m gonna use this for my mom’s birthday, minus the soda and diet-ness of it. She’ll love it :D

  719. ShyWolf Said,

    This is the 1st rainbow cake I’ve ever seen and it is flipping awesome! I’m going to be making rainbow cakes for every occasion, lol. I’m even going to make one and bring it in to work as well. :) Thanks for posting this and have a great day.

  720. Gigi Said,

    I plan on making this. Do I need two boxes of Cake mix and pudding or can I actually only use one of each?

  721. jane Said,

    what is the difference in making it with or without soda

  722. Rebecca Said,

    First let me say I think its a very pretty cake! Id have loved to make one for my kids years ago.. the only reason Im writing is I just had to tell you that if you think cutting out the fat will make you lose weight.. your wrong.. you need to cut out the sugar! not fat.. that is one of the biggest stupidest fallacies that has ever been told to your homework online.. if you cut out fat.. then replace it with all that sugar.. what do you think happens to that sugar in your body? .. it turns into fat among other things.. it also raises your blood sugar which wreaks havoc on your body.. Im not going to preach anymore but look it up.. if you really want to lose weight.. eat a balanced sensible diet.. lots of veggys, fruit ( smaller amounts because they also have natural sugars) and meat.. cut out all white foods! and sugar.. and the only safe sweeteners are xylotol which is really good! or dam forgot the name of the other one but it has an aftertaste.. try xylotol.. its cheaper at places like super supplements or health food stores but most grocery stores carry it.. you can use it like sugar in recipes and it cools like sugar and tastes as good or better i think! and use whole wheat flour if you need flour.. I know. it wont taste the same but if you really want to lose weight and be healthy.. hats the only way to do it and BE HEalthy! just do some research on what sugar does to you.. you do know at one time it was outlawed as a drug? yep.. look it up!

  723. Wishing4One Said,

    All i want to say is that this is THE hottest cake ever! I am so going to try it, when I feel brave enough and figure out if they even have gel food coloring here in Cairo, which I am thinking NOT as I haven’t seen traditional liquid food coloring. Anyway thanks for posting and wish me luck.

  724. Susan Said,

    My best friend made us this cake last year after she saw this blog. It was AWESOME! Thanks for the great food ideas :) You rock :)

  725. Meredith Said,

    I’m about to make this for a National Foreign Language dinner. I love the idea! It’s so colorful, and looks really delicious! I’m sure my friends are going to love this cake. Hope it turns out well ^_^ Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  726. Mandie Said,

    Okay… I made the cake, made sure to adequately grease and flour my pan, and followed the instructions from you and on the box. I doubled the recipe and used gel colors (I even got the neon color set so I could have orange and purple pre-mixed and ready to squirt). Since I was making the cake for my triplets’ 2nd birthday, but we had no power, I had to rush to my brother’s house up the road and make the cake in someone else’s kitchen, with no practice runs. It came out awesome, albeit nothing like what your cake looks like. Mine was tie-dyed. Very, very cool looking, but not what I was expecting. We didn’t get to serve the cake for the birthday party due to it not cooling off in time to serve it (sad), but we are still eating it. ;) I think, in the end, that I overmixed the batter, causing it to be much more smooth and liquidey, which is what made it swirl all together. I have a picture posted here:, and here:
    I thought maybe if anyone wanted to try to make their cake more psychadelic, they can follow my over-mixing mistake, LOL!

    PS – Aleta, I think I love you. Please keep making fun of jerks that call you names, and people who give you unsolicited advice regarding sugar consumption, et al. Never mind the dye haters. Peace!!

  727. Shinas Said,

    these pics look grrrrrrrrr8!!
    i really wanna try this once at leats!
    thnx for sharing this

  728. Raquel Said,

    Hi. I was wondering whether you have to add eggs and oil because the instructions on the back of the Betty Crocker White cake mix box stated that an egg is required.

  729. rainbows= Said,


  730. siirt haber Said,

    siirt haberleri

  731. Gift ideas « KRISATOMIC Said,

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  732. mikruska Said,

    welcome! Pictures of the cakes look wonderful, but I have a problem with understanding the preparation of … what products are needed and in what quantities … if someone could translate me into Polish, then I would be very grateful … my e-mail … I tried to explain the google translator, but came out with something totally incomprehensible that ….

  733. Jade Said,

    Oh this looks delicious. I say bugger the diet and go full sugar full fat and devour. YUM!

  734. Saturday Stumbles « .:The Frugal Frontier:. Said,

    [...] How to Make a Rainbow Cake — I am definitely going to make one of these someday–just need to figure out the right occasion!  How beautiful! [...]

  735. bell Said,

    soooooo awesome making this bad boy for my birthday!! ..cos ill be alone and need to add a bit of colour to my day…

    and to all those complaining about the food colouring and how ‘bad it is for u’etc. well dont make it!! if ur on a diet (firstly put the cake down and find a boring one to make) dont attack the poor cake its not like ur eating it everyday for breakfast anyways..

  736. grandma jody Said,

    this cake is perfect for so many occasions. just to name a couple perfect occasions… i’m a flower child from the 60′s and 70′s. for my grandson, who has autism, it’s the perfect birthday cake. he’s coming home for spring break. i can hardly wait to make this!

  737. carly Said,

    I tried the cake it was nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will NEVER make that cake EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  738. carly Said,


  739. three « VintageMamaSew's Blog Said,

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  740. ucak bileti Said,

    this is the most beautiful cake of the world.. i like that

  741. forex Said,

    i want one… thank you for this

  742. Nat Said,

    what sized pan and how many pans did you use?

  743. David Said,

    This cake is awesome, and I will bake it one day. Mean photos, too. Awesome.
    Very trippy.

  744. Paula Said,

    I just stumbled upon your recipe. Perfection. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and we’re in the middle of a semi-warm spell for once so I’ve been having uber Spring Fever the past few days. What a perfect way to celebrate! Thanks again for the share. Kudos! :)

  745. Alexandra Said,

    Thank you SO much for this recipe. My boyfriend and I made a date out of this, and had such a great time making the rainbow cake. I will be posting photos on my blog if you’d like to check it out. Thorough instructions, and I love your photographs.

  746. St. Patrick’s Family Night « Jacinda Hale-Yeah! Said,

    [...] 12, 2009 Family Night Leave a Comment Our festivities began with the girls making our rainbow cake. Look it up to get the instructions. Heather shared it with me since we were both doing the same [...]

  747. Mahmoud Said,

    Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t artificial sweeteners more of a carcinogenic if heated?

  748. Thursday Yummies « Mona says Said,

    [...] am Tags: Random, Recipes So I’d been wanting to bake a cake for a bit and when Sue sent me this link, I decided to give it a shot. Misha came over, we picked Noo up, put the younger kids down for [...]

  749. sir jorge of culver Said,

    wow, that’s just too cool! I wish my parents were that creative when I was a kid

  750. Add Cake Blog » Blog Archive » Art Party Said,

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  751. Courtney Said,

    I made this but in cup cake form. they looked cool. it wasn’t diet though it was just a basic fairy cake recipe then i made colourful icing. =]

    Btw I’m 14 and from New Zealand XD

  752. Tina Said,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! And BTW…you are friggin’ hysterical! Thanks for the laughs as well :)

  753. Mom of 4 Said,

    Thank you. How cute & Pretty of a cake.
    I make all my cakes w/the diet soda & cake. Kids love it still. Nice treat.

    Surprising them tonight w/the rainbow cake, looks like a “regular” cake I have already iced.
    Can’t wait to surprise them!

    I plan on making rainbow cupcakes for the Pre-K & Kindergarten classes for tomorrow (a li’l bit
    more work..heck I may just make the regular cake instead).

    Thanks for the idea! Sometimes the neatest things are the simplest to do!

  754. Rainbow Cake « Andrea's Angle Said,

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  755. bellsinspires Said,

    i tried making rainbow cupcakes this weekend, thanks to your lovely inspiration! mine were uber ugly, but i linked your page in my blog so everyone could see what it was actually supposed to look like ;)
    hope you don’t mind!
    thanks for being awesome.

  756. Caro Said,

    God, I can’t believe the audacity of some people. No one has any courtesy… Come ON people! Don’t like the diet cake/icing? Make a damn normal cake with some damn normal icing! Don’t like the chemicals that come with food coloring products? Don’t make this cake AT ALL! And anyway, it’s cake. CAKE of all things. Jesus Christ on a pony.

    Anyway, best cake ever. I’ve been looking for a good recipe for a rainbow cake and this is just perfect. Very fun, and I think it’d work well in cupcake form. Nice clear instructions. I’ll have to try it very soon!

  757. Regenbogenfarbenkuchen « omgunmen Said,

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  758. ANTHS Said,

    omg now my school is going to make some omnom cake!!
    ooooh man!

  759. Devin Said,

    Yours came out so fabulous. My colors unfortunately were so much more pastel, before baking it looked like a Dr. Seuss book. I’m going to keep trying though. I love this!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  760. Denise Said,

    People…it’s a freakin cake!

    Personally I LOVE it!

    Rock on sistah for getting 757 comments on a CAKE!

  761. Rainbow cake « Said,

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  763. Ariel Said,

    Over spring break we threw a suprise party for my best friend and we made this cake for him. It turned out great!

  764. Christina Gillam Said,

    Since I’m a poor destitute teenager and am going now where this spring break, mom is graciously letting me bake this *fantastic* cake this saturday. Way better than going to Cancun…

    I’m gonna add rainbow sprinkles to mine….and skittles…it’s going to be rainbowtastic.

    Thanks for making my spring break rainbowtastic by providing this loverly recipe :D

  765. Hobgoblin Said,

    I apologise on behalf of the civilised people in the world for the blinkered,philistine pig ignorance of the posters on here that just come on to criticize your recipe. They can see what it is about, why should they make comments when it is obviously not the blog for them. They do it out of spite. Nice recipe, thanks for being bothered to do something.

  766. Single mom Said,

    This is the coolest thing i have seen in a long time. thank you so much for sharing.

  767. Paper Dolls for Boys Said,

    That’s a lot of freakin’ comments. I just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh, your writing is wonderful. And the cake is all kinds of cool looking. I will keep the rainbow idea in mind for my son’s upcoming birthday.

  768. Simply Cindy » Blog Archive » Cute Easter Desserts… Said,

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  769. Dez Said,

    I used the basic rainbow-tastic idea of this cake to make my own cake recently for an Alice in Wonderland party. I made the cake using an old standby recipe, same for frosting. Most people didn’t really care about whether or not the cake tasted good when they saw the inside of the cake, though! It was a total showstopper at the party.

  770. Nikki Said,

    Question… when you double the recipie how do you split it up? Do you put a whole box into one pan?? I just made one and only used one box and it has risen up all the way split up into two pans. Just wondering how you made it work doubling the recipie. Is it because you made it diet perhaps….?

  771. A_Marie Said,

    Okay, this cake has totally inspired me. Good friend’s birthday is coming up, and she’s sort of a hippie. She’ll love this.

  772. Share Filtration Said,

    This is very inspiring, if conditions permit, I would like to make cakes by myself.

  773. Anju Thomas Said,

    Awsome display…..with due courtesy I am picking up one of these beautidul photographs to my lifology blog………Thanks for sharing the cake mixture!!!

  774. LALALA Said,

    i want that for my party so f-ing bad!it looks so cool!!!!

  775. A_Marie Said,

    Just wondering, can sprite be substituted for Fresca?

  776. rakeback deals Said,

    This looks interesting and i have ti try it … but i got a question: Is there some other food that looks unusual that you can bring on this site? I should hope it is … because i wanna have some great foods when i have some friends coming over.

  777. COLOR! « Cake and Crossbones Said,

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  778. is ilanlari Said,

    very delicious.. thanks a lot..

  779. kabin memuru Said,

    hmmm i am felling hungr.. thank you so much.:)

  780. istanbul Said,

    i like it.. cool picss.. thankss … cakes cakes cakes..

  781. play65 Said,

    very nice recipe.. regards

  782. blogspot themes Said,

    i want to eat sometin.. because it looks pretty:P

  783. a persone Said,

    awsome cake but color is spelled C O L O R not colour Smartie

  784. nicole smith Said,



  785. Julia Said,

    I think this cake is an amazing idea. It’s also very pretty in your pictures. However, when I attempted to make it, it completely FAILED. The cake stuck to the pan and pretty much fell apart. The icing was also waaaay too runny and just glopped over the sides. So, altogether, I don’t really know how you got those results, but it still tasted good!

  786. michelle Said,

    LOOKS BAD ASS!!! Will attempt to make, but I dunno if it’ll look this good! Wish you made house calls, lol.

  787. Melanie Said,

    I made this for Easter dinner tomorrow. I made the colors pastel instead of bright because of the holiday. I also put a layer of frosting and coconut in the middle. I’m so excited to cut into it to see what it looks like. I found that the frosting was much easier to work with after I popped it in the microwave for 15 seconds. I made it green and put peeps on top. So cute! Thanks for the idea :)

  788. Yo Mama Said,

    Dude….. This cake is freakin awesome!!! Me and My freind are gonna make it today! It’ll be freakin AWESOME!!!!!! :)

  789. BandKid Said,

    This is probably the sexiest cake I’ve ever seen! Is it too terribly different to make it one layered, though? I don’t have two of the same size pan, and I pretty much just want to make a large cake for a marching band party this weekend. Would there be any differences in dying or pouring the colors if I were to make it a single layer (albeit, a taller layer)?

  790. Amy Said,

    This was awsome I bet this was the hit on the list. Yummmmmmmm….

  791. Erika Said,

    I just made this cake with my friend. It was so much fun :] We didn’t let it cool long enough so it got crumbly but it still tasted so good! We gave it out to friends and family. We are definitely making this more over the summer and perfecting it with your amazing directions :] Thanks for posting this! I love it and so did everyone who tried it. I even spread your recipe to a few family members. I gave them your website. Hope you don’t mind!! :]
    <3 Erika

  792. Jazverli Said,

    Awesome pictures, i’m going to try to bake this cake this afternoon and i cannot wait :)
    Looks very delicious but i think i am going to use regular cake ingredients.
    Can’t wait to show my baby :) ))

  793. Moniique Said,

    This cake looks great :D
    Yum, i want to bake it!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot wait ;)

  794. Moniique Said,

    Yummm, Yumm :) )

  795. Moniique Said,

    i’m sitting in tv production class right this moment …and we have to do a project so i googled something, and this is what came up!

    so guess what, i’m going to bake it =)))))

    Yummm too my tumm tummm lol

  796. Tina Said,

    Why can’t you use food coloring for this cake?

  797. RAINBOW CAKE « Portfolio Said,

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  798. Lauren L. Said,

    Going to attempt to make this for my son’s birthday this weekend. I’m going to make the full cake recipe though..won’t use the soda. Hope it turns out as great as yours :o )

  799. Lauren L. Said,

    OH..on a side note…if you mix the pudding mix with 1 cup (per box used) of skim milk before adding the whipped topping the frosting won’t be as difficult to spread. My mom has been making that frosting for years! :o )

  800. RAINBOW CAKES « Tiana Tea Party Blog Said,

    [...] For instructions: [...]

  801. Kate Said,

    So this is going to sound pretty lame, but I’ve been a huge fan of this recipe for a while, and I LOVE the picture of the dirty bowls and spoons stacked together. I love it so much that I want to frame it as art and hang it on my wall in my kitchen. Do you have a site that you do prints through?

  802. julie Said,

    i cant belive the amount of snobby people annoyed about the food colouring. It is cake it’s ment to be fun not super healty! this looks amazing i am going to make it tomorrow, hopefully it turns out as well as yours did :D

  803. titaz Said,

    wowww…. i love it!

  804. Jennifer Said,

    I loved this recipe! I did it the basic way without the soda but the idea to use diet soda is great! I made cupcakes instead for a bridal party, the bride is into the 80′s and all things bright! Thank you so much for the idea!!

