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As a wee lass, my mother would, from time to time, break out the box of lemon poppy seed muffin mix and proceed to make muffins on a Saturday morning. I never really understood *why* this was a big deal, other than it had these weird black things in them. At the same time, I ate these with some relish and with two visitors arriving Saturday afternoon (including Dano’s banjo teacher), I got the bug to make some muffins. These popped into my head, though I wouldn’t be doing it with a mix.

I got the recipe from eat me, delicious, and it’s her take on Dorie Greenspan’s recipe. I agree with her preference for sour cream (density) and personally, I like butter in muffins instead of oil–the latter seem to end up soggy.

Armed with a lemon, some poppy seeds and fat free sour cream from Stop & Shop, I set out to create heavenly lemony delight. This is a really beautiful recipe, start to finish.


Fun step #1: blending the zest with the sugar with little pinches.

Finger the zest into the sugar.

Add some flour and leaven (this isn’t the pretty part yet, we’re getting there).

Flour and zest.

Wet stuff (shout out to fat free sour cream: Lookin good lady!).

Wet stuff.

Oh man, by now I’m impatient for the licking of the bowl ritual.


Enter poppy.

Enter seeds.

I bet you’re totally into this by now. I told you, heavenly! Like, when I think of heaven, this is what the clouds we’re all walking on look like.

Oh batter! I can't wait to lick you off the spoon!

Now I’ve always wondered what’s truly better: buttered muffin pan or muffin cups? I like the muffin cups at this stage . . .


. . . but the boys and I agreed that for eating, for eating specifically these muffins? They need to be au natural.


eat me, delicious’s adaptation of Dori Greenspans’s Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

  1. heather Said,

    ok, I’m pretty sure you’re having a not-so-secret love affair with the non-fat sour cream! 😉

  2. Amanda Said,

    Ahaha I bought a bottle of poppy seeds yesterday and thought I could make some carrot poppyseed muffins, but I think I’ll do this instead!

  3. maggie Said,

    these look loooovely.

  4. Natalie Said,

    your muffins look delicious – just like everything else! i love your blog and your photography- just wanted to let you know that i linked you!

  5. Lo Said,

    Mmm. Gorgeous.
    The photos and the food, both. I’ll bet these were fabulous.

  6. aleta meadowlark Said,

    Heather – it’s true.

    Everyone else – thanks so much! You’re very kind. =)

  7. ila Said,

    your blog is redonk funny… and those muffins look nom-tacular.

  8. Emiline Said,

    Mmm, those muffins look perfect!

  9. muffinsmuse Said,

    Omnomnom. I wish I could bake. Anytime I put anything in the oven that starts out as batter it ends up as some sort of strange, heavy substance that resembles cake in only the most basic sense. I even managed to grill a cake once. Came out neat, black disc.

    Must try harder!

  10. Alex Rushmer Said,

    thanks for dropping by just cook it, the muffins look fantastic

  11. Kelsey Said,

    I will have to try these!

  12. Jennifer Said,

    I havent had lemon poppyseed anything in such a long time! I hear them calling!!! thanks!! 🙂

  13. Joanne Said,

    hysterically funny post…love your writing style…I will be testing these out as well. Thanks for posting!

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