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erinire comes over to play

Posted by aleta under pure photography

They say you should be close to your wedding photographer, know their kids’ names, address them by their first name. Sadly, given that you are likely to only spend a couple hours with your photographer, the majority of which time will be all business, this is rarely what happens. Couple this with a destination wedding in Mexico, where I don’t even remotely trust that I’ll ever see my (expensive) photos ever again, and an all-around distrust of anyone’s ability to capture interesting artistic shots, and selecting a wedding photographer can generate copious amounts of relatively unnecessary anxiety.

Enter Erin. Here is a woman who is not only charming and beautiful, but that bitch can take photos with her iPhone that rival those of my D80. I mean, big time awesomeness with respect to portraiture. They say food photography is extremely difficult, but I don’t believe them. Food photos are extremely controlled, no movement, you can leave as long an exposure you need, tripods aplenty…I just think it’s so much easier than capturing movement.

Erin’s background is in film (and she was totally the first friend I’ve had with an imdb entry, how frickin rad is that?!), so she certainly knows how to frame a shot. Except she didn’t know how to use a real camera. Which sounds really risky, but we went with it. So now she has my beloved D80 and my favourite 50mm lens, and has been cavorting about the country and Boston with it, snapping everything. EVERYTHING. And then she comes to my house and photographs me cooking, which takes a lot of the pressure off creating a post (bee-tee-dubs, new post this week featuring her photos). And I also have someone to help me in my Etsy photography.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with these shots, they convey…some kind of quaintness that I don’t often bring across, but is rather inherent to my personality. Thought I’d share our sunny Sunday morning vintage-inspired photo shoot.

First I made some coffee with a disappointingly modern grind-and-brew.

Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

Employed the gorgeous new 50s pinecone carafe.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

Grabbed some milk and cream.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

Oh yeah, and Patrick was there! I almost forgot!
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

So I modeled an apron for him.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

…but only after selecting the ideal manual mixer as a prop with the most pin-up face I think I’m capable of.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

We discussed the hand mixer at length.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

He gave it a shot and agreed that it has a very pleasing sensation when you cranked it. I was all like “Right dude? Seriously!”
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

I was satisfied with my selection.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

Add gratuitous vintage masturbation.
Sunny Sunday Morning Vanity

That lovely lady there is myself, with makeup (shockingly), in an early 50s party dress, pastel crinoline, peeptoe shoes, rickrack-trimmed pink apron, luscious lips and a rarely large Pyrex bowl in turquoise Butterprint…I’m actually amazed at how consistently I managed to keep my era. We call that era control around here.

So no point I guess other than if you happen to be having a wedding in the New England area within a couple hours of Boston, Erin would be thrilled to backup photograph for free to get a little bit of experience. She really does love nothing more than snapping photos, and it would be doing us an inadvertent favour as well. You can get files in RAW, unedited, and a full release for their future use. I’m telling you, if she weren’t *already* our wedding photographer, I’d definitely take me up on that (or whatever . . . I’m not entirely sure of the proper grammar on that one).

Happy sunny Sunday!

  1. Jessica Said,

    You look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. ritsuka Said,

    Wow, was that seriously the first time she handled a DSLR? The photographs (and you! That dress kills me) are gorgeous! I’ll definitely pass her name on if the opportunity presents itself.

  3. ithil Said,

    I love your dress!

  4. S-Dub Said,

    I love that Mr. Travolta got in on that last shot. Erin did a fabulous job with the photos! And, you had the handsome Patrick to boot! 😀 Tell them I say “Hello”!

  5. Push Eject Said,

    Wow. Spectacular. Looks like you guys had a ball!

  6. Mae Said,

    Cute cute cute! I’ve been dying to do a vintage shoot… cept I don’t have an Erin… and I live in Chicago so I can’t ask to borrow your Erin. Boo.

    Love this!

  7. melissa Said,

    I have that exact same bowl. 😀 And the larger one that is blue with white figures. ^_^

  8. lo Said,

    Love it — so cute!!
    And I’m totally digging that dress.

  9. Katie Said,

    Those pictures are great! I love the photoshoot (oh my GOD that apron).

    Man, now all I need is to get married. Or, you know, actually be dating someone.

  10. SteffanyF Said,

    You’re adorable. I love your dress, and I love that you have two hand mixers. (Seriously, two?) Have I told you that I thinking constantly about the pyrex bowls I’m buying from you, and how I will use them in my everyday life? I feel like I need a dress to match, now.

  11. Perla Nightingale Said,

    Please be my mommy. Well…I like my mom, but you would have been really cool to have around growing up as well.

  12. stephchows Said,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress and styling totally fun 🙂 Too bad I’m a bit west of the boston area (6 hours I think), it would be a haul for her! Wicked fun!!

  13. Christine Said,

    Love the vintage feel! Great photos!

  14. Michelle Said,

    Fabulous! Thank you for making this website as I am a fan of food blogs and pretty pictures of food! Nice chic dress you are wearing too!

  15. wasabi prime Said,

    You, m’dear, are absolutely gorgeous. Can you just be vintage fabulous every day? I’ll bet you could. That dress is fantastic.I want to watch Mad Men reruns and drink and smoke too much now.

  16. BelovedAimee Said,

    you look too cute… you remind me of Scarlet Johansen

  17. Teresa Said,

    Where on earth did you get that dress? I love it!

  18. Nicole Said,

    I just found your site from your wonderful chocolate cherry almond mice idea on craft gossip. Lovely! But, I just have to tell you, I have that SAME pitcher! I found it at a thrift store for $1.45. I think I actually squealed in the store…

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