  805. irishgirl Said,

    LOL’s at all the silly people on here talking trash about this CAKE!!! The poster of this is not saying MAKE MY CAKE OR ELSE….she is giving us an alternative to anordinarly boring white cake. If you dont like whats posted then why comment? I mean really grow up and DONT POST your remarks. Get over the fact that its awesome in color and it tastes just like a regular cake!
    I think its an awesome idea and am having my kids I nanny for help make it for their moms 38th birthday! We are a healthy household and every once in a while its OK to splurge and have fun with trying new things. Think back to when you were a kid…you played in dirt and ate things you shouldnt of…why go all postal on your kids now and freak out if they want to enjoy something cool like a cake! I’m sure we all have had cake at least once in our lives unless you live under a rock! GET OVER IT! If you dont like it then move on!

  806. Sara Said,

    do you need to use the soda? or can you just go by the box?

  807. rachelle Said,

    my rainbow cake is in the oven now baking,
    and i am soo excited for it!
    we used the regular dyes and the colors are just as bright.

    and for all of you complaining about feeding your kids these chemicals,
    well you don’t have to. i’d feed it to mine anyday.

  808. Meggles Said,

    Thank you so much for this idea! I’m going to have a tie dye cake for my wedding now!! =D

  809. When the Weather Gives You Rain, Make Rainbows… « Jeckabee Said,

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  810. ME! Said,

    You fucking retard, you spelled frosting wrong, what makes you think it would be spelled frostinging with 2 ing? Stupid people of the world haven’t you ever heard of SPELL CHECK?!?!?!?

  811. Alicia Said,

    This is great!! I’m making it for my girlfriend’s birthday (she doesn’t know).

    I’ve been looking for more ways to poison her with chemicals and aspartame anyway…

  812. Debbie Said,

    Well, although some commenting appear to not appreciate negative comments, I’m making mine anyway. This cake is absolutely disgusting. The ingredients are all chemicals, not real food. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to feed this to someone they cared about.

  813. Debbie Said,

    It’s been interesting to read through the posts.

    Someone posted, “I would suggest that each of you who feels negatively about any aspect of this recipe should take the time to develop an alternative to whatever you find objectionable about this cake.”

    Here’s what I could do to make it more healthy. I could use natural food colorings, ones that aren’t made from petroleum derivatives, which wouldn’t be quite as bright and are very expensive, but I’m sure would look pretty in a pastel kind of way. I could make homemade vanilla cake, use made from scratch pudding without artificials, and I’m not sure if real whipped cream would work? As for the soda, I’d use regular sprite or 7 up. Like another poster said, it would cost around 40$ and be nice for a very special occasion.

    Those of us posting about the unhealthiness of the cake aren’t saying eating cake is bad. I like cake and make it and enjoy it. It is the fake food ingredients that are bad. And for some people, once in awhile is too much. Lots of people have physical and behavioral reactions to fake food.

  814. LC Said,

    Thank you so much! what an amazing idea, I just baked it and I’m just waiting on it to cool. Can’t wait to try this out with other color combos :)

  815. Claire Said,

    “Those of us posting about the unhealthiness of the cake aren’t saying eating cake is bad. I like cake and make it and enjoy it. It is the fake food ingredients that are bad. And for some people, once in awhile is too much. Lots of people have physical and behavioral reactions to fake food.”

    Its a brightly coloured cake. I don’t think people look at it and go oh well its clearly 4 of my 5 a day. coming to preach about how bad food colourings are is arbitrary and a bit patronizing.

  816. Callie Said,

    This is delicious you guys should try it….

  817. robert Said,

    ima pumpkin….

  818. Lila Said,

    I in love woth washu washu, robert, edward, andrew, peter, michael, patrick, alexander, joshua, and martin

  819. kate Said,

    you rock… not quite sure why all of these jerks are posting lame negative comments. the cake is great! thanks so much!

  820. !!3 day weekend!! « Said,

    [...] finish this post.  Here’s the recipe (and the photo source) if you want to try it yourself! I stopped at Sephora for some lovely products that I can’t live without! My sister got me [...]

  821. Stacy Sweigart Said,

    I love this cake!! If you all had read the materials used, she said you can use ANY WHITE CAKE RECIPE….even a gross, healthy, organic and chem. free one!!
    Don’t hate on someone’s creativity just because you didn’t come up with the idea yourself!!
    I make a wonderful white cake with real butter and tons of white sugar and my 6 year-old son LOVES it!! Who in this world makes cake for their children every day??? UNLESS someone has an allergy… you even know how much food coloring one would have to eat to get some sort of reactions???? Come on, people!! Use the thing in you head…’s called a brain!!!!

  822. travesti Said,

    Thank you for your explanation. There really useful information.

  823. mad scientist party: first 5 experiments | One Charming Party Said,

    [...] size of marbles and filled the test tube. I thought this was one of the coolest experiments. 2. Rainbow cupcakes made with sprite: Inspired by the recipe in the link, we made rainbow colored cupcakes. Before I started this [...]

  824. Roby Said,

    Hi & thanks for sharing such a cool idea! My only question (that I didn’t see above) was this. If I’m taking 1 cupful of batter & placing it on top of the next and so on, will the batter spread out to the edges before I place it in the oven? Or should I help it spread out? Thanks so much!

  825. March Said,

    This is an incredible ideaa! I loved it, and I actually want to use it. But I have a few questions.. How can I make it non-fat ?? and without the soda type baking..? I’m from Mexico and I dont think I could find that color gel you mentioned… although I will look for it, but an advide for coloring woul be great..!

    Thanks again and congratulations!! you are so creative !!

  826. libbie doyle Said,

    This is sooooooo much fun! I can’t wait to make it! Thanks for sharing!

  827. Charlotte Said,

    You are a riot ! I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and comments ! Cake looks awesome we are making it for my nephews birthday :) Freaking genius ! :)

  828. gavan Said,

    Hi I added your creative content to support a dance party to raise funds for a community based non profit organisation. I hope you approve.
    or Community based organisation is

  829. Jill Said,

    i was just wondering what if u just wanna do one layer should u cut all the measurements in half? and if your not on a diet and just making it for fun u dont have to buy the fat free or use the soda or do you ?

  830. whitney Said,

    bump these haters.. this is awesome.. im going to make one next week for my godsons 2nd birthday! you are awesome..

    if your allergic or dont like diet soda or food coloring. understand this is a WEBSITE and no one cares. =)


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  832. Blanca Said,

    Ok I have to say that the cake looks very cool and yummy, i have to make for my love ones. the ilustration was great, i totally loved the pictures…but the best were your FAQ (lol) they were extremely funny, I could’t stop laughing.
    thanks 4 taking the time to do it and share it :)

  833. India Said,

    Hiya, was thinking of making this cake soon. Can you only get those gel food colourings in the US? x

  834. Karoline Said,

    Oh I just adore this cake and plan to make it for my son’s Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd birthday this weekend (he has an egg allergy so this is PERFECT!). Do you have any idea how many boxes of mix I should use for a sheet cake sized pan? I will not be double layering it…. just need to know how many to make a single layer?? Thanks!

  835. Nick Said,

    Do you think there is anyway I could make this into cupcakes by just putting them in a muffin sheet rather than a cake pan?

  836. Aurora Said,

    I made this cake for my English class and it turned out wonderfully. I was worried when the light brown crust on the cake prevented me from seeing anything on the inside and I just had to cut a slice for myself before I took it to class. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I got so many oohs and ahhs from the class. Thank you so much for this!

  837. Marsha Said,

    WOW!!! Phycadelic!! Peace signs, strobe lights and other stuff nice acctually my moms birthday is tomorrow!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D :)

  838. Katherine Said,

    I’m not good enough with the internet to post my pictures anywhere where other people can see them, but I have never baked a cake in my life, and using your instructions, made THE. MOST. AWESOME. CAKE. EVER for my daughter’s second birthday (I didn’t do the diet version, but just used a white cake recipe online). Thank you so much. This was the biggest hit ever. If you email me, I can email you two great shots I have of the cake, if you’re interested at all, but you’re probably not since you are already a master of this coolass cake. The reason I made it in the first place was b/c your description about the mother’s bday and coming out party all in one was so funny.

  839. Mary Said,

    I guess I am comment # 838…..It was May 3rd 2010 when I made my daughter’s first Pastel Rainbow cake using this tutorial.. It worked and I did it with French vanilla cake boxes and pastel rainbow colors with varying amounts not big to little but first a little pink, alot of light orange, alittle yellow, a little light green and alot of light aqua blue and a little glob of pastel violet. It was so fun with a rollercoaster of rainbow colors.The kids and the Adults squealed with wonder at the color. Truly the funnest cake I ever made and ate!

  840. Mary Said,

    Oh I was comment #839
    P.s Make it big with 2 cake boxes in a 10×13 round and cut it in half and stand it as an arch of a rainbow using the other half as 2 1/4 set ups for cloudsbuild a rice krispie block under the arch . Cover it in in rainbow stripes of marshmallow fondant and use marshmallows to build clouds ubnderneath pasting with frosting…great B-day Surprise

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  843. Joy Bachar Said,

    The comments posted about this cake are sooo funny. I am laughing out loud with tears nearly streaming down my face. Thanks for making my afternoon! I love the cake. It seems like the gel colorings work much better than traditional food coloring. I plan to make a rainbow cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. Gasp! Yes, I’ll be feeding this to children. Like someone else said, “there are far easier ways to kill your children”. Keep up the good work!!

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  845. Sunny Said,

    I LOVE this cake!!! Super cool!!! And yeah these geeks are effin’ jerks who need to get the sticks outta their asses. Yeah, sticks, that’s right bitches I said it. People who are that uptight and bitchy likely aren’t gettin’ the lovin’ so maybe that’s what their problem is lol. Anywho, this cake is awesome and I love it and I’m gonna make it tooooday. Thanks for posting it…even though I’m like a year late in reading it. :D

  846. sarrrah. Said,

    yummmm ! this looks so good, & thanks for posting. it’s a big help. i’m only 13 but i’m guna get mum to help me make one hahaha. :)

  847. anonymous Said,

    what is your problem lady you have one big attitude, this cake is crap.

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  849. Lynda.L Said,

    The rainbow cake is really colorful and thanks for the creator! Jjust can’t wait to make one and Keep up the good work!

  850. satvika Said,

    Hi.. thanks for the recipe and beautiful pictures… I have a small question. Did you add blue and yellow colors to the frosting for the first cake ? If yes, are those the same as what we use for the cake ?

    Thanks a lot,

  851. Rainbow cake « Mundicoisa Said,

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  852. Celine Said,

    Thank you for this great post! I was looking for a fun cake to do and found your blog. I tried this cake (but without the WW methode) as soon as I got home from work that day and it was a hit on my first try! My daughter loves it and now I need to make it for all her friends b-day, but that’s ok, it was sooooo easy to do. thank you! Celine (canada)

  853. » infinity-in-one Your Sock Drawer Said,

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  854. dominique Said,

    i found your rainbow cake via stumbleupon a few weeks ago and made it for my friends birthday using silver spoon food colouring and it came out good but not great
    then i used these wilton food colouring pots that i found in hobbycraft (£2.25 each but they’ll last forever) and got the same colours as you did in your cake!! this cake is ALWAYS a hit with everyone and it disappeared before i got a chance to taste it (BOTH TIMES) but i just want to say thank you for sharing such an awesome recipe.

  855. L Said,

    This was passed on to me and I have decided to astonish the guests at my wedding with this cake. I will be doing a non diet version because cake needs ALL the calories to be delicicious lol. I will be making a low fat version though for my birthday, I am trying to lose weight before hand.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  856. flicker-doodles » Red, white, and blue cupcakes Said,

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  857. sarah Said,

    Consider this facebooked.

  858. noberto Said,

    you guys need a life .
    Like omgg lol xD

    and once you people get a life call me up and suck my dick bitchesss hehehehe.Lets meet up at the GAy parade heh.

  859. Sara Said,

    perfect recipes

    I like it ,,,

    good work … thanks honey :)

  860. DaisyCrusher Said,

    My daughter has a very rare autosomal disease that severely restricts her diet. I have been searching for a way to make her a cake for her 8th birthday that is safe for her to eat (and not all out nasty too). We have had some bad outcomes to my efforts (door stop city). I am definitely interested in your recipe, and she loves whipped cream! Can’t wait to see what else you post

  861. Green Look « Stardust: The blog of glitter and dreams Said,

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  862. Jess N Laura! Said,

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  863. Jennifer Said,

    I was looking for a unique cake to make my daughter and found this and I can’t wait to try it. I even showed her the pictures (she is 4) and her jaw dropped and she was so excited.

    As for the chemicals, crap, blah blah blah. I feed myself and my kids healthy all the time. I’m beyond proud that my kids ask for fruit & veggies, even if we do have junk food in the house (which is rare). My kids only drink pop on special occasions (birthdays and the like). They drink water 95% of the time (juice in the morning). We eat organic, locally grown foods as much as possible. But you know what, you have to have fun every now and then. Moderation in everything.

  864. B Said,

    My fiance and I are making a multi tiered wedding cake using this. The outside will be (regrettably) stereotypical as per familys wants of something normal at our handfasting. Thank you for giving us an idea of how to quirk it and make it more us!

  865. SONIA CRAMER Said,


  866. kaylenK Said,

    i tried this, the oven was broke so i cooked it on the grill, still tasted amazing. it didnt rise very much cuz i used scrach cake mix

  867. Matt Said,

    1. You’re freakin hilarious.
    2. That cake looks awesome and I’m gonna make it.
    3. I like the pictures you took throughout the process. verrry nice.

  868. haab Said,

    ,, i just have one question ,, why didn’t u use eggs or oil or water ? i mean is it possible to bake a cake with out these them ? ,, and when u said that i can use any white cake recipe ,, do u mean normal recipe with eggs and oil ,,etc ?
    thnx in advanced ,,

  869. haab Said,

    ,, i just have one question ,, why didn’t u use eggs or oil or water ? i mean is it possible to bake a cake with out these them ? ,, and when u said that i can use any white cake recipe ,, do u mean normal recipe with eggs and oil ,,etc ?
    thnx in advanced ,,

  870. Susan Said,

    Wow, this was fantastic! I’m SO going to be making this for something – I’ll invent a reason if I have to!

  871. Altea Said,

    omg ur eating gay ppl if u eat this cake!

  872. Chris Said,

    You Rock!!! Thank you sooooo much. My friends think I am the amazing cake goddess now thanks to your easy instructions and pictures. Um, scratch that, Now they are going to expect me to make amazing baked goods on demand. Hmmmm. I am not so sure I like you any more. Probably not your fault I am a doormat who can’t say no, but somehow I feel you are responsible in some way. Sigh.

  873. Carrie Said,

    You crack me up! Don’t know why anyone would have problems with this…you’ve laid it out beautifully! My rainbow cakes are cooling as we speak….I’m having a hard time not ripping them in half to see the pretty colors inside!

  874. Naomi Said,

    This is effing awesome! Just sayin!
    I was trying to figure out what cake to get my 2 year old and now i know! she is going to freak! Thx!
    P.S.your hilarious

  875. Diggin McDoogle Said,

    I like Turtles…

  876. Diggin McDoogle Said,

    In Soviet Russia cake bakes you.

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    omg tht rainbow cake is so awesome!!! coolio sooo doing that 4 my b-day party!!!

  879. Lynn H Said,

    I stumbled upon your rainbow cake recipe – not sure what I liked more – reading the recipe (you’re so f-in’ funny) or seeing the finished product ! Thanks for a good laugh.

  880. Rainbow Cake; Part Deux | Sweets n' Love [and Lovin' Sweets] Said,

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  882. Amanda Said,

    I’m getting ready to make two of these cakes right now… one for my boyfriend and one for my dad. I’m super excited to see how they turn out and since neither of my guys are dieters, I’m going to prepare the batter according to the box instructions. For my own special touch, I’m going to ice them with my own homemade buttercream… and lots of it! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions… wish me luck!

