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As much as I’ve tried to start eating more in season this year, there are always exceptions to the rule. Perhaps it was the density of the pierogi lasagna sitting in my tummy three days later, but something, at any rate, made me crave a light treat with no guilt involved.

Naturally, fruit salad was the answer. Of course, fruit salad is just whatever fruit you want in there, but I have special preferences. For one thing, I hate cantaloupe, it’s filler and that’s a fact. On the other hand, honeydew melon is pretty yummy and serves the same purpose. Citrus fruits don’t fare well, blueberries are too small (and expensive 90% of the year), grapes dominate your palate when they explode in your mouth, and apples are too crunchy.

So what fruits are appropriate? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED, HERE LET ME SHOW YOU.


Since the honeydew is filler, we’ll start there. I totally love using an ice cream scoop on these, it’s so satisfying somehow.

Ice cream scoop.

Now slice up some kiwis. They have a totally cool aesthetic.


Now pair your green fruits.

The greens.

And for the special ingredient? I throw some frozen raspberries in there. They’re awesome because when they melt they coat the honeydew in a tart envelope of juicy deliciousness, and they go a lot further than fresh raspberries, which fall apart anyway. Since I’m already making this out-of-season, I have no regrets doing this.

Frozen raspberries.

Strawberries are also show-stoppingly beautiful. *Rowr*

Sliced strawberries.

You may have been wondering what the lemon was doing kicking around up there in the first shot. All like “Oh hey guys, having a salad? Mind if I crash it? Yeah, I’ll just be right here if you wanna talk or something. Cool.” In addition to preventing that brown crud on apples from forming (hello oxidation!) it also keeps your salad a little bit longer, and since we’re going for something tart anyway, it certainly can’t hurt. But even if you opt for a sweeter blend of things, you won’t notice the juice in there, promise.


Isn’t that so pretty? Now fuck it all up with a good sound stir. I like to give the fruit some time to chill in the fridge to allow the raspberries to do their thing and the other fruit to do a little mingling (yes, you too, lemon). This has the unfortunate side effect of making my final shot way uglier than any of the previous. So save your inferior fruit salads for company, this is the one you can go home to, like an ugly wife.

As for the bananas, don’t mix them in with the other fruits. Just, don’t. They get gross and mushy and don’t store the same way as the other fruits. But right before you dig in, throw a few slices on there. It brings the whole thing together.


Tart Fruit Salad now with raspberries!

1 honeydew melon
4 large kiwi fruit
about 6 oz frozen raspberries
1 lb strawberries
juice of one lemon (2-3 tbsp)
4 bananas

Slice all fruit but the bananas, toss them in a large bowl with the frozen raspberries and lemon juice. Chill 1 hour. Before serving, give it another stir and add sliced bananas to the top.

Eat with the confidence you gain from knowing it won’t go to your hips.

  1. Amanda Said,

    Mmm… I love fruit salads – I think if you want to eat in season, pears and strawberries are a good combination. Toss it with some gorgonzola and walnuts, and orange slices.

  2. tigerfish Said,

    OMG! Look at the color of those fruits! Awesome!

  3. aleta meadowlark Said,

    amanda – I’m allergic to so many fruits, it’s unreal. Pears included. =(

    tigerfish – they are awfully pretty, eh?

  4. Tami Said,

    Aleta, This looks so good! I wish that I could reach right through the screen to grab it!

  5. Mario Zigliotto Said,

    Hey Aleta,

    Two things:
    1) Did you cut the kiwi like that for the design or for ease of peeling? Seems like it’s a quick way to prep them, but unfortunately might waste a lot of the fruit? 🙁

    2) Do you think a mango would work as a substitute for honeydew? (maybe not so nice looking)

  6. aleta Said,

    Heya Mario,

    I have two answers:

    1) I cut the kiwi like that because I didn’t know any better, and kiwi doesn’t seem to hold up very well with the skin on. Actually, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen had a great tutorial on how to prevent his kind of wastefulness in the future: how to peel and cut kiwi.

    2) I’m not sure on the mango. It’s a little heavier-tasting than the honeydew, but worth a shot. I’d try it myself, but I’m actually quite allergic to mango (I do know what it tastes like, just can’t eat it in quantity like that!)

  7. Mario Z Said,

    Wow really? that’s a life of torture!

  8. tori Said,

    I think I’m going to make this and then throw some on top of some low fat frozen yogurt…..mmmm

  9. Emily F. Said,

    Such a pretty dish! I love the colors, the vibrant flavors.
    I tweaked my version and added the following: the seeds of 1 pomegranate (I love the crunch, and the added health benefits), the juice/zest of a blood orange (A plain orange works just fine as well) and the juice/zest of a lime. Toss and serve with a chiffonade of mint, and you’ve got one fragrant, gorgeous dish!!

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