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Hai guise!

So even though it’s not a breakfast food, guess what: I’m making chili with you today. It most certainly is a diner dish, and therefore not entirely out of line with that little theme I have going. A theme, I might add, that is probably only two weeks from expiry, as I’m not entirely sure I have clever little recipe tricks for the really good stuff on the menu, other than to buy the Heart Healthy variation of the usual pancake mix, which seems to amount to a smaller serving size on the label and some cellulose gum to add fake fiber. (Well, I guess the fiber is real, but it’s not exactly whole-anything).

Alright, first you need your BEP. What’s a BEP? Why, I’m so glad you asked!

BEP: Big Effin Pot

It’s a BIG EFFIN POT! I was going to name it something a little more literal (think BFP), but I have been linked from other blogs with the caveat that the LANGUAGE on this WEBSITE is NOT AMUSING, and I’d hate to piss off anyone who has such kind and thoughtful things to say about my website. The more faint-of-heart might wish to refer to their BEP as a BOP, or BIG OLE POT. In addition to making for a far superior acronym, it’s also something you can share with your loving children. On a side note, BEPs are one of the most useful things you can have, if you don’t already. Verily, they are the LBDs of the kitchen.

In this case, the BEP is somehwat pivotal, as we have a fairly large amount of stuff that really wants to stain your walls/stovetop/white blouse/microwave, bubbling up as it simmers and you lean over to give it the occasional stir. So please, do yourself a favour and bust it out.

Alright, recipe time! I made generic labels for my canned goods because I always thought it was kind of stupid and funny and obvious when they did that in kids’ shows back in the day.

Totally generic ingredients.

Also, you sadly can’t read it, but that salsa jar says “The party’s on, Wayne, I brought the SALSA!” That one was my favourite. =(

Now chop an onion. Press some garlic. Sautee in some oil. It took me a long time to learn this, so I offer this PSA for anyone who doesn’t already know: don’t press your garlic into the pan before you add the onion. You are begging for burnt, bitter-ass garlic that really does nothing good for your food. Press the garlic into your pile o’onions, and add both at the same time.

And knowing’s half the battle.

Onions. Garlic. In a pan.

I swear, I could take a thousand pictures of onions and garlic sauteeing in a pan, and I would love every single one as though it were my own, real live baby. Nothing in the world smells better.

NEXT! Add some meat n stuff in there.

Is this even appetizing?

Unlike cooking onions and garlic, I have a feeling that providing a picture of raw ground meat is a lot like letting someone watch you put on pantyhose . . . it’s only sexy after it’s done, and only in the context of other *stuff*.

I remain unappetized.

See now, that there, is totally like, after you’ve put on the pantyhose, but before your svelte little dress is on. BUT

Turkey Taco Chili

There we go. We’re getting somewhere.

So this is a wonderful chili in its own right. It’s downright edible even if you have no intention of losing a single ounce, and, rather than being just low-calorie, is actually good for you! Loads of veggies, protein and fiber in there, nothing at all fake . . . and so completely undeniably filling. Seriously, a cup of this stuff is probably the most gut-busting cup of anything you can eat.

The recipe makes about 7 servings, but if you wanna bump it up to 8 for no detectable increase in calories, throw in a chopped pepper or another onion or something. These servings freeze well, but if you don’t have room in there for your entire Gladware collection, break up the monotony of leftovers by enjoying 2 Point Tacos! That’s right, this already-incredible chili makes one heckuva taco. Just add one regular taco shell to 1/4c of this stuff. Cheese and lettuce might be nice, but not necessary.

Chili. And bonus taco.


Turkey Taco Chili

1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced or pressed
1.25 lbs ground turkey (93/7 works best)
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cumin (this is the secret to making the chili taste taco-like)
2 tsp salt
28oz can of diced or stewed tomatoes
14oz can of dark red kidney beans, rinsed (or any other red bean you have on hand)
3/4 c hot salsa

Heat up the oil over medium heat, then add onions, then garlic, and saute for a couple minutes. Add the turkey, chili powder, cumin and salt and break up the turkey with a scoop, until it is no longer pink. Add tomatoes, kidney beans and salsa, and bring to a boil over high heat. Let boil a minute, then reduce heat to medium/low and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Nutrition info: 235 calories, 5g fiber, 8g fat; 4.5 Weight Watchers Points

Two Point Tacos
a subtle variation

Scoop 1/4c of the chili into a taco shell. Eat.

Nutrition info: 120 calories, 2g fiber, 5g fat; 2 Weight Watchers Points

  1. Jessica Said,

    Just wanted to say I LOVE your blog, and “eff” those that don’t care for the colorful language. It’s your personality, girl. Let it shine! I for one find it extremely amusing.

  2. imadedinner Said,

    OK, great recipe, first of all. Second, the generic labels CRACKED ME UP!!!! Like those ones on TV that say “CEREAL” or “SODA”

  3. Sandra Said,

    hey!, you forgot to include the ‘tortillas’ to the ingredients list

  4. kickpleat Said,

    haha, love it! your labels rock. the chili and tacos look pretty tasty too 🙂

  5. Marina Said,


    I’m brasilian and I met your blog about a few days ago and i’m absolutelly in love!
    I would like to know why you cook so well. Are you a professional or a student or sometihng like this? And what about the photos? they’re perfect! i’m really admire your both talents.

    Sorry about the english! And don’t care about yours, it’s just another great part of the show!


  6. aleta meadowlark Said,

    Jessica – Thanks! You fuckin rock!

    imadeadinner – I know right? It’s only funny in that context.

    Sandra – No no, the tacos have their own recipe, wherein one puts the chili into an a supposedly existing shell.

    kickpleat – they really are, even if they aren’t the most photogenic food I’ve ever concocted.

    Marina – I love that you love my blog! I am neither a professional nor student cook or photographer, I just very much enjoy doing both. Thanks for the visits from overseas!! 😉

  7. Patti Said,

    I’m gonna call it a BFP right with ya there. You’re effin flippin hilarious.

  8. joey Said,

    you should consider product-labeling as a potential career option… i would totally pick that can of kidney beans over all the other cans on the shelf.
    also, you’re blog is pretty damn great.

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  10. Mario Zigliotto Said,

    Totally agree with you on the cumin == chili flavor.

    On a side note, ive found that cumin on chicken before BBQing works really well too. Maybe something about the way that BBQing changes the flavor of the chicken along side the already earthy/smokey taste of cumin is the reason.

  11. A fan Said,

    Nah, I love your spunky, awesome, cool attitude, words and all. And your language is AMAZING.

  12. Stephanie Said,

    I’m a new wife (of 2 weeks) to a semi-pro cyclist, and I made this last night as he likes mucho protein yet light yet delicious food. I also got lucky last night and I give full credit to the amazing chili.

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