  883. Rainstorms and Rainbows: A Journey in Cake. « Stardust: The blog of glitter and dreams Said,

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  884. IMMA BECCA!! Said,

    Thats kewl but i did tht b4 but i bet mine waas a lot btr YA BEAT THT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  885. animals in australia Said,

    I have never heard of putting soda in cake… interesting. I think this cake is really cool to look at and would make the ultimate kids birthday party cake! Frosting it with plain white is a good idea as it already has so many layering colors. It would also add an element of surprise to cut into what looks like a rather plain cake to find the rainbow. One small downside to this recipe is that it dirties a fair amount of dishes, so make sure you have the time- good rainy day project!

  886. Lily Said,

    Love this!! By far the coolest thing I can bake at home! Thanks!

  887. LoveThisCake! Said,

    To DEBBIE #812 – A) Seriously, I hope you don’t have children because I’m sure you don’t let them breath the air (golly gee it is polluted) or play on a slide (wouldn’t want them touching plastic) or ride in a car (you know…all those interior dyes degassing!). B) NEWSFLASH – ever heard of entropy…it’s happening. LIVE A LITTLE and let your children live a little instead of having an all natural stick up your….(insert orifice here).

    Now on to the good stuff: This cake was the hit of the Birthday Party this weekend! Everyone LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I used fondant to cover the top and told the girls I used a special “Potion” to bake the cake. And no – I didn’t make the healthy version…bring on the sugary goodness!

    Many thanks OM NOM NOM!!!

  888. Carpet Said,

    Yummy diet rainbow cakes

  889. Said,

    This looks like great fun. I’ll make it with a real cake, and homemade frosting, lots of butter in both, and I bet it will be a hit with family and, possibly, customers.

    I love the product “Baker’s Joy,” which helps cakes release from the pan with no tears and no tears! (You can buy it, usually, in the baking section of the supermarket — look where they have oils, Pam spray, and crisco.) Also lining the bottom of the cake pans with parchment circles cut to fit (you can buy them pre-cut, too) will get them out of the pan whole. Let the cake layers cool for 10 minutes or so in the pan, then turn them out onto racks to finish cooling. Let them cool COMPLETELY before moving or icing, and you won’t have those tearing problems. As for the rest, yes, mix carefully but not too much, follow directions, don’t over-bake or under-bake (internal temp between 200 and 210, if you have a probe instant-read thermometer).

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  891. Serena Said,

    Oh my gosh! What a beautiful cake. :) I NEED to make this cake…yes…yes…but a vegan version hehe

  892. cristina Said,

    Can’t wait to try it out now that my daughter is into baking. Looks so easy and fun.

  893. Andrea Said,

    Hey, I love this cake…and to inform someone that commented about the colors scream chemicals…seriously..if you’re baking a boxed cake mix you just poured more chemicals in a bowl than my brain can handle at once so get over it…everything you eat that is prepackaged or in a box in the store that is not homemade has chemicals in it…did you know that even boxed white cake has red dye # 5? I think that’s right because a boy I knew was allergic to it and his mom had to make home made cakes for him instead of box cakes. I may use this for my wedding cake…:-) It’s adorable and my favorite color is rainbow :-)

  894. Karen Said,

    LMBO!!! I loved reading your FAQ section. It was hilarious. I love it when people finally just tell it like it is. So few people have real sarcasm and I love it when I find someone who does. My daughter and I are very sarcastic people and many times ticked people off with it who don’t understand it. I’m definately going to make this, my daughter loves tye dye. I’m be sure to email you lots of dumb questions (just to keep you going). LOL

  895. Karen Said,

    Ok, to the negative nelly’s on here. Didn’t your mama teach you to keep your mouth shut if you couldn’t say something nice?!!!!!!!!!

  896. Olivia Said,

    Yeha, backed it, and I totally did something wrong, with the frosting and the cake! My cake crumbled which was probably due to my oven being completely uncoordinated, and the frosting was frozen when i tried to mix it… like an idiot! Oh well, trial and error right? Maybe i’ll try it again one day, but it’s extremely labour intensive! The cleaning alone… gosh! Well anyways it tastes great!!! Thank you for the recipe! (it looks like a mess… but a very beautiful mess! Maybe next time i wont mess up so bad :P )

  897. Jennifer Said,

    so i just finished baking this cake! or cakes i should say. im making a tripple layer version. the whole time ive been praying that they turn out! because apparently you cant get gel food coloring here in canada! HAHAH!! or atleast i cannot find it! So i mixed regular food coloring and corn syrup to make it gelly, so that the liquid food coloring doesnt reck the soda mixture, and it worked great! and im so glad that i used sprite because by using that it kills the taste of any food coloring, thats why you dont notice the food coloring!! HAHA im sooo stoked to put colorful icing on it tomorrow, and real flowers to add some umpphhh!!! thanks for the great recipe!

  898. Julia Said,

    This cake is amazing! My best friend since grade school came from NY to Maine for a visit. My birthday is in August but one day I sent her this & said I want it for my birthday. Well after telling me I’m a bossy spoiled brat for not using my manners and asking the proper way, she supriesed me & made me a cake! It was so vibrant with the beautiful rainbow colors! We took pictures & put them on facebook and on my phones screensaver. I just love rainbows & this was the best!

    Thanks for helping make a birthday great!


  899. Jo Said,

    Well aren’t you just a bundle of fun AND the perfect housewife? Fancy a date?

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  902. sami Said,

    coolest cake ever awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sweet

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  904. Kharisma Said,

    Wow, this looks amazing! The photos are gorgeous and the article is well written and funny. I’m going to try this regardless of my shitty culinary skills.

  905. Pam Said,

    I loved this cake!!! I have just started baking cakes and decorating them…my family are my quinea pigs!!!..As for the food coloring, think about it..if it was really that bad, would it be allowed to be sold with out warnings????? Seriously, my mother has used food coloring in cakes since she was a child and she is now 79!!!! Healtly as can be…I thank the creater of this site..well done…

  906. A Very Happy Birthday Cake « brunch and the city Said,

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  908. Amanda W Said,

    I made the cake like normal and bought my own icing and it turned out absolutely fantastic!!! Everyone at my office loved it! Thanks so much for this amazing recipe :)

  909. Cece Said,

    I know I’m incredibly late to the game, here, but I just wanted to let you know that I made cupcakes using this recipe today, and they were fantastic. Granted, I didn’t make any frosting for them, and I used regular Sprite instead of Sprite Zero, but I doubt it really makes as much of a difference as some of the haters seem to feel it does. Muchos gracias for sharing this fun, fantabulous idea!

  910. Anonymous Said,

    This is amazing. I love making cakes, especially for the familly, for every class party and for my teachers on special holidays! I never thought i would find something so helpful amidst the usual junk i find online!

  911. Sarah Said,

    What size of pan do you use? Maybe I’m missing it, it is after midnight…. but I don’t see it.

    My cake mix says to use two 9 inch round pans for one mix…… but it looks like you used to mixes and two 9 inch pans? Help?

  912. Emily Said,

    I LOVE THIS CAKE! I am making this for my friends 14th birthday this Sunday… she is gonna LOVE it! I know she will =) thanks!

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  914. Becca Said,

    Okay, will people seriously stop hating on artificial coloring? I’m sure that everyone that said something has never had McDonalds, only eats organic foods (and if you have that kind of money, more power to you), cringes at the words ‘fried’, ‘hormones’, anything starting with ‘Mc’ and the word ‘whopper’, right? No? Seriously, find another cause to keep people from dying. Plane crashes kill more people per year than artificial colors… Aren’t there far more important things in life?

    Also, I love the idea for this cake. The colors are so bright, and I LOVE COLORS!!! I wanna make it into cupcakes in cones.

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  917. rainbow riches Said,

    I was never expecting this a rainbow cakes? glamorous one…very interesting to this how does it taste…haha wish i can try it. Yummy

  918. Suzann Said,

    I have made this cake a million times since you posted it! It’s fabulous and I <3 it! Thank you soooo much!

  919. Rainbow Cake | bohaute Said,

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  920. Volleyball L♥VER Said,

    this is SOOO cool! It looks like so idk colorful!!!! :D

  921. colette peters Said,

    planning to do a 3-d cake of my hubby’s vw bus for his bday, I do believe this cake has to go inside…

  922. Where art thou? Said,

    [...] Rainbow cake recipe found here. [...]

  923. Ally Said,

    I made this today, and it is so awesome! Loved it!

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  925. valerie Said,

    Dude. I think I’m going to have to make this for my father-in-law who just informed me that his cancer is in remission. You know, “after the storm”? :-)
    I’ll probably just stick to the usual recipe but thanks so much for the ideas about color-layering! Can’t wait to try (and I am SO not a baker)!

  926. kaitlyn Said,

    my mom is making it on my 8TH B-DAY party

  927. Baker's Wife Said,

    Hey! Just a quick note! If you find this cake is burning or not cooking enough, use the baker’s rule “BAKE TO TIME NOT TEMPERATURE”.

    FOR BURNING: if your box instructions told you 350F for 25 minutes, I’d make that more like 325-30F for 25 minutes

    FOR UNDERDONE: put back in oven and increase oven temp by 10-ish and leave for no more than 5 minutes – longer than that and you risk burning the bottom too much

  928. Sobre o bolo colorido « minha terapia Said,

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  930. garcon sculpteur Said,

    Woah what a Chef D’oeuvre!
    Actually I was surprised how “easy” to do it was – thanks to your recipe! :P Mine didn’t looked as nice but tasted yummy! Keep up the good work!

  931. Jus Nikki Said,

    Awesome cake! I definitely will be trying this very soon for the kiddies can’t wait to add my on twist to it.

  932. Rainbow cake! « Wait, What!? Said,

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  933. kmfantley Said,

    I see you referenced a rainbow cheesecake. When I clicked the link, it said it couldn’t pull it up. Could you please send me the recipe for that cake. I want to make it for my birthday!

    I made the rainbow cake (only with 4 colors cause I ran out of gel) for my nieces 8th birthday. She loved it. I am not making another one (with only 3 colors, cause that is what my child wants) for my son’s 6th birthday. I love this idea.

  934. kmfantley Said,

    Oops, that was suppose to be now instead of not.

  935. My Cake Wreck « Girl Meets Bulgaria Said,

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  936. kaity Said,

    I’m so glad i found this, I recently found out i am diabetic, and have been looking for simple cake/cupcake recipes to use. i have been making rainbow cakes for my gay best friend’s birthday the past three years. i was afraid i’d never get to eat my awesome baked creations again. thanks a bunch!!!

  937. Awesome Said,

    @ Anonymous-coloured dough = chemicals: FUCK YOU! Everything contains chemicals ffs AIR is a combination of a huge variety of chemicals! WATER is a CHEMICAL! I hate you!

  938. McKenzie Said,

    I am 13, and I just made this cake by myself. I love this recipe! It’s so simple and my family loved the cake it was delish and really pretty! Thanks(:

  939. Rainbow Cake! — Design Scouting Said,

    [...] I was catching up on blog reading this morning and found this awesome rainbow cake from Omnomnom, via The Coterie Blog which I found via Cup of Jo.  Blog surffing is the best!  Happy [...]

  940. cake adventures « excerpts from the novel Said,

    [...] 47/365: In honor of R’s birthday and S’s bon voyage party, I attempted to make a rainbow cake. To make this particular cake, it’s suggested to make two layers to reach a certain height [...]

  941. m Said,

    I love this cake it is beautiful! I would love to do it for my daughters second birthday cake BUT my lovely husband is panicking over the colours….spoil sport but maybe I will make a smaller version and eat it on my own lol ;) but really beautiful photography. A friend of mine got me onto your blog and I am now hooked!

  942. JC Said,

    Diet soda and food coloring are not nuclear waste. People are so paranoid about foods these days that they don’t even care if science validates their chicken-little mentality. Everything has “chemicals.” Some are natural, some are synthetic. Natural does not equal healthy. There are many naturally occurring substances that are toxic and can kill or harm you. Synthetic does not mean unhealthy or toxic. There are numerous synthetic substances that have no observable detriment to the human body.
    Pull your brain out of your asshole and start using it.

  943. The Rainbow Cake | Rocketboom Said,

    [...] teaches you how to make a rainbow cake! Follow Rocketboom on Twitter for the latest updates! Like Rocketboom on Facebook for behind the [...]

  944. Anonymous Said,

    Diet Soda = Sucralose = Cancer Growth.
    Sweet n’ Low = Mercury.
    Aspartame + Above 90 Degrees Fahrenheit = Formaldehyde.

    Moral: Artificial Sweeteners = Not Too Happy Life/ Death.

  945. strawberry cupcakes « om nom nom Said,

    [...] beat 3 more minutes add vanilla & ricemilk and beat 5-7 min till fluffy derived this one from this rainbow cake and this strawberry cake with VCTOTW buttercream [...]

  946. JPrince Said,

    I found this while looking for cake ideas and had to make it right away. Unfortunately I made it just before the rest of my family left on a trip and not wanting it to dry up at the house I took into work to share. This was several months ago and I still get people making comments and requests for it. I made a regular cake but instead of using food coloring I bought six different flavors/colors of Jello. The colors came out just as wonderful (okay, maybe I added a few drops of food color too). The flavors were not overwhelming and while some did not care for the slight variation of flavor in each color (myself included) others loved it. I have always wanted to make something at a potluck that was so good others would want the recipe. Thanks for making that little dream come true!!! ;)

  947. ADowell Said,


  948. Crisa Said,

    Thanks! I used the same idea for a red, white, blue cake.

  949. Tie-Dye Funky Birthday Cupcakes « Gabes Baby Momma Said,

    [...] tie-dye effect is so easy. Since I did not take step-by-step pictures, here is demo on the site I [...]

  950. Rainbow Cake: Round Two « Girl Meets Bulgaria Said,

    [...] time around I didn’t make Omnomicon’s “diet cake” recipe. Rather, I went the lazy and fattening route and just followed the [...]

  951. MJ Said,

    I love it,,, can’t wait to make this… Never knew about the diet soda trick…. Thanks… =)

  952. Ozella Bosold Said,

    I liking A New style boy

  953. Double rainbow (OMG) cake! | Seasoned to Taste Said,

    [...] Sometimes, it’s as if everything happened just as it should. As if I were meant to find this rainbow cake recipe more than a year ago and never make it until… As if my friend Ben had [...]

  954. {blending beautiful} » Have A Relaxing Weekend! Said,

    [...] I am seriously craving some rainbow cake!! [...]

  955. Torte rainbow | Lega Nerd Said,

    [...] e qui due i tutorials culinari. colori (8), hook (2), rainbow (6), torta (22) Share [...]

  956. Letthemeatcake Said,

    I love this cake. My daughter wanted a giraffe cake that was a rainbow on the inside for her birthday earlier this year so I began my search and found your cake. WOW it was a hit!! So now dear daughter #2 has asked for a puff the magic dragon cake that is rainbow inside for her birthday……
    Just for added info I made mine from scratch using a butter cake recipe with Gluten free flour. Had to double the mix just to get enough rise to fill one round tin.Thats just because of the GF flour and the fact that it doesn’t rise so well. But all that aside really people it’s not that hard to think outside the square & take a risk to see if your plan will work. Have a little faith in yourself. :o )

  957. Shanae Said,

    Does it have to be white cake ?

  958. Rykan Said,

    I had a go at making this, photo here using a simple sponge cake recipe as the base. I couldn’t find your gel colours anywhere, had to stick to wimpy liquid colours.
    Top half was made very lightly, with 2 eggs; as you can see, it began to develop a hypno-cake effect as it was lighter and fluffier.
    The bottom one I used only one egg so I could use more colouring to get a stronger colour – not a good idea, very stodgy, and it collapsed in on itself a bit after taking it out of the oven, and the amount of food coloring used to get the vivid colour made it taste bitter (even with lemon juice + zest mixed in).

    Just fyi for anyone trying it with liquid colours.

  959. Douglass Lamana Said,

    I am a pretty serious backpacker and must admit that I’m anal about my gear. If there’s one nuance that I hate, it’s when my tools give way. That is why I always get quality tools to outfit myself and be prepared for anything the trail throws at me.

