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Q: What happens when you instruct your dental hygienist little sister and an Army trained cook to figure out how to make a ravioli casserole?


Nothing like a ravioli casserole on a saturday night.


Nothing like a ravioli casserole on a saturday night.


Nothing like a ravioli casserole on a saturday night.

  1. Steph Said,

    Please share if you ever get a chance to! That sounds amazing. We don’t have a dental hygienist or Army trained cook at our apartment but we have a Navy medic and an engineer here to make it with some tips ;D

  2. Kiera Said,

    That looks DELISH. *drool*

  3. Tami Said,

    YUM! Yes, please share the recipe with us!

  4. Lynne Said,

    It looks deliciously creamy and filled with cheese. Please share the recipe if you get the chance!

  5. oatmeal Said,

    I’m now hungry and demand that you hand over the recipe, lady!
    I wish my brother could do magic tricks like that!

  6. christyl Said,

    Oh, you’re naughty. Tell us its magic and supply pics with no recipe-shame on you!

  7. Dave Said,

    Oh yes, you definitely need to tell us more about this!

  8. wasabi prime Said,

    Oh my — I do believe in magic! What a comforting meal to enjoy with loved ones.

  9. Kim Said,

    Seriously, you’re going to tease us with photos but no recipe? 😉

  10. Susan Said,

    Please do share the recipe. I just found your web site. I love it and cannot wait to taste test…

  11. Katie Said,

    Please tell me that a ravioli casserole is just a casserole dish filled with ravioli and cheese. I will accept nothing less.

  12. lo Said,

    Well, now. That looks like some serious cheesy goodness. And you’re going to leave us hanging? Please tell me it’s not true.

  13. Edna Said,

    Yummy! you have just GOT to share! ;P

  14. stephchows Said,

    simply delicious 🙂 and cute as ever in those pyrex snowflakes!

  15. Melissa G. Said,

    Seriously, NO FAIR!!!

  16. Valen Said,

    I love ravioli, and cheese! I wish I had the ingredients to make my own creation!

  17. Half Assed Kitchen Said,

    Oooh, that sounds fabu!

  18. Natasha Said,

    Ahh! Recipe?

  19. nicole Said,

    oh that looks so rich!
    your pyrex makes me happy. I love pyrex!!!

  20. christine Said,

    Now that’s some tasty magic! If you wont mind I’d love to guide Foodista readers to your post. Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post so it will appear in the Foodista pages and it’s all set, Thanks!

  21. Kharisma Said,

    Please please please post the recipe! This looks so delicious! I’d love to make it one day.

  22. Cory Ahern Said,

    Cruelty ensues…………………………

    why is there no recipe?