  960. Lauren Said,

    What a fun cake! I am definitely going to have to bring this to my sister’s as i know my niece and nephews will completely freak out when I cut into it and they see it is rainbow. At 8, 5 and 2 years old it takes little to impress them but I know that I am going to score major points as the coolest aunt ever with this! So excited! Dessert Recipes that are this awesome are hard to come by. I work with Better Recipes so I see a lot of recipes and this is definitely one of the most fun I have seen in a while. Cannot wait to surprise the kids!

  961. NinjaBee Said,

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this cake is quite epic, Dear !!
    I shall make it :3

  962. Mandy Said,

    Hey there!
    The cake looks so good! I’ve got a birthday coming up, but all your ingredients (except Cake mix) are from the states, and I’m from NZ. Unfortunately we don’t have Jell-o or the gel food colourings. Haha, so have you got any suggestions on what to replace it with? Or is it okay to use food colouring (Like coloured water)?
    And what’s the Jell-o for anyway? Will it be fine just excluding that? Lol


  963. chelsie Said,

    Hey WTF is up with all u guys abusing her? and saying it is a gross cake. it is fantastic. wot a creative cake. i am making it for my little girls birthday with a rainbow marizpan layer over the top. Now this chick is not claiming to be a nutrionist, she is a fuckn baker. giv her a break. she is just rying to spread her passion for food. if u dont like it look up to the top right hand corner of your screen and click the little X and u will no longer hav to worry about it., I think it is brilliant good on ya chick

  964. Lyndsey Jewell Said,

    So I made this cake with all non diet stuff and it was the best tasting cake I ever made. I was a senior when I made it and I took it to my favorite class and everyone loved it. Now I am making it again,today =] Thanks for posting this…Rainbows make everyone so very happy =]

  965. How To Make A Rainbow Cake ! « oooohsarahh's blog Said,

    [...] pics / instructions from [...]

  966. Düzce Said,

    I am seriously craving some rainbow cake!!

  967. termal jel Said,

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  968. nathan Said,

    i literally am still making this cake the second half is in the oven still it so far hasnt turned out the best i put to much mixture and and kinda make a triple cake from one half hahah woops but it tastes bloody fantasmical!!!!woo thanks heaps for the post of it all nice cake but i just wish that mine could turn out the same as urs, ur one looks so eligantly amazingly edible hahaha

  969. Andrea Said,

    The Cake is BEAUTIFUL! We are having our little girl a Scooby doo Birthday party in Oct. Guess what We are making, Aleta’s Rainbow cake!!! Good Job .. Good Job!

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  971. Jenmen Said,

    Like the recipe, LOVE the responses to you FAQ’s.

  972. Tinkerbobbi Said,

    I love your recipie, your directions, the visual directions, but my most favorite thing about this is your FAQ, I think everyone should take a note from you and use that. It made me laugh very hard. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your wonderful rainbow cake knowledge with us all.

  973. Return of the Rainbow Cake | Weddingish Blog Said,

    [...] also feel that we found a jewel of a blog entry: a guide to making a rainbow-layered cake on Enjoy! [...]

  974. Taste the Rainbow | Five Real Moms Said,

    [...] I got most of these pics from the original post because, let’s be honest, she’s a better tutorial-photographer than I am, and because [...]

  975. Coupons Are GREAT! » Crafty Tuesday: A Care Bear Party Said,

    [...] a Care Bear party than one that is a rainbow?  You HAVE to check out Omnomicom’s site for directions on making the easiest rainbow cake ever.  I used Wilton fondant colors and made the recipe with the eggs, oil, and water instead of Sprite [...]

  976. sabrina Said,


  977. dj Said,

    i was at a loss for what i was going to do for my daughters 2nd birthday. so glad i found this cause i am not much of a decorator but i sure can mix colors into a cake mix. i’m looking forward to making this and seeing everyones face as i cut into the cake. i’m also excited to use the soda as an alternative to oil and eggs. such a wonderful cake!

  978. positionnement site internet Said,

    Nice to be visiting your blog again, it may be months for me. Perfectly this post that i’ve been waited for so long. I need this post in order to complete my assignment in the college, and it has very same topic with your post. Cheers, great write about.

  979. Hannah Said,

    I’m so making this for my 22nd birthday party. What better way to entertain a bunch of drunk 20 something year-olds than with rainbow cake! And I have a star shaped cake pan and rainbow star candles so it’s going to be even more annoyingly bright and fun. Can’t wait!!!

  980. Some Rainbow Cake « Priya's Blog Said,

    [...] Check out how to make a layered rainbow cake here. Or if you prefer to make easier version, check out the how to make a marble rainbow cake here. [...]

  981. Tottoro Vargas Said,

    Me parece una idea increíblemente buena y que ofrece variedad visual a lo común. Lo probé en hotcakes y el resultado fue excelente, lo probaré ahora con cupcakes para ver que sale! Gracias por la idea.

  982. yazmyn2 Said,

    i love this cake it is so yummy. plus easy to make

  983. vanilla Said,

    this is just awesome. can i put the rainbow pictures on my blog/tumblr?

  984. Linda Said,

    Eyyy… está genial este pastel…

    I will bake this cake for the birthday of my dad!!!!
    Lovely! Awesome!


  985. Michelle Said,

    Easiest cake I’ve ever made! And I’ve made my share. Thanks for the recipe!
    Tastes good too ;D

  986. chat Said,

    I wonder what your poo looked like the next day…

  987. Kali Said,

    i don’t think that the poo will come out rainbow :)

  988. Kali Said,


  989. Erin Said,

    After reading the FAQ’s, you sound like a real bitch.

  990. Garotas Geeks Said,

    [...] receita oficial que eu tinha achado era bem esquisita. Nela, à “mistura para bolo sabor festa” (Porque [...]

  991. Chris Said,

    Thank you for your answers to the FAQs. You made me laugh :)

  992. shivani Said,

    thats awesome!!i’ve never seen anything like gonna try it out very soon..THANKS!!

  993. Jouets pour homme Said,

    Miam !!!

  994. Gargoyle Princess Said,

    Chemicals-Schmemicals…it’s diet soda and food coloring. Been around for YEARS & we’re all still ok.
    Can’t wait to make (and thoroughly ENJOY) this cake–chemicals and all–it’s beautiful–bring it on!

  995. nana Said,

    no entiendo xqq lleva GINGERELE????

  996. nana Said,


  997. Terry V. Said,

    I was wondering if I can do this as a large sheet cake ?? Hmmmmm….

  998. Easy Rainbow Cake Recipe | Said,

    [...] This recipe is based on Omnomnicon’s recipe here. Thank you so much to Joy of for pointing me to [...]

  999. tamara Said,

    hehe i love this i tried it and its soo good u need to try it

  1000. xiuling Said,

    this taste like ASS CRACK

  1001. tamara Said,

    no it dosent and if u wana be like that well then yer u only had a bit and if u hada had more u would love it

  1002. xiuling Said,


  1003. Saffy Said,

    Made this for my bisexual friend’s birthday, worked amazingly. Made it out of one box of cake mix + cake from scratch. Get two containers of frosting, etc etc etc. The normal liquidy food coloring from your childhood works just fine as long as you have the patience to sit there and squeeze out half the little bottle. So, yes, you CAN make something amazing out of a walmart selection + budget.

    Thanks for this!

  1004. Karen Said,

    A friend of mine sent me this link. That is the coolest cake! I think I will make this for my neices 5th birthday! thanks for this eh!!!!

  1005. It’s Time To Start Baking! Taste the Rainbow… « Ady Schneider :: Tales of a twentysomething in NYC Said,

    [...] (via Omnomicon) [...]

  1006. kent Said,

    You may now rule the empire. I am making this for my 37th birthday (no children invited) and sharing it with my adult friends.

  1007. lambertine Said,

    I want to make this. (L)

  1008. Stacey Said,

    I wonder if the sprite will work with gluten free cake mix…

  1009. Kate Said,

    wow! I have never seen anything like this- it looks amazing! Although what it tastes like I have no idea!

  1010. Nicola Said,

    Link just tweeted by Jamie Oliver………….. congrats! Looks divine :-)

  1011. fakawi Said,

    wow! 1011 comments on a cake recipe! Om……. nom nom

  1012. Mrs. The Other McCain Said,

    I work at a school, How fun will this be for 70′s day!!!!! I cant wait to serve it!!

  1013. Marleen Said,

    This is the funniest recipe I’ve ever read & seen. Will defenitely try it one day :D

  1014. Marie Said,

    Saw Jamie Olivers tweeted link to your cake and tried it – looks fantastic! Great idea :-D

  1015. E Said,

    I have to say, I tried some of this yesterday and it is the most incredibly beautiful cake I have ever seen. It did look almost identical to your photograph – however, it disappointingly barely tasted of anything at all. When I tasted the sponge I figured it must just be a really bland sponge on purpose and that the icing would make up for it, but the icing had even less taste!

    Obviously I know the recipe was made by someone else, and may not have been true to the original (though the cook did say he followed it completely), but I just wanted to give my review of experiencing this rainbow cake – everyone’s entitled to think what they like after all!

    However, congratulations on making an amazing piece of edible art.

  1016. Olijk en Vrolijk | Tussen kunst en kids Said,

    [...] deze heerlijke rainbowcake. Naar een tip van Daphne op Twitter. Hij is niet zo mooi geworden als deze, maar de cake zorgt toch wel voor een vrolijke maandagmorgen, is het niet? Fijne herfstvakantie [...]

  1017. So as much as I want to have this site for good… | Frugal Arugula Said,

    [...] and chemicals masquerading around as food. If I were a good blogger, I’d take this “recipe” and re-create it in a somewhat more manageable form, likely only using the food coloring and [...]

  1018. Me :) Said,

    This cake is so awesome! My daughter is going to be in shock at her tie dye birthday party when we cut into it (it’s going to be a surprise)! By the way, I’m not dead yet from aspartame or food coloring, and if you eat a plate of tan every night full of real sugar, you won’t be healthy for long either!!!

  1019. DIY Studio Blog Said,

    [...] ideas for little man, I came across this fun cake idea. Check out Omnomicon’s really cool Rainbow Cake tutorial. I thought it was so darn creative and I just love the colors. I guess you could really do any [...]

  1020. Lauren Said,

    You’re funny. I mean, really, funny!

    The colours are so much fun. I’m going to make a version of this cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday.

    Some people take life way too serioulsy (Frugal Arugula, just sayin’)!! If people don’t like the skinny rainbow cake, move on, adapt it for what you need/want. Don’t step on others and push them down to make yourself feel superior. You’re not.


  1021. Sexy:D Said,

    Awesome cake :O

  1022. Janet Said,

    Doubling the recipe just made it run over, burn in the oven, get crisp on the edges and raw in the middle. Now I have to do it all over with one cake mix. I should have known better – you can’t put 2 cakes in pans made for one!!

  1023. Stephanie Said,

    Thanks for the step-by-step with photos. Been wanting to try something like this but been afraid it would just turn out grey! :)

  1024. Eris Said,

    Got here because of StumbleUpon, and I loved the idea, since I’m on a diet and I know a lot of people who are also on one and would love to eat something like this!
    I have a question, though.
    It’s the same thing if you want to do cupcakes instead of a cake? I’m pretty lame as a cook and I have no idea.

  1025. - about adventures and nice things Said,

    [...] A dodgy mix of good quality and HTC-struggles-with-camera photos. Future: make the colours more awesome, like this [...]

  1026. Elle Said,

    I seriously can’t believe how many people want to nag on crap about this beautiful cake!

    What a wonderful idea, really! Much love for posting this.

    And by the way, if you don’t like the food coloring that was chosen for the recipe because of the chemicals involved, get creative and use fruit/spice to color your cake colors. Blueberries for Blue/purplish, raspberries for red, turmeric for yellow, etc

  1027. Awesomenessinacan Said,

    Cool! I’m not putting on the icing – I think it looks better without!

  1028. DIY Wedding Project: Rainbow Cake! | Wedloft by Said,

    [...] bridal shower. After a quick search online, I found a link to a fun and relatively easy tutorial at I used my own cake recipe and then just followed the instructions for coloring the batter. The [...]

  1029. Maux Said,

    goodness! i am the 1029th commenter! this is crazy! i wanted to let you know i linked to these hilarious instructions on my blog. too funny! and yummy!

  1030. Dhevil Said,


  1031. Mmmkay Said,

    You are too funny! Love the FAQs. Rad looking cake too!

  1032. Anonomys Said,

    hey if ur a boy n u make a cake it doesn’t mean ur gay, thts mean what u sed, the website was nicely done i have to say though.

  1033. cakelover Said,

    love your idea and going to try it out soon

  1034. jacksta Said,

    you are too funny lol. Love the FAQs. You make this cake look super easy to make…I might just atempt it. thanks

  1035. Rainbow Cake with homemade food coloring « Mommy Nuggets Said,

    [...]  The full recipe and visuals  [...]

  1036. gal Said,

    i got this in the mail and thought it was an amazing idea especially for kids!
    making this for thanksgiving!
    thank you

  1037. Ritsu Said,

    Our GSA is going to make this for the club. <3

  1038. peluang usaha Said,

    this blog has a good post,thanks

  1039. NZ Chick Said,

    AWESOME!!! and as to the person concerned about the dangers of chemicals in food colouring… checked the content in your veges much? sure it *might* be bad to eat it for every meal for every day of your life but I am pretty sure breathing in normal earth air has far more chemicals, and guess what there are natural organic food dyes available for hypochondriacs like you. I am so going to make this and have it for breakfast!

  1040. Laura Guzman Said,

    Cool cake! I love the edits (comments) – hilarious. People are idiots sometimes – lol!

  1041. Psychedelic Cupcakes « hilarypendleton Said,

    [...] of the items that I receive great feedback from are my tie-dye cupcakes. I adapted my version from who does a lovely job at showing pictures throughout the process. However here is my take on this [...]

  1042. Sarah Trauma Said,

    Wow, amazing :P I just dont get One thing -.- You make two cakes right? Then cute the top off one of them and glue it onto the bottem with The Icing?

  1043. Phil E. Drifter Said,

    I never thought I’d see a thread so long on people discussing a fucking photoshopped cake. Look at the pixels!

  1044. Chrristmas Cupcakes – My adventures with fun-food, crafts, and whatnot Said,

    [...] I got this idea from this Rainbow Cake Tutorial. [...]

  1045. Lollypop Said,

    I laughed my ass off at the step that tells me, Holy shit, my cake’s done, and to get that shit out of the oven!

  1046. sohbet Said,

    I thank everyone very helpful in developing these links is a really good web site

  1047. Mindy Said,

    Beauuuuutiful :)
    And complaining asshats, this may have been said already (comments tl;dr), but your kid eats worse from the mcdonalds you will no doubt feed him for dinner tonight.
    And if I wanna eat a damn rainbow cake, I will chow down with a huge friggin multicoloured smile on my face :D

  1048. josh Said,

    phuck you, im fat and i love it.

  1049. forex Said,

    Thank you for the article was a very beautiful expression, and I follow a visual feast

  1050. vegan, rainbow cake, vanilla, buttercream, frosting, white cake — the tolerant vegan Said,

    [...] I took the method for this rainbow cake from Omnomicon. [...]

  1051. Dei'uf N'Keilum Subgump-Gna Said,

    I am baking the Hell out of this thing.

  1052. baking with roy g biv | BIG THINGS Said,

    [...] via omnomicon [...]

  1053. I’M EATING A RAINBOW–Kiddo’s 3rd Birthday « Inspire Fellows Said,

    [...] go get a store-bought cake and call it done. This year, I opted for something a little different. The Omnomicon wasn’t the first person to attempt it, but it was the first place I’d seen it. Being that I’m [...]

  1054. Cath Said,

    I’m planning on using the color idea tomorrow for my 18th birthday cake, but using frosting dye to try and make the color. It’ll be pretty awesome. :)

  1055. smackdown Said,

    wowwww thankss

  1056. Jenna Said,

    Does anyone know if you can use a white butter cake from scratch with this?

  1057. grace Said,

    great looking cake- but more imprtantly loved your faq’s hilareous!! am gonna try make this for my daughters birthday, thanks for a right laugh!

  1058. good job! Said,

    To all of the negative commentors….Apparently your current eating habits are not healthy enough to support proper nutrition for a decent personality. And to the person who said it was photoshopped, ydi. Cheers to a great recipe idea and great photos. We used to make a rainbow cake when I was little by poking holes in the finished cake and pouring jello over the top. I think this would make an adorable easter cake! Thanks for the great post!

  1059. NikkiyCole Said,

    your cake is awesome, though I only did the color part. Cake is supposed to be a non-diet food… diet cake just doesn’t sit right.

    My friend found this on StumbleUpon, and tried to make it, but found out she only had pink, red and purple paste coloring (red gives a nasty aftertaste apparently, so she mixed pink with a little red, though it still turned out pink) and so she combined everything into two cakes (one purple, one pink), layered them and made blue frosting. It looked cool.

    I made it last night, because I was bored and had all the colors… it turned out very psychedelic… mainly because I layered the colors, and then took a fork, and pulled at the colors on the bottom to come to the top some… it’s very pretty and awesome, though I didn’t put icing/frosting on it at all…

  1060. Anonomys Said,

    Well this is just a trainwreck, all these Chemicals will just make you so sick, the diet coke can help cause cancer, and those cruddy food dyes and betty crocker box cakes. If you are gonna make a cake homemade would be the better choice.

  1061. Anne Said,

    This cake looks fun…and for all you haters. Simple modifications would work fine with the basic idea od the cake…Stop leaving those horrible comments. Keep it to yourself. If you don’t want chemicals jus make your own homemade cake and buy expensive chemical free food dyes. Stop leaving comments about cancer and stuff you know nothing about. Diet cokes (rather the sweetener) causes cancers in RATS newsflash we AINT rats and the amount that they received was astronomical.

  1062. Mime Said,

    OMG THIS IS PERFECT!!!! :) xxxx

  1063. Feest! » Veetje Veetje Said,

    [...] verschijnt er wel regenboogcake op tafel zoals Aleta [...]

  1064. Umniyah Said,

    Fell in love with a photo of this on google. I’m going to try it too. I hope it tastes Amazing.
    =) I’m a 25 r old woman on a diet too, but I’m goning try to make this for all my little family kids.
    The recipe looks simple and fun and I rally hope it looks as pretty as yours!
    And your end comments were funny–replying to people. haha. I like it.

  1065. Little Lorali » Blog Archive » Success At Last! Said,

    [...] off, the lady who made it from Omnomicon is barely older than me so she cannot have that bad of a taste [...]

  1066. Laura Said,

    I saw this a while ago and finally got round to trying it out:

    Doesn’t look quite the same, but it’s colourful and it tasted nice!

  1067. Give me a rainbow | Edebat Said,

    [...] Omnomicon makes » how to make a rainbow cake!Everyone loves rainbows, and everyone loves cake. …… referenced Omnomicon's Rainbow Cake, but decided to keep it simple and just go by … [...]

  1068. Gita Suchland Said,

    Thanks so much for the recipe. Made this for my 7 year old daughter birthday and she loved it. This is a perfect cake for us because our nieces are allergic to eggs and this cake requires none. Ours came out beautiful. Here’s a picture of a slice of the rainbow cake

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  1070. ranesh Said,

    love it

  1071. Jess Said,

    ahh this is amazing :D perfect for my friends birthday coming up soon :) lets just hope i dont cock it up :S

  1072. liz Said,

    Love your comments! love the cake my daughter wants a rainbow (shaped) cake for her birthday think i might just make it rainbow inside and out! :)

  1073. jack Said,

    hmm, interesting cake, it was very hardwork. I do not think it is worth making though. Sorry.

  1074. audrey Said,

    that is beatiful cake!
    i never seen cake like yours, YUMMY!!!!

  1075. Tuesday Links — 02.01.2011 — The Birthday Edition « Kinda Crunchy Kate Said,

    [...] How to make a rainbow cake — This cake would definitely not fall under the category of “natural” or “crunchy.” However, once a year is fine to indulge in some food coloring. (Especially since we try to avoid it the rest of the year.) [...]

  1076. Ikasama Said,

    :D Just made this cake, it’s soooooo tasty even though my first layer fell apart, the second one came out better. I just used liquid dyes and I wasn’t sure about the whipped stuff.. so now I have pudding mix and regular icing YAY.

  1077. Need a recipe for a Birthday, like Cake, pie, or a special dinner - Page 3 - ThinnerTimes - Gastric Bypass Forum, Lap Band Forum, and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Forum Said,

    [...] I almost forgot about the rainbow cake! My kids thought this was awesome!!!!! It was pretty cool if I do say so myself. Rainbow Cake [...]

  1078. aliceee Said,

    Got all the ingredients yesterday, spent alll night thinking about mixing colours and layering and icing, and it was the first thing I thought about when I woke up.
    So I started by making experimental rainbow cupcakes just to test the tequnique and colours. mixing the colours was so fun! Thhey reminded me of the imaginary food the lost boys ate in ‘Hook’ :D getting them just right a bright enough was key! I made 3 cupcakes and they came out beautifully! true works of art lol. so I used the rest of the batter to make a WHOLE cake for my brothers :) Just gota make some purple icing tomoro and put it all together! Also, i might make an icing snowman for decoration :D
    So much fun, the colours are just beautiful in cake form :D rainbow cake, the food of the gods!

  1079. Takie Nulla Said,

    Nun ja, Sachverhalte konnen manchmal wirklich einfach erscheinen. Herzlichen Dank fur die Erlauterungen ;-)

  1080. Thea Said,

    Rainbowific! Mine’s in the oven right now, can’t wait to chow down! Thanks for the recipe ;)

  1081. nanttu ja emmppuz Said,

    ahh hootttt cakee!!!! <3<3<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3 ihanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1082. Taste The Rainbow « On The Go Bride Said,

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  1083. Angela Said,

    Wow I will be trying this one my cousins little guy is allergic to eggs and he never gets to enjoy a piece of cake so this will thrill him thank you for sharing.

  1084. February 12 – 13: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas, the Rainbow Connection Edition « Shiny Brite Said,

    [...] came up with the idea that she wants a rainbow cake for her birthday on her own — she’s certainly never seen one, until now. We’re [...]

  1085. February 12 – 13: Weekend Links for Brooklyn Mamas, the Rainbow Connection Edition « Shiny Brite Said,

    [...] came up with the idea that she wants a rainbow cake for her birthday on her own — she’s certainly never seen one, until now. We’re [...]

  1086. Sam Said,

    That cake is absolutely stuning! I wonder if I can do that… !

  1087. Hannah Said,

    OH MY GOSH! I am SOOO excited to make this cake. Minus the soda only cuz I’m actually on a soda diet but great idea anyway!! I would’ve never thought to substitute ingredients with soda. What I usually do is use apple sauce instead of oil. The cake always tastes exactly the same and your saving your body from a cup or two of oily-ness. :)
    But jeez people, give it a rest with the “CANCER CANCER DOOM DOOM!” It’s a cake! don’t you know you can die walking across the street too? least you can do is enjoy some friggin’ rainbow cake.

  1088. Tie Dye Cake - Hippymom - An Evolution of Female Community Said,

    [...] Dye Cake Omnomicon makes how to make a rainbow cake! __________________ 10 of Pentacles Abundance in Life Success ~ Rest ~ Speak your Truth I got [...]

  1089. Incense and Peppermints Said,

    I’m baking this cake as I type. It’s for my Grandpa’s 90th birthday today. He’s red-green colorblind, so I stuck with only the colors that he can see :) Thanks so much, Aleta.

  1090. Jacqueline Said,

    I love this, diet or not. Very creative and the personality with it is just as fun

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  1094. Amanda Said,

    Last night I made my first diet soda cake and it came out awesome then i came across this rainbow cake and thought it was freakin awesome!!! I’m going to try it out sometime soon; i can’t wait.
    ** and to all you people complaining about the harsh chemicals— give it a rest go blog on your own site about keeping people “safe” cause in the end most of the people on here think y’all are loosers!***

  1095. Kate Said,

    Oh, god! Funny FAQ’s!!! Great post

  1096. Stephanie Said,

    I just tried this out and it worked out amazing. I even had extra batter to make cupcakes! I made it as a birthday present for my sister who found this recipe online. Little does she know that I made it for her! Can’t wait to surprise her! Thanks alot for this awesome cake!

  1097. Shanna Said,

    i cant wait to make the healthy version my mom used to make it when i was younger we used to call it Marble Cake( because a marble has many colors ) :D

  1098. Tracy Said,

    I totally messed it up :( I think it’s different at high altitude, though. I have to try it again, certainly though.

  1099. Lucy @ Lucyeats Said,

    Oooh I can’t wait for my little cousin to have a birthday so I can make this!

  1100. luci Said,

    Das sieht sooo lecker aus

  1101. Mini Cupcake Rainbow | Said,

    [...] deu para tirar foto dele partido.. mas fica um lindo arco-íris perfeitinho! A inspiração veio deste site, lá mostra como ele fica por [...]

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  1103. bella's mommy Said,

    OMG!!! We just finished making this cake we had so much fun with talking about mixing colors and watching them combine. It was so much fun thank you!!!

  1104. Delynne Said,

    I saw posts where people were bitching about only being able to find the 4-pack of gel coloring. The package in the picture is a 4-pack. For those of you who are obviously too stupid to know how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors, here’s the lesson the rest of us learned in kindergarten:

    Red + Yellow = Orange
    Red + Blue = Purple
    Blue + Yellow = Green

    Here’s a couple of color oddities that are helpful for cake decorating:

    Red + Yellow + Blue = Brown
    Pink + (tiny tiny bit) Yellow + Blue = Flesh Tone

  1105. twenty five (point) five | Said,

    [...] fondant and colored the inside of the cake using gel food coloring. I follow the directions I found here, but you could make whatever pattern you wanted! I used my own cake recipe so that I could make the [...]

  1106. Andrea Said,

    Wow that looks awesome! I’ve never seen this idea before! thanks!

  1107. Tangible Said,

    My daughter found this online via Bing search and she wants me to make this for her thirteenth birthday. I am so excited to make this for her. She won’t tell anyone as she wants the cake to be a surprise when we cut into it! This is going to be so much fun. Thanks for the directions.

    We will be bragging you up on Facebook once we’ve had her party and share our photos with friends and family.

  1108. {52 Week Project} » Jennifer Carroll Photography Said,

    [...] the 3rd photo is a picture of (and not a very good one-sorry bad light!) you’ll need to go HERE to find out. I promise you won’t be [...]

  1109. paz Said,

    I’m in love with this cake now! Not just the cake itself, but the process and the fun time making it!
    It’s actually in the oven right this moment. Can’t wait!!!
    By the way, I’m just 17 years old and not such a great baker, but this wasn’t a sweat at all!
    (: Thanks so much for existing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1110. Linda Said,

    I love that cake! I’m gonna go make some right now!

  1111. Linda Said,

    I have also seen those pics befour!? 0.o

  1112. The Weekend Report | Said,

    [...] and I came across this really cool Rainbow Cake about a year ago (sidebar: the photography on this blog is fantastic!) and I’ve been thinking [...]

  1113. bla Said,


  1114. Monster cakes for Comic Relief | spreading jam Said,

    [...] in all, it was a lot of fun – BIG THANKS to Super Punch whose monster design we followed and Omnomicon for tips on making a fabulous rainbow [...]

  1115. Sydney Said,

    WOW I GOT CANCER FROM THIS! thanks a lot! and i got it from walking across the street.
    ……but i really like your pictures.

  1116. planner Said,

    heyy i was wondering if you could use yellow cake or if that would change the colors

  1117. Gayle Marie Said,

    I got the biggest kick out of the list of questions that people asked you! YES, people ARE that stupid! I am a retirred caterer by profession and you would not believe the stupid questions I used to get asked by people. I will save them for another time, but I just wanted you to know that I got the biggest kick out of your answers to those questions! You DEFINITELY have a great sense of humor and outlook on life!

  1118. sabrin Said,

    love it

  1119. sarah Said,

    it looks great super great

  1120. sarah Said,

    jake said hate it

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    yay i,m done i,m done

  1127. Leprechaun Trap Cake | 9 lol - Online magazine about everything Said,

    [...] form the rainbow in this cake I used the method shown here at Omnomicon which is very simple — separate your cake batter, color each section, then pour it into your cake [...]

  1128. Gee Said,

    Absolutely mind-blowing! Saw this first time when my sis n I were googling cake picts as we’re both baking enthusiasts. I’m definitely gonna try every version of this as possible. Both my sons’ birthdays are coming up soon and i’m already planning cupcakes! Way to go! :)

  1129. Your Mom Said,

    I made this cake a few days ago for a friend’s birthday. Since no one was on a diet I went with the recipe on the box, and used Betty Crocker white frosting, just because I love it. The thing turned out amazing!

    There’s only one thing I would change with my cake. I hadn’t considered with the two boxes of mix, that each cake pan contained an entire cake (as opposed to half per pan when I normally make a layer cake). So my cakes cooked up tall and a little over the lip of the pan. I trimmed them round, so that was fine. But when it came to transporting the cake it was too tall! It was a good 6″ with the frosting. Next time I’d get pans that were a little taller, and probably wider to decrease the overall height.

  1130. hannah Said,

    hi hotgirl

  1131. Jayzle Said,

    OMFG!! Your Disclaimers were hilarious!!! I loved it!! A bunch of complaining, failed cake writers. I was laughing sooo hard!
    Back to the cake. Loved the idea!!! Thank you so much! I am going to try it out.
    I keep reading your answers the email and I just laugh just as hard, if not harder.
    I EFFIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!

  1132. hannah Said,

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  1134. … Experimente | Leckerpixel mag… Said,

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  1135. the rife of Weiss » Blog Archive » I Heart Art Said,

    [...] rainbow cake. The above picture is phase 1 of development. It was SO EASY! The recipe can be found here. I made the icing turquoise with the rest of the food coloring. Check out the sweet [...]

  1136. Erin Said,

    Not sure if I commented before, but I made this cake last april after coming across it on a friend’s site. I made it for Nurse’s Week. I photographed my step by step process as well and put it on my facebook. Looks like I’ll be making it again this year for my cousin’s 10th birthday party! Thanks again for posting such a creative cake idea! Thousands of rainbow cakes have likely been made because of you!
    My rainbow cake album from last year:
    Happy Baking!

  1137. rayan Said,

    i loe the idea ppl think it is just a lame cake but then aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on goes the surprise

  1138. rayan Said,

    its really cool

  1139. Arielle Said,

    you’re hilarious and awesome and this cake is bangin.

  1140. Happy Baking | The Four Leaf Rover Said,

    [...] form the rainbow in this cake I used the method shown here at Omnomicon which is very simple — separate your cake batter, color each section, then pour it into your cake [...]

  1141. Laura Said,

    OMG! I LOVE THIS! I am doing a rainbow wedding cake for someone this spring and this is going to TOP IT OFF!! She is going to the biggest suprise! LOVE IT!

  1142. Scarlet Said,

    The photos are beautiful, you have an artful eye for sure, but the humor was far more entertaining. I also didn’t know one could use soda in place of eggs, water etc, I’m actually blown away. This is brilliant. I would think that reducing the soda in place of extracts would add additional flavor. I typically use almond, anise, vanilla or butter extracts to pancakes, cakes, cookies etc.

  1143. Lucretia Nickell Said,

    Beautiful cake! Fun recipe! My husband and I made a rainbow cake out angel food cake for my daughter’s third birthday! It’s always fun working with lots of colors.

  1144. How to Spend a Saturday « Bunny Sunday Said,

    [...] I also like to bake. My next epic challenge is RAINBOW CAKE!!!!!! [...]

  1145. Weekly DIY Roundup: Rainbow Pride Projects! Said,

    [...] for fun, I’ll start with the food…. Omnomicon has a fabulous, detailed how-to for this awesome rainbow cake! (the above photo is from the same [...]

  1146. Mae Said,

    So has anyone ever tried this with Mtn Dew? My sisters kids love soda and I am thinking about making one for them on my daughters 1st birthday….. For those of you who say Mtn Dew isn’t for kid’s let me tell you it has no affected on them they are very chill kids and don’t bounce around unless they are out side playing. If you keep it away from them yes they will be bouncing off the wall’s but for a child that has drank it before. Note to all mother’s who drink Mtn Dew don’t leave it sit around like my sister…..

  1147. Ally Said,

    Me being homosexual, im glad someone came up with this to celebrate gay day!

  1148. Lessie Said,

    same with me, ally! great cake idea!!!

  1149. leesa Said,

    You are so funny!! What wit!! Your FAQ had me laughing my arse off!! Good recipe too!! thanks

  1150. Nice Things Now » Blog Archive » Rainbow Food Said,

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  1151. How to Bake a Rainbow Cake « nicranium Said,

    [...] take on the challenge of baking a rainbow cake for her 23rd birthday (Happy Birthday Cat!). We used this recipe, however we ended up using the tastier milk and eggs instead of diet soda as is suggested. [...]

  1152. stevi Said,

    i live in greece and some ingredients are not available here like the cake mix and the gelatine colouring is there an alternative recipe?

  1153. let them eat rainbow cake. | HALF ASLEEP Said,

    [...] This recipe has never failed me, and every single time I make it, it gets more and more beautiful. Click here to make all of your rainbow cake dreams come true. This entry was posted in Life and [...]

  1154. Misty Said,

    I am totally making rainbow cupcakes for our family’s Easter gathering! I’ve been trying to ease myself into a better diet, and now I get to make these, so I can enjoy a dessert knowing it’s not *as* bad for me. Plus I can’t wait to see faces when others bite into these! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  1155. Ash Said,

    Hey i was wondering does the rainbow cake taste good with the diet stuff
    because i just made the cake and i was scrolling through the comments and im making this cake for my friends birthday
    but i want it to taste good!
    Does the diet way taste good?
    Thanks for the recipe!
    Its looking good so far =D

  1156. Ash Said,

    Never mind
    I tasted it
    its really good
    im 14 and this cake doesnt taste really any diffrent from a normal cake

  1157. Chocolateme Said,


  1158. Alyssa Said,

    omg. this is epic! I’m definately going to use this as the cake for my friend (she’s due to have her newborn son anyday now) She will definately love a little rainbow surprise after those crazy 9 months! Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  1159. Dustin Said,

    The cake kind of reminds me of a Doppler weather map, one that could be eaten! Looks like it would be fun to make.

  1160. heather Said,

    i love the cake!!!!!!!!!! im so going to make this for birthdays!

  1161. From the Editor: Psychedelic Cupcakes | Carbon Magazine Said,

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  1162. I’m Backkkk! « Green Eggs & Sam Said,

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  1163. anonymous Said,

    Great cake! looks delicious. Makes me wanna eat it now!!!
    ok, i have a question. what is the purpose of the sprite?

  1164. Juliane Lagatella Said,

    This is seriously a incredibly useful examine for me, Have to confess you may be 1 in the most efficient bloggers I actually saw.Thanks for submitting that useful article.

  1165. Fluffy Said,

    This is a really cute cake to make, i wanna make one now! it’s so cuteee it “makes me smile”(:

  1166. Ervin Iborra Said,

    It site has got lots of very valuable things on it! Cheers for helping me!

  1167. Butters Said,

    I seriously laughed for days at the Q&A you posted :)

  1168. o Said,

    LOVE THIS! people that complain about the food dye obviously live in a sad gray little world, thanks!

  1169. maggie Said,

    wow the coolest cake ever my daughter is having a sweet sixteen party and i am going to make a really big and pretty tie dye cake and she will love it

  1170. robbi Said,

    I made these last weekend with my kids, but as cupckaes. I made only 1 box of mix. it works out to be 1 tsp of each color (6 colors) in 24 cupcake liners. they turn out kinda small (cupcake is just short of the top of the liner), but who cares?!

    My friend also made this recipe in the cake form. instead of layering the colors, she took spoonfulls and poured them all over the cake pans making a rainbow “polka dot” look

    Either way, they turned out amazing!

  1171. Bonk Said,

    So fun!!! Made my test cake last night and turned out great. Making two of them for my twins Beatles birthday party. :)

  1172. Paige Said,

    this recipe is so made i got an A for my assesment in cooking because i made this it was so much fun to make and i made icying flowers with royal icing (i think that raised my grade a bit)

  1173. Annie Said,

    Thank you for posting step by step instructions with some great photos!

    And thanks for your follow-up edits! They were awesome! I truly love it when people speak their mind!


    I’m going to try this as little cupcakes, and surprise my co-workers!


  1174. Tiffany Said,

    curious what size cake pans you used? thank you

  1175. Rainbow Cake: Receita « Said,

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  1176. Elijah Nitcher Said,

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  1179. jenna Said,

    For those of you freakin about the dye: whole foods carries all natural food coloring that is plant/fruit based. Perhaps it won’t be AS bright but should suffice!

  1180. Aundria Said,

    Hi, I was wondering if you would get the same colorfull result using a rectangular pan. Before I try I just wanted to know if anyone has already.

  1181. A Stoned Anon Said,

    Damn this Cake is Stoney! I mixed in some hash oil and made it reggae colored. Came out Great! Thank you!

  1182. Kirsten Said,

    im baking mine in the oven right now!!! cant wait to see if it works!!! sooo excited!!!

  1183. Kirsten Said,

    awwww they look great and my house smells amazing!!!!

  1184. Kirsten Said,

    i loved the cake!!! but i feel like it leaves a weird after taste in your mouth, but otherr then that, its amazing and im planning on making this cake again in 2 weeks following box directions (no soda) for this pink floyd cake im making for my boyfriend for a surprise birthday party :] thank you so much for the step by step instructions. it was easy and convenient to make!!!

  1185. Amber Said,

    Me And My Sister Are Making This Tomorrow
    The step By step Instructions With Photos Was Incredibly HelpFull
    Thanks Have a great Day :)

  1186. greta Said,


  1187. greta Said,

    HI Amber

  1188. Colorful cake | Pydltda Said,

    [...] Omnomicon makes » how to make a rainbow cake!This presents me with the option to use an old Weight Watchers trick—the one-point cupcake. Except I’m making a cake and I created my own frosting. Kinda. I’ve seen it done before, but I swear I made it up first! [...]

  1189. Rainbow Party Wrap-Up | yumnums! Said,

    [...] a complete nightmare. Instead, we pared down to this still really awesome technique spotted over on Omnomicon. We also went back and forth on the whole food dye issue; we knew that some kids have adverse [...]

  1190. AwesomePerson Said,

    Yeah, it looks great, but what’s with the swearwords? And yeah, it does look kind of diabolical. I mean, seriously, everyone knows that food colouring makes you hyperactive. Can you IMAGINE what the little 7-year-old would be doing after that?
    And besides, what happens if you spill?

  1191. pinkachocalate Said,

    heyyy i love it and it look great i want to eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1192. Taylor-Lacey Said,

    I have to say, not only are you a damn good cake maker [:
    But i cracked up reading how you explained it hah
    Im only 17 but i took up Rainbow foods for the summer for something to do.
    May i suggest something?
    I’ve been trying to perfect a way to make a totally glittery rainbow cake and haven’t came across a way to do it.

    You should give it a try!
    Add me on Facebook if you have one.;
    Taylor-lacey marie weaver

  1193. Jenn Said,

    I love this recipe. I’m choosing not to do the “diet” version because I’m making it for a friend’s birthday, but I really appreciated the step-by-steps. You are also an excellent photographer, I might add. Your pictures are kinda artsy fartsy, I love it. ;) Today is my friend’s birthday and it’s his first since coming out… and he does indeed love rainbows. So I am definitely going gay for this cake. Thank you!!

  1194. M.Lowe Said,

    I can’t wait to try this. And peoples comments and your comments really made me laugh! Thank you for sharing!

  1195. Lefty_Chan Said,

    Wow! absolutely LOVED the cake. I used the regular box recipe though, but it stlii came out beautifully!Thank you so much for this, it was so much fun to make with my mom! I made this for my hippie teacher and she absolutely fell in love with this idea! I am definately making this for The Day of Silence and my birthday! Honestly, thank you very much, you’ve made this girl very happy! :D

  1196. Kirsten Said,

    just wanted to say thank you again!! the pink floyd cake i made for my bfs surprise party was a big hit! i covered it in black fondant and made the dark side of the moon cover album on it. it was great when i cut off the rainbow and you saw the inside of it just rainbow in it.. i did normal box directions and it was just amazing. everyone loved the cake and took pictures.. just awesome awesome awesome

  1197. ddaoiuj Said,

    that would be disgusting,a cake with no eggs and fizzy soda in it?mmmm

  1198. Alex Said,

    YAY my friend made your cake but refused to give us the recipe! Thanks <3 ….. now just have to figure out how to layer without destroying the bottom cake…. never quite mastered that ^_^

  1199. Elisabeth Said,

    I made this for my daughter’s 4th birthday and it was a giant hit. Thanks for figuring out the technique and posting it!

  1200. Bakspecialisten Said,

    Oh my hooooly! O.o

  1201. Connie Said,

    This is an awesome recipe andyouhave amazing humor…gonna hit the store andmake this very soon….love the frosting idea as well…

  1202. The Rainbow Birthday « My Creative Corner Said,

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  1205. Haj Said,

    This is such a cool cake! Who ever invented the ingredients to this cake is truly talented!

  1206. lusy Said,

    that looks sooo good

  1207. poo Said,

    u poo i luv it

  1208. Ami Marie Said,

    OK, so I just stumbled across this fabulous cake on Pinterest and I found you and I have decided you are hilarious and my new best friend…..Love the cake….love your humor….keep on keeping on!!!

  1209. Regnbogakaka | Said,

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  1210. Brandi Said,

    I’m going to make this for my daughter’s first birthday. No matter how horrible I make the rainbow look she will not care enough. She will be too busy eating it. :p

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  1213. phoebe Said,

    love the FAQ part,,,it made my day!! funni :D
    o and i love that cake too, but i would bake them individually, so i can have more layers ;)

  1214. Nyancat Cupcakes | Nerdbake Said,

    [...] of Nyancat cupcakes, I decided it would be just tops if we made ~rAiNbOw CuPcAkEs~! Since there are literally about eight thousand different recipes online for making rainbow cupcakes, I will try not to go [...]

  1215. Rainbows Said,

    I think it’s funny how many people have to be so rude and post all your nasty comments!! If you don’t like this then move on no big deal! This is a neat idea and I appreciate the post of it! :)

  1216. Cat Said,

    I think i would like to make this cake:D It seems funn for a huge get together:) Like the 4th:))) :)

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  1218. Jessica Said,

    If you don’t want the chemicals from the diet soda, use club soda. It’s calorie-free, and does the same thing. It also adds no extra flavors to the cake.

  1219. Sophie Said,

    seriously need to make one of these cakes but i can’t get any of the ingredients anywhere near to where i live, i’ll just have to improvise.

  1220. Joiedevivre Said,

    I SO love your sense of humor and the cake is very pretty. You would probably love this email I saved with sarcastic humor about kids artwork. HILARIOUS!! Probably could use Kool aid packets for color (or off brand) instead of gel coloring ( I only have the liquidy kind), but would give it a fruity flavor. Just an idea. :)

  1221. Nicole Said,

    Yeah, I was reading the comments and then got over all the stupid comments from the “experts”. Get over yourselves.

    I’ve always wanted to know how on earth to make a cake that looks like this. Now I do. Thank you.

  1222. emily Said,


  1223. Carmen Said,

    B u e n i s i m o !!!!!. Lo acabo de preparar y quedo lindo y muy rico.
    Gracias por la receta, llevaba mucho tiempo buscandola.

  1224. Lauren Said,

    Love the cake, love the low fat/cal, I am sitting here in tears of laughter over the wittiness of this blog. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up. You are hilarious. And totally subscribed to my Google Reader thank you very much!!

  1225. Chrisy Said,

    Hey there. Love your humour and excited to try this recipe. While I am not currently on a diet (well, on and off hehe), I am allergic to eggs so having a new substitute to try is always exciting! Thanks for the recipe and the step by step pics!

  1226. jade Said,

    when ur makeing the cake once ur three colors in why do u have do go o the second pan and put the colors in why cant u put them all in at once? and AWESOME PHOTOS

  1227. Kristen Said,

    I actually like the first cake better where you didn’t double the batter. the messiness of the colors appeal to me. Thanks for posting this, I love it!

  1228. Blair Said,

    With all honesty and candor, I say one word: PERFECT! <3
    I'm a teen and cannot wait to make this for my little sister's birthday! She's going to love it.
    It'll be the first time I use food dye, so I'm taking all "risks," if any, and making a beautiful/delicious cake that will surely last in my little sis's heart forever.

    Thank you for the amount of detail you put into the photos … that's a true love of baking right there :)
    <3 <3 <3

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  1230. Savanah Said,

    It’s kind of stupid to say, “Why are you on this page if you’re not interested in DIET cake?” Umm I did a search for how to make a ‘rainbow cake’ and this was the FIRST result it gave me. I plan on making this cake for my 19th birthday, but without all that diet crap (those substitutes are SO unhealthy anyway).

    And to Kirsten, did you post pictures of your cake on Tumblr? I totally saw a rainbow cake on there with the Pink Floyd light prism on it. That’s what led me to look up rainbow cake instructions!

  1231. Lynn Said,

    I think your cake looks amazing and the pictures are great too. Don’t listen to all of those negative people. I can’t wait to try it for my birthday!

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  1235. Sarah Said,

    Just a general thought, not bashing this recipe specifically, but diet soda in general tricks your body into thinking that it isn’t getting enough sugar. Therefore, you crave more sweets and gain more weight.

  1236. Georgina Said,

    I tried this out and it came out so well! Thanks for the recipe. >0<

  1237. Teenager | It Be's That Way Sometimes Said,

    [...] the how to, go HERE. There is some non-child friendly commentary and language, so you might just want to look at the [...]

  1238. laura Said,

    I am wanting to bake this cake, but am wondering, is it possible to add soda and just do the eggs, oil, etc?

  1239. laura Said,

    ah excuse me, i mean to not* add soda, and just follow directions on the cake box.

  1240. Five Question Friday | ememby Said,

    [...] (I LOVE dill pickles!) and I made a two-layer rainbow cake, basically following the recipe I found here. I’m a little curious how it’s going to turn out because the center never would let a [...]

  1241. anon Said,

    The cake looks great. the commentary however leaves a lot to be desired. People learn they are going to ask questions, you could have been so much nicer instead of making yourself look like an a$$hole.

  1242. Fun with food | I Chase Boys Said,

    [...] poking around some random sites last week, I came across the recipe for a rainbow cake that looked like fun. So I decided to take it on, making my own adaptations to suit my purposes [...]

  1243. natasha Said,

    does it matter if its gel food coloring?

  1244. mary Said,

    i love this super cake but i don’t get the bit were u put sprite in it what does that do? anyway i think you are really clever to make smashing cake like this bravo ! OMG right now my baby cousioun is just stuffing a piece of rainbow cake in my [...]ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya

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    Hey this cake is awsome im doing it this friday its so cool wow what i just said made no sense cool cake yo

  1251. maryam Said,

    i love this fantacy cake it is so tasty! i was just popping round websites when i found this good looking rainbow cake bythawase [sorry abt spelin] i don’t get the bit were you put sprite in it what does this do?
    overall i think this cake is a multicoulerd genius bravo i give you a hunderd percent that if you give this to the a reporter it will become sucsess!!!!!!!!

  1252. unknown Said,

    what on earth has gone into u!!? yeah sure the thing looks pretty but do u have any idea what ur putting into ur own body??

  1253. luvandhugz Said,

    omg i cant wait to try this!! it looks soooo good

  1254. Crafty Sleepover Party « Imaginary Battles Said,

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  1255. Holdenmama2b Said,

    :) I absolutely love this!! One of my friends from work found this and showed it to me. I think it is a GREAT idea! The only thing that I’m going to change is I think I’ll make it in shades of blue for MY baby shower that’s coming up soon! In my opinion, any cake is good cake!! (Especially when you’re preggo and about to pop!)

  1256. Mkmanning Said,

    Dude.. you’re my hero. Ever since I saw this, I’ve been making cupcakes like monthly and showing off. lol Thanks!!

  1257. Things I Love Thursday: Cake | ememby Said,

    [...] Sprite). And bake. For the rainbow, that’s another story – I followed the directions on this website. I will tell you that the cake took FOREVER to bake. But it was so [...]

  1258. Hannah Said,

    I was looking for an interesting cake to make for my nieces birthday and this is sooo it! Will have to try and find natural food colours as some kids are allergic to the usual ones! No eggs as well means my sister can actually have some :)

    Thanks for this great recipe and pics

  1259. Sam Said,

    I found your recipe for this because I found some white cake mix in our pantry and wanted to try a rainbow cake. I didn’t do the diet recipe or anything, but I love how you explain everything and the humor that’s in here. It’s wonderful =) My cake is in the oven right now, I hope it turns out nice!

  1260. Rainbow Velvet Cake for a Special Birthday! « Said,

    [...] colors in one pan, for more of a tye-dye effect, and only used 2 pans for 2 layers. I had seen that others had already tried this so I knew it would work [...]

  1261. Jennifer Said,

    Very, very simple but clever, how you maintained throughout the crossing through of the half of ingredient, and then reentering the doubled amount! I future confusion whatsoever. I’m really impressed, and will always use that method in my recipes.

    Wow! this cake has taken my breath away, we can’t get Betty Crocker in South Africa, but I’m already thinking of alternatives. I need this cake!

  1262. Natalie Torres Said,

    Beautifull cake! All the other rainbow cakes I have seen are all thin layers with different layers, this is an easier way of doing on. I guess I figued the colors would run together and look really blah. I am thinking I am going to do cupcake version for my daugher. Love your page!

  1263. You will get a bladder infection - The Final Fantasy Forums Said,

    [...] of a delicious rainbow cake. Next time I bake something I think I'll make this. And here's a link if anyone wants the recipe. Also, since I've spent most of the day watching episodes of Mr. Show, [...]

  1264. Stuart Rubenstein Said,

    This is such an amazing recipe!! I can’t wait to try this.


  1265. rebecca Said,

    landed here via pinterest. loved your post…you are super funny!!

    thanks for the recipe and the laugh.

  1266. Moo-A-Licious!! « amanduhhhhh Said,

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  1268. Taruna Said,

    gosh!! have never seen so many comments on any 1 recipe ever!!! grrrr8!! the cake is awesome looking.

  1269. Brit K. Said,

    I have to say, this cake is awesome, and I’m going to make it in a couple of months for my son’s 5th birthday. He’ll think it’s completely cool, the rest of our relatives will probably think I’m crazy, but that’s okay, it’s his day, not theirs! Thanks for sharing how to do this!

  1270. Jackie K. Said,

    :) ! I made this, it was fun, though messy, and my mom doubted it would work XD
    It was really good though, and I got some great pictures. It was my first cake I made on my own :’D
    The first to many, :) I’m gonna be making this for christmas, after my 14th birthday ~

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  1272. AussieMum Said,

    You are a legend – so clever and this is just so perfect for our Mad Hatter’s Tea party …
    I hope one day I can be clever enough to pay an idea like this forward to as many people as you have :)

  1273. vanessa Said,

    ima make this cake for my year anniversary.
    thanks so much for giving instructions
    fuck the haters.

  1274. Daisy Said,

    I can’t wait to make this… I am having a tye dye party for my daughter and this will go perfect with it. Everybody leaving comments about how horrible food coloring and soda are it makes me wonder why you’re even on here to begin with? I mean, if you look at the picture it’s OBVIOUS there is food coloring involved. If it offends you then don’t look and you also don’t need to leave comments about it….you’re not doing anybody a favor by thinking you’re superior because you don’t put “chemicals” in your body. It’s a damn cake, they aren’t supposed to be healthy.

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  1276. cortney g Said,

    Making it right now, can’t wait to pop those babies out of the oven and smother them with frosting. Thanks so much for the fun recipe…funny directions and an eventful evening.
    not real babies

  1277. jess Said,

    Thanks for the real laugh on the FAQ. I needed that while planning a birthday party.

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  1282. Erica Said,

    I love your cake, the step by step was amazing, an all the stuff on your page made me just smile. Thank you very much!!!

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  1285. Trista Said,

    F*** this f******* cake. I just baked this beauty-and it fing fell apart. Follow the fing recipe on the box, there’s a reason why it calls for eggs and oil. I’m watching the dog eat 1/2 of it that fell off. F***!

  1286. lin Said,

    Love this cake, its my daughters third birthday wonder if she will like it

  1287. Jenny Said,

    I tried making it but got rainbows all over my face!

  1288. Hi There Hammy » Happy Birthday Star! Said,

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    gosh!! have never seen so many comments on any 1 recipe ever!!! grrrr8!! the cake is awesome looking.

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    I am attempting to throw the best baby shower ever for my cousin. This recipe is awsome ty SO much for sharing! nom nom

  1297. Maik Said,

    How is the moisture of this cake?
    I want to make this cake for my birthday.
    It looks funny and delicious!

  1298. Jamie Said,

    Just wanna say thanks, I’m making this for my birthday party tomorrow with a lot of orientation-variant and gender-variant people attending, as I am myself, and I am so excited! :D I know it’ll be a hit. Thanks so much for sharing. <3

  1299. Colleen Said,

    I made this for my family after school today. The recipe is absolutely delicious, and I’m really happy that you posted this. It was amazing and my family was extremely happy. c: Thank you for posting this!

  1300. Said,

    Excellent post, you’ve pointed out some great points, I besides believe this really is a extremely great web site.

  1301. Anonymous19 Said,

    Christ almighty, what’s with all the hate? Sure chemicals, food coloring, and aspartame aren’t at all healthy if you CONSTANTLY INGEST THEM, but what could possibly be the harm be if a normally well-rounded eater (i eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and balanced healthy meals along with drinking primarily water) wanted to splurge a little bit just for once? I personally think this looks like a fun and delicious treat.

    Some people need to STOP assuming that everyone who looks at this cake and says “yay!” is an irresponsible fool who constantly feeds themselves or their children processed unhealthy chemical-filled crap on a daily basis.

    All things in moderation! I’m totally making this.

  1302. Things to focus on…during those trying days | Said,

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  1304. Holly Said,

    Do you think this would work in a sheet cake?

  1305. The Difficulty with Non-Dairy Desserts: A Rainbow Cookie Story | churn bklyn Said,

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  1307. gloryna Said,

    Hi how do you make that like, fast

  1308. gloryna Said,

    yah how do you make the rainbow cake faster than ever?
    Better thhhhan me because I am 7 years old.

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  1311. shannon Said,

    so if I use powder food dye, will I still get the bright colours? I’d hate it to be dull!

  1312. Sarah Said,

    You’re stinking hilarious! Love it!

    Cant wait to try the cake some day – being on WW myself and all – even better!!

  1313. Becky Said,

    i love you

  1314. Valorie Said,

    You can also use seltzer water or tonic water and it gives you more of the cake flavor and is great for kids because, I agree with the poster, KIDS DON”T NEED EXTRA SUGAR! Thanks so much for posting this, I can’t wait to try it!

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    Firstly I want to say thanks for you , because I like it

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  1322. Julia W Said,

    Does this cake require refrigeration? I wanted to send it to someone through the mail (birthday cake!!), but I am not sure if I should put the icing on it if it will spoil… I love your pictures and everything! It is such a cute cake! Thank you!

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  1327. Ruthie Said,

    Love the colorfull result in these exciting pictures. Going to prepare it soon as a surprise to my family. Mant thanx, Ruthie, Israel

  1328. Sarah Said,

    Liked it. Helpful stuff.

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    That is an awesome looking cake!!! I was looking for WW frosting recipes when I came across your recipe, so I’m definitely trying this out. And now I’ll have to look at more of your stuff because the whole thing was pretty entertaining as well. I especially liked the Q&A!

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  1334. USMC Gunnery Sergeant Said,

    Thank you very much for this. I plan to use this in our annual “Cake Bake” with my son for his Boy Scout Troop. Entering the category of “Most Colorful Cake” I will let you know how we did in the judging.

    For all of those with nothing good to say; GET A LIFE! If you dont have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut and move on.

    For all others, have a wonderful day and Semper Fidelis!

  1335. Andrea Said,

    Hola soy de Ecuador, me encanto este cake y estoy ansiosa de prepararlo a mis 3 hijos!!!!! se volveran locos!!!!!!!!!! graciaaaaas

  1336. Karen Said,

    I did this for my grandsons 2nd birthday, with a little twist. i got a carousel cake set from the store, and did the rainbow cake with it. it was colorful on the outside as well as the indie! his eyes lit up when we cut into it, nad my daughters jaw fell open LOL. The other grandparents were very not pleased hehehehe

  1337. Ashley (Kiisu) Said,

    This is actually so cool, but when explaining it you like fucked me over. -.-

  1338. Amanda Said,

    What do you mean put 2/3 of the mix for the first color? And why do you say three colors per pan when you use all six? Do you mean 2/3 of the first color at the base of the first dish and then the last 1/3 is at the top of the other dish? So then with the other colors you would use 1/2 the mix per dish?

  1339. Rick Fuerstenau Said,

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  1341. Tiffany Todd Said,

    I cannot believe so many jackasses were rude that you had to address the comments. I think it is magnificent. LOVE IT! :)

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    so if I use powder food dye, will I still get the bright colours? I’d hate it to be dull!

  1345. MrsKingers Said,

    Absolutely going to make this for my kids (and me)! You are a riot! Love your responses! Will definitely be popping in to see what your making next! :)

  1346. Taste The Rainbow Said,

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    Hey, what a fantastic idea! I stumbled across this site looking for a way to accomplish a “geode cake”. I am going to use your “3D thinking” and apply it to make a cake in the shape of a 3D rock. HA! Then cut the cake in half, in hopes that I get geode layers! Thank you for posting your “how to”. Of course, as you stated, I am using a different recipe, and different colors. This is the start of my idea! Thanks!
    So, my last question is does Weight Watchers have a point value for rocks? (Just kidding)

  1348. Kayla Said,

    You crack me up!! I laughed quite a few times reading this! Especially when you answered questions! Thanks for the recipe as well! Im going to try it!! =)

  1349. Michelle Said,

    This is a fun and easy to follow recipe! I was planning on doing a traditional rainbow layer cake for my school’s Gay-Straight Alliance bake sale fundraiser, but when my friend showed me this recipe, I decided this was way better (and easier to sell in small quantities! =D

  1350. Dia Said,

    I tried this in both cupcake and mini bunt cake tins for my sons birthday party, worked great! I gave the cupcakes a little swirl for a tye-dye effect.

  1351. Esme, GDL. Said,

    Esta increiblemente creativo, gracias por compartirlo

  1352. Make A Rainbow Said,

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  1353. Cakey Cups Said,

    Lovely cake, but why all the foul language in your greatly detailed recipe???

  1354. N. Said,

    I love the “color” commentary. (all puns entirely intended). Especially in the amendments. I probably will make this cake or not, but I totally enjoyed reading the site. Thanks for sharing! :)

  1355. CowsGoMoo Said,

    There are sooooooooo many comments on this!!!!!!!!

  1356. Misty Said,

    Apparently I’ve been under a rock, because I have not seen this done yet.. I’m also not much of a baker, so I will use that as my excuse. Anyhoo, the colors of this cake are incredible and I’m going to do this with cupcakes for my daughter’s first birthday. Well done, the commentary and photos are fantastic!

  1357. angel Said,

    it looks so attractive SO while eating the cake it might be soooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  1358. rashi Said,

    i searched for cakes so i saw a option rainbow cake option so i clicked r,cake it looks so yummmmmmmmmmmm i think it is a best cake forever for me i thanks Aleta to give this info of cake in this site

  1359. Danielle Noonan Said,

    Hello, I made this recipe for a pot luck last night. It was a hit! I added the fat/sugar back with regular ginger ale and frosted it with cream cheese frosting. I Left the frosting white and did not tell my guest that it was rainbow cake. IT was fun seeing their reactions when they cut into it! They all asked, “How did you do that?!” They had great names for it like: grateful dead cake, clown hair cake, tie dye cake. And one guest had the idea to do a red, white and blue cake for 4th of july. How fun would it be to put star sprinkles in some of the color layers? Anyway thank you for sharing this on your blog. Great fun.

  1360. Sweede Said,

    I will SOOO make this cake at my bf’s birthday!
    Thank you a TON!
    (the only probelm for me is to find the white cake-mix in sweden……)

    You are awsome and thanks so much for posting this!

  1361. Cake Judge Said,

    This Cake Fucking Sucks

  1362. Adrienne Said,

    Absolutely LOVED this cake! I tweaked my recipe a little and it came out great so I figured I would share (if someone already posted this, I apologise. There were so many comments, I didn’t have time to read them all!)

    Anyway, instead of using 2 boxes of white mix, I used one white and one strawberry. When I mixed the colors, I used the strawberry mix to make the red, orange and purple (you end up using less food coloring this way as the mix is already pink), then the white mix to make green, blue and yellow. It came out looking the same, but it was multiflavored as well as multi-colored. You should try it out!

    Thanks again for posting this recipe! My co-workers thank you, as it was their Christmas present ^_^

    Btw Mr. “Cake Judge” you’re a stupid troll with clearly no taste buds lol

  1363. JOANNE Said,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this diet cake.

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    Your blog made me laugh out loud. For those who made idiotic comments about feeding your kids “rubbish”, shouldn’t you be whipping up a quinoa cake with tofu icing for your little hippie spawn? It’s a cake recipe people not a mantra. Get a grip!

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  1388. Skittles Said,

    OMG, your responses to “what happened” are hilarious! Thumbs up!!!

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  1393. joey Said,

    Its pretty simple–if you are terrified of the “evil chemicals” found in food coloring–don’t eat it. If you are going to die from the aspartame in diet soda–make the cake from scratch. This cake is awesome! I am stoked to make it. And I will happily enjoy my chemicals and splenda…mmmm

  1394. Jessica Said,

    I love the FAQ’s and disclaimers. Absolutely fabulous! ;) Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s going to be the wedding cake I make for my friends Mardi Gras themed reception.

  1395. Rastafari frisbee, two times. | Mary ihmemaassa Said,

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  1397. Laura @ Mrs in the Making Said,

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  1399. Annie Said,’s a question. How the hell do I get this fabulous recipe to print without the 1300 comments and having to replace both ink cartridges twice. Seriously–am I an idiot? Is there a “print recipe only” button that I’m missing?? Thanks. -Annie

  1400. Egg free baking, testing 5 replacement products » Hard To Find Ingredient Said,

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  1402. Megg Said,

    I tried making this today, and the bottom of the cake stuck to the pan. I greased it like it said to but it still stuck. I still ate part of it anyway :) it was delicious! I’m planning on trying this again in a few days. I have never made a layer cake before so it could’ve been my lack of experience in taking the cake out of the pan. I did wait til it was completely cool.

    Does anyone have any tips as to how to successfully get the cake out of the pan?

  1403. Ashory Said,

    The cake looks awesome. My daughter and I look forward to making it. Also – haven’t you people heard of the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? Aleta said this was a diet cake. She didn’t say it was “healthy”. If you don’t like cakes/diets/food coloring/icing/WHATTHEF*CKEVER… Don’t Make It. It’s that simple. Being sarcastic, snarky, and downright rude serves no purpose but to stroke your poor damaged little ego that apparently feels the need to press their beliefs onto everyone else. Ugh. Useless.

  1404. Rainbow Dash Said,

    You made cake 20% cooler!

  1405. Dying Laughing Said,

    You are freaking hilarious! Thank you for your fresh take on baking and the humor. Holy shit! The cake is done!

  1406. Thad Yandell Said,

    Hey there, excellent running a blog

  1407. Lisa Said,

    Are all these comments for real? Are people really this uptight and freakish over chemicals, sweeteners, and the like? I have never seen anything like this. It looks cool, thanks for the idea. Period. No OCD comments, or stupid questions like how do I get the cake out of the pan. This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen, it would scare me to post. a. single. thing. ever. again.

  1408. Samantha Said,


    I enjoyed reading your recipe as much as the anticipation of making this cake.

    Consider it done.

    Oh, and everyone else bugger off and share you opinion with someone who cares (If you find anyone).

  1409. Erin Said,

    Yay to the cake…boo to all the haters! Made it perfect colorwise and it looked great going in, but then I was busy changing a poopy diaper and burnt it to a nice brown shade :( better luck next time!

  1410. admin Said,

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    The cake looks tasty and I’m sure it’s scrumptious, but what I want to know is where can I get that badass red couch at the top of the page??

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  1417. Cynthia Said,

    Your FAQ made me laugh so hard! Thanks!!!

  1418. Caribbean queen Said,

    It’s really “funny” how people don’t read. It’s amazing how many people keep asking the same questions again and again even after you posted your Q/A”s, which were fun by the way. Just wanted to thank you for your post. It is fun but I will try it with the box instructions since I’m not dieting. Just wanted to tell you how endless are the posibilities with this recipe. You can choose any combinations you like. Examples: different shades of pink or blue for baby showers, pastels for Easter, red, white and blue for the 4th of July, or character like Mickey (red, white black), Strawberry Shortcake (lite green, pink and red); or even seasons like, autum colors; and of course christmas. Thanks again. Hope my ideas are useful to anyone who read this.

  1419. Laura Said,

    Love your blog. You’re quite funny!! Have you ever considered writing a book? It would probably be hilarious. Keep up the good work….Oh and I like the cakes too :)

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  1422. Christina Said,

    You used betty crocker food coloring get that comes with 4 colours only, but you used 6 colours. where did you get the extra colours?

  1423. Christina Said,

    Nevermind, I just realized you combined colours, my bad.

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  1425. CC Said,

    Love the idea! Want to make for my sisters birthday, but she wants it shaped like the Nyan Cat. Will this work?

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  1427. Anniee Said,

    I am SO going to make this for my High-School Class Party (as I am in Year 7 and I love making cakes) Thank you <3

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  1430. monie Said,

    How would this work with a 9×13 cake? any suggestions?

  1431. qwerty Said,

    this cake looks amazing! i wana try it at home!

  1432. Regnbuen Said,

    One Anonymous above said: “The coloured dough screams chemicals. How could one even think of eating something like this?”

    I am completely agreeing. It is simply disgusting. No way to give my children a thing like that.

  1433. Hayley Said,

    I love this recipe, and just a few days before my dads birthday i got my first girlfriend:D (and yes i am a girl) so i was going to make this as a birthday/coming out to my parents cake. But right before his birthday she broke up with me because her mother is homophobic. So now this is a screw homophobs /birthday cake :’(

  1434. Rainbow Cake! | Truly Scrumptious Said,

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  1435. Ruth Said,

    Gearing up for St. Patty’s day 3+ years after you posted this originally! Going to try this later this week, thanks! Most of all, REALLY enjoyed your “edit 3″/FAQs. Too funny!

  1436. Spring Break is here!! :) « Joyful Heart Designs Said,

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  1437. anonymous Said,

    Pretty, but really scary. What in this is *not* artificial????? I wouldn’t feed this to my dogs.

  1438. BayHal Said,

    Hello. Your frosting is terrifying. It tastes, looks, and smells like paint. How is this in any way a diet cake. You’ll gain 50 pounds just looking at it. Buuuuuuuuuuut, it is the most beautiful thing we’ve ever layed our eyes on. mmmmmmmm mmmmm good. Even though we haven’t tried it yet. hehe

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  1445. Tabea Said,

    really like your added answers :-D really really love to read it

  1446. Mrs. SurfinPorter Said,

    Just want to say thanks for this. I tried this with yellow sugar-free cake mix, but with the eggs and oil. I told my hubby, who is diabetic that we need to eat the ones we have so I can make this… sugar free and fat free?? Too good to be true! Can’t wait to try this!

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  1448. elvinwisp Said,

    i just made this cake!! well, i haven’t gotten it out of the oven yet, but the batter is beautiful! used the white velvet recipe in the cake bible, but i followed your technique exactly for the colors. i wish that my plain ceramic bowls would stay those rainbow hues ^_^

  1449. elvinwisp Said,

    they came out of the oven just now, they are so cool looking!! my three year old is on repeat,”can i eat it now? can i eat it now?” i can’t wait to see what the inside looks like!

  1450. omnomalicious Said,

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  1454. Lisa Said,

    HAHA! I don’t care if you stole this cake or not, you are funny and I enjoyed your posting! This cake looks like a great base for an idea for my cake, and that’s what I love about the internet… Ideas & sharing! Thanks!

  1455. Vicki Said,

    OMG….to all these “anonymous” who are complaining, but afraid to use their own name.
    If you don’t like cake…don’t eat it.
    If you don’t like color…..don’t look at it.
    If you don’t like food color….don’t use it.
    If you don’t like aspartame….use different soda.
    If you don’t like soda….bake the damn cake the regular way.
    If you don’t like this cake….don’t make it.
    If you can’t comment on something without complaining…..don’t speak.
    It’s just a damn cake recipe….go to a different website.
    Personally, I think it’s a cute idea. But if I bake one, and it does not turn out…..
    I promise, I won’t blame you!

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  1457. Samantha Houston Said,

    Wow! This was fun! I am hosting in my home 2 Japanese girls for the weekend, and we just made a variation of this cake. (Just the neon colors in a big square pan) and THEY LOVED IT! The soda was such a great touch, and they were thrilled about how mild the cake was. Thank you!

  1458. tory wells Said,

    WOW that cake looks fantastic you must be a great cook i will defently try to make the cake that you made but i can use with out the holy shit you now ahahahahah thanks for your idea for my birthday cake

  1459. eva Said,

    Wow love rainbow cakes <3
    is this the rubble recipe, or do i have to rubble this myself?
    x (yeah i'm not english hehe ;) )

  1460. Brenda Said,

    For the 3rd time, my daughter has requested this for her birthday. It’s a hit!

  1461. colleen Said,

    i really would love to try this cake i am very excited too!!!

  1462. şişli arçelik servisi Said,

    really like your added answers :-D really really love to read it

  1463. April Said,

    Ok…. U r freekin hilarious . I loved your question answer part. Bwaaahaaa…. Gota 6yr bday party this weekend and this will be my cake of choice. Good reading.

  1464. elaine Said,

    I am so making this .. Also LOVE the FAQ cracked me up…:)

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  1466. Jessy Said,

    Ha ha ha. I love you. This is a great recipe and I chuckled while reading it. thanks.

  1467. Cooking | Pearltrees Said,

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    loved the post and esp. loved the FAQ comments. hilarious. just hilarious. thanks for posting.

  1470. Spectacular Rainbow Cake | Dedicated Foodie Said,

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  1482. Rainbow Swirl Birthday Cake « Sarah's Sweets Said,

    [...] are a myriad of great tutorials out there, so i’ll spare you the details and just link you here. basically, just make yourself some damn good yellow cake*, split the batter into bowls, color each [...]

  1483. Samantha Said,

    First try making this by the recipe and it came out amazing! I don’t think it lasted two days in my house. Mixing the batter and colors took quite a while but was well worth it. The colors came out awesome and it tasted great! Thanks so much I have now promised Rainbow cakes to multiple people for birthdays and such.

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  1485. Nicole Said,

    If the dumb asses are bitching about the whipped icing they can put less jello in it. I’ve used that recipe for years and my mother in law has used it for 35 years before. It’s just common thinking. It’s a great recipe for piping! And tastes way better then buttercream. I’m going to try to make your rainbow cake for my unicorn birthday cake this weekend! Thanks!

  1486. Amber Said,

    You are funny! and the cake sounds marvy – I will try it – as you wrote it!

  1487. Lori Said,

    Baking this as I type…so far so good. I didn’t do the diet version, so we shall see. :)

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  1492. Pamiam412 Said,

    This cake is so awesome. I just used the gel colors in normal cake mix and my son and I made it for my daughters 19th birthday. We frosted it white. then all the decor was pure white. We did a mystery as to ‘who stole the color’ as she loves color. We even had the guests wear pure white. By the time we sliced into the cake everyone was so impressed. Then I went to a friends house, we couldnt find gel colors so used regular food dye and we made it for her granddaughter’s birthday. I dont understand people who make negative comments. Its like someone is holding a knife to their throat and saying make it! eat it! etc. If you dont like it, go find something you do like, that is if that exists. And as far as health, the best is moderation in all things. Most people dont eat cake everyday! Thank you so much for this recipe! It ROCKS.

  1493. Libby Heck Said,

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    OMG people are So funny 1/12 of a can of diet soda is not going to poisen you for life. Its not like your going on a compleate rainbow cake diet. WTF! I swear people can find something wrong with everthing. I Love making cakes and cupcakes with Diety Cherry 7up. This is a great Idea!

  1499. a cup of curiosity » Yo Gabba Gabba Party Said,

    [...] it would make a great theme for his birthday party. For the cake, I made a rainbow cake (recipe here). This blogger recipe uses diet Sprite to mix with the cake mix, but I just followed the box [...]

  1500. maddie Said,

    omg, makin this for my birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1501. Laurnil Said,

    Will this recipe still be effective if I use non-sugar-free ingredients? I’m allergic to sugar substitutes.

  1502. oxy Said,

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    actually, I’m too lazy.

  1503. Karen Said,

    Brilliant, love the cake will be making it for a party! I love your comments in the method of your cake and even more I love the FAQ!! Hilarious :) x

  1504. jojo Said,

    when do you use the jello????

  1505. Makenna Said,

    I can’t wait to try it! It the coolest cake ive eva saw.

  1506. Jess Said,

    just want to say it’s awsome that you had to point out that the Rainbow part of the cake had nothing to do with WW. made me laugh out loud.

  1507. viola ash Said,

    Thankyou “Instigator” aka Sam for summing up my feelings so well!

    And Aleta! i cant get over how so pretty the cake looks. i wish i were a fraction good at cooking/baking; i’d certainly have gathered the balls to make this one. . . *sigh*

  1508. viola ash Said,

    on an after thought, i think i’ll give it a shot anyway!! Thank you for the inspiration!!! :-)

  1509. Ruth_ Said,

    hi, I love your sense of humor Aleta!
    Here are my two cents, take them ,(and 3 more, and buy yourself a piece of double-bubble at the local 7-eleven), or leave them!
    First, it’s one cake, one meal, one celebration! If you are into natural and organic, why even stop here? You know you won’t be making this cake by looking at the color-crazee-a$$ picture. Move on to “Communes and Natural Gardening 101+ “and get your “Omnom’s” on there. No offense.:)
    Fun blog. Keep up the great work!
    post script: my second cent is a wee too ambitious for a blog about baking a rainbow cake so I have decided to post in in a more appropriate place. But post it, I will! lol

  1510. “Tie-Dye” Cupcakes | Life with The Family O Said,

    [...] Recently I made a Rainbow layer cake for my son’s birthday.   I had a box of cake mix leftover and thought I would try making a cupcake version of this cake. [...]

  1511. Estrella Said,

    If I were a baker I’d make this for the wedding cake for my gay uncle’s upcoming wedding. As it is, I had it be the cake in a gay wedding scene I wrote recently.

  1512. Rainbow Pinterest PRIDE! Said,

    [...] Rainbow cake recipe  (The hippy in me has to point out that you can use natural food dyes.) [...]

  1513. Kid’s Rainbow Party Part 1 -The Cake | Viola Cay Said,

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  1527. Angie Said,

    Get over it people!! One diet soda and some food coloring in one cake isn’t going to kill you!!
    This cake looks awesome and I’m totally making it for my daughters birthday in 8 days!! Can’t wait to try it!

  1528. Le Said,

    What a lovely idea!!!!

  1529. krista Said,

    can you make it with eggs, water, oil? i want to make it for my boyfriend but he said he wouldnt eat it with pop in it

  1530. A person Said,

    i love this so much!! looks really fun

  1531. Shay Said,

    Im going to make this for my moms birthday this week..she cares about calories but i don’t so im not making it low fat haha Thanks a lot YOU ROCK!

  1532. Cat Said,

    OMG – I just LOL reading all of the responses – even though I didn’t make it through all of them – but you had me quite amused by reading your FAQ – I HAD to read the other responses. Thank you for the laughter – and actually – I make this “sorta” – but from some site that I found it called “Clown Vomit” cake….. was trying to find out where I had first seen it – when I ran across your site.. the only thing I do differently (other than your soda) – for each color – I add sugar-free jello to match the color… just adds more flavor to each color. :) I will try the diet soda for more lo-cal… :) Bake-on!

  1533. Katie’s Birthday « roadtravels Said,

    [...] with a homemade Captain America Cake. I used the same recipe for my rainbow cake that I found here and the idea for the Captain America cake came from here. How to make my combined version of the [...]

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    [...] These are probably the easiest of all the cakes. When they are finished it’s a really fun tie dyed effect! Get the recipe on Omnomicon. [...]

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    [...] episode with the colors of the rainbow, we drew a rainbow (and I just found 2 recipes–1 and 2– to make a rainbow cake, so we’ll do that in the [...]

  1538. TammyP Said,

    I can’t believe that people are so damn stupid! I think your blog is wonderful and I believe your cake is awesome. What I can’t believe is that people are so stupid and self-centered that they think they HAVE to comment on things they don’t like. If you don’t like something…move the hell on and keep your stupid-assed comments to yourself. This girl is simply trying to share something with people who appreciate that someone would share a cooking tip…have you checked some of the cooking sites? They CHARGE you for tutorials on making cakes, and she gave it to everyone for FREE. So keep your shitty comments to yourself, no one wants to hear them! Keep posting those great tips, I will definitely be stopping back by for more.

    Once again, GREAT CAKE, chemicals and all!

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  1554. From the Editor: Psychedelic Cupcakes Said,

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    P.S… I’m 14. I found this recipe when I was 12, that’s why I was looking up “rainbow” in the first place!

  1563. Arlette Said,

    Oh and your pictures were AMAZING.

  1564. steph Said,

    cake looks amazing even though its not my type of rainbow cake. i made one like i usually make with this recipe and it was really good even though im not on a diet. but when i was looking on google at pictures it said that this one was made with sprite and jello. i thought hmmm that would probably taste pretty good. we are actually going to make it for a child care group at my high school and see how they like it.

  1565. Rainbow Birthday Cake Said,

    [...] This is where I got my inspiration: The Idea Room and Omnomicon.  [...]

  1566. Ethel Said,

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  1638. Kylie Akers Said,

    Gee….I can’t believe how negative and over the top some people can be. For God’s sake…it’s just a cake! And for those of you who think it’s crap and talk of “plum” cakes for children, I bet your kids are just itching to get to sleepovers where they can be kids and eat the forbidden fruit for a change. I don’t think anyone would feed a cake like this to their kids more than once in a blue moon…like a birthday or a celebration…and if they do, what business is it of yours? Did your mothers never tell you that if you can’t say something nice than shut the f@#k up…or were they too busy making that “plum” cake for you. And don’t give me that shit about kids being obese….if your kids have a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise than a little rainbow cake isn’t going to kill them or make them fat.
    On a different note..good job on the cake and pics. I’ve made lots of rainbow cakes before but this was different and the finished product was very impressive. My kids and their friends loved it and no one went into a chemical coma or became obese overnight. Had to make a few substitutes because some of the brands are readily available here and the ones that I can source are ridiculously expensive. I’ve been experimenting with rainbow pasta as well…it’s fun and the kids love the novelty of it. Calories, carbs and chemicals be damned…we have fun and sometimes it’s almost too pretty to eat